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Need To Add In Your Ecommerce SEO Checklist 2020


Janbask Digital Design has produced a gigantic eCommerce SEO checklist 2020 that you can follow and put your sales funnel on autopilot mode. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Need To Add In Your Ecommerce SEO Checklist 2020

Ecommerce SEO Checklist Best Practice Guide in
Whether you are a startup or fortune 500
ecommerce company, in any case, you need
customers to drive sales. No matter if you have
an exemplary ecommerce store with perfectly
placed product images and layout, finding
customers in the virtual world requires workable
SEO techniques.
  • Introduction
  • Learn what SEO is
  • Keyword research
  • Descriptive web URLs
  • Optimize product images
  • Scope of link building
  • Product description
  • Meta tags
  • Page loading speed
  • Duplicate content
  • Product page vs Category Pages
  • Conclusion

Learn what SEO is
Wait before that, lets learn what SEO is
Keyword Research
Descriptive Web URLs
Put up clean, short yet descriptive web URLs
Consider putting up concise yet descriptive URLs
for your product pages and its category, and
subcategory pages as Google will find them easy
to read and crawl for the users.
Key to produce effective URLs
Focus on static URL (as they are logical, unique
and easy to understand) over parameterized one
(as they are hard to decode for the user search
engines). Putting up detailed and long URLs
would end up confusing the Google spiders try to
put the shortest yet explanatory URLs to crawl
fast. Confined mainly to what your product is
Optimize product images
  • Few optimization tips
  • Carefully name your image URLs, put their product
    name or category than those confusing symbols,
    numbers or special characters.
  • Give a thoughtful, keyword infused and
    descriptive alt tag to the image as it may help
    your product image rank in google image search.
  • Try to keep the image file size less, as high
    size takes time to load and clearly affects the
    websites ranking.
  • Dont compromise with the image quality, put
    high-resolution images to hold your visitors

Scope of link building
Dont underestimate the scope of link building
  • Apart from keywords, linking within or outside
    the website also helps Google in crawling a
  • Internal linking is a process where we link our
    web pages to the websites other related pages.
    Google appreciates and ranks websites that have
    the right internal linking.
  • In external linking, a website put links
    directing to high-end, third-party authority
    pages. To gain visitors from their websites.
  • A backlink is another trick where links of own
    website are placed on third-party sites. Again to
    invite the visitors from high-visited sources.
  • Pro tip - Always put links of websites producing
    highly authoritative, trustworthy and expert
    content or information.

Product Description
Meta Tags
  • Meta tags and descriptions as well take a major
    part in the search engine ranking factor.
  • Put up a creative, engaging and keyword infused
    tags descriptions to improve CTR
  • Writing keyword-driven tags and descriptions will
    help Google to interpret them and present it in
    the users searches.

Page loading speed
Page loading speed matters
The average loading speed of top-ranking
websites is 1.9 seconds.
In that race, if your eCommerce store is taking
longer than 5 seconds to load, chances are you
will never rank.
A slow-loading website resonates with poor UX and
even annoys search engines.
You can use Googles PageSpeed Insights platform
to identify the factors costing poor loading time.
Make sure your eCommerce SEO services providers
have solutions to rectify the loading speed.
Duplicate Content
  • Not putting the duplicate or relatable content
  • Google doesnt promote eCommerce stores with
    duplicate content and even penalizes them.
  • As per Google, content that is exactly copied
    from other sources or even matches somewhat to
    what others have written is said duplicate. And
    having such can severely affect the ranking

Product page vs Category Pages
  • Mainly eCommerce websites have the main product
    page (trekking bag) and its subset product pages
    (trekking bag colors or sizes pages).
  • Google finds it hard to identify which one to
    rank - the main product page or its subset
    product pages?
  • Google cant rank all the pages for one single
    product. Thus, Canonical tags can be used to help
    Google identify the main product page which needs
    to be presented upon the users search.
  • Your eCommerce website wont drive traffic and
    profits if you havent considered SEO for it.
  • Where every online brand is thriving hard to be
    in top searches, staying dependent on just
    developing an eCommerce website wont help you
    appear in your audience's searches. You do need
    to market your businesses over search engines to
    attain visibility among the shoppers.
  • Above are the sure-shot SEO practices that you
    need to put in your eCommerce SEO checklist 2020.
    Plan them and soar high in the users searches.
  • At JanBask Digital Designs, we aim at improving
    the SEO funnel of any digital brand by applying
    the best tools methods recognized by search

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