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Coco Coir Products, Doormats, Yoga and Meditation Products Exporters


Coir pith, coir growing medium that comes as blocks. Made from coconut husk, these are organic premium coir pith blocks commonly utilized as a perfect potting mix when growing plants. As one of the favored Door mat manufacturers known for their designs and quality. Made of coir it makes these door mats durable and moisture resistant. The coir mats are made up from natural coir fibers harvested from the husk of a coconut. The yoga mats are comprised of natural materials like coir which is harvested from the husk of the coconut. Using coir yoga accessories is an amazing decision to make when you are doing your asanas. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Coco Coir Products, Doormats, Yoga and Meditation Products Exporters

Ehg 360 Exports Pvt Ltd
  • Coco Coir Products, Doormats, Yoga and Meditation
    Products Exporters

About Us
  • EHG 360 is a leading exporter of wholesale
    coconut coir products used for environmental,
    gardening, and home purposes. Our customers trust
    and depend on us to offer high quality products.
    Because we are all-natural, sustainable, and
    biodegradable, partnering with us helps protect
    the planet and nourish the future.

Duro Turf Door Mats Manufacturer
  • A lot of people miss out on focusing on doormats
    when it comes to keeping their houses clean.
    These door mats dont just enhance your entryway,
    but they are also extremely important to keep the
    debris and dirt from spreading inside your house.
    It is best to look for the best duro turf door
    mats manufacturers, such as EHG 360 for all your
    doormats need. When you buy from such reputed
    manufacturers, you can rest assure that you will
    receive products of high quality which are sturdy
    and long-lasting as well as add an appeal to your

Coconut Door Mat Suppliers
  • EHG 360 is one of the leading coconut door mat
    suppliers in India. Doormats may seem trivial,
    but they are extremely important in keeping your
    house clean. Today, you will find doormats made
    of different materials, such as coir, plastic,
    cloth, rubber, etc. If you are looking for an
    eco-friendly solution, then a coconut doormat is
    your best bet. These mats are extremely durable,
    long-lasting, as well as easy to clean and
    maintain. Made of coconut coir, they are an
    effective replacement for all your plastic
    doormats. Keep your homes and offices as well as
    the environment safe with coconut doormats.

Entrance Matting Manufacturers
  • Whether you have a grand entry or a regular one,
    it is important to place the right door mats to
    ensure that your entryway remains cleans as well
    as looks welcoming. Entrance matting
    manufacturers like EHG 360 have a wide collection
    of beautiful and unique door mats which can
    enhance the look of your entryway. Their entrance
    matting comes with rubber backing which plays an
    important role in providing the right grip and
    keeping the mats in place. Another reason to opt
    for entrance matting from EHG 360 is that their
    products are made from eco-friendly materials.

Rubber Mat Manufacturer
  • There are a number of rubber mat manufacturers
    available in the market today. However, you need
    to do proper research and opt for one who
    provides high-quality rubber mats. One such
    manufacturer is EHG 360 who use recycled rubber
    to make different kinds of rubber floor mats.
    They have a huge collection which includes rubber
    mat products like stable and grass mats, mat
    rolls, boot trays, stair treads, interlocking
    mats, entrance scarper mats, perforated drainage
    mats, etc. All their rubber mats are durable and
    strong and prevent slips in high traffic areas.
    They offer the required amount of non-slip

Stair Tread Manufacturers
  • Stair tread manufacturers like EHG 360 use 100
    vulcanized and recycled rubber to make non-slip
    rubber stair treads. These stair treads are
    lightweight, skid resistant, weatherproof,
    durable, easy to clean, etc. You can use these on
    indoor as well as outdoor stairs. Their textured
    designs ensure that they provide a good grip and
    traction even when it is covered in dirt, debris,
    snow, etc. You can easily clean them up using a
    vacuum cleaner or simply wipe off the dirt. These
    stair treads also come with flaps on the edge to
    avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt on the

Yoga Products Wholesale
  • If you own a yoga studio or run yoga classes, it
    is best to buy yoga products wholesale. This will
    enable you to save money as you will be buying in
    bulk as well as ensure that all your products are
    of the same quality. For high-quality yoga
    products wholesale, you can check out EHG 360.
    Apart from eco-friendly and cotton yoga mats,
    they also offer yoga mat bags, yoga straps, yoga
    bolsters, Zafu cushions, foam blocks, etc. Each
    of these yoga products is made using eco-friendly
    materials such as coir. This means that the
    products are safe for you as well for the

Wholesale Yoga Mats Suppliers
  • Though there are a number of wholesale yoga mats
    suppliers in India, there are very few who
    actually provide high-quality yoga mats. One such
    supplier is EHG 360 who has a wide range of yoga
    mats, all of which are made of eco-friendly
    materials and of high quality. Their yoga mats
    are extremely comfortable, durable, anti-slip,
    sweat-resistant, odour-free, and moisture
    absorbent. They are also lightweight in nature,
    making it easy for you to carry them to and from
    your yoga classes. These yoga mats are available
    in some bright colors with unique and appealing
    designs on them.

Cork Yoga Mat Manufacturer
  • Cork yoga mat manufacturers should ensure that
    their products are well made and are suitable for
    performing all types of yoga asanas. EHG 360 is
    one of the leading cork yoga mat manufacturers in
    India and their products are preferred not just
    for their high quality but also for their unique
    designs and vibrant colors. Sturdy and durable,
    these yoga mats can be used for performing
    various types of yoga such as hot yoga, bikram
    yoga, etc. Cork yoga mats are non-slip,
    sweat-resistant, and moisture absorbent. These
    are some of the key features which have made cork
    yoga mats popular.

Our Products
  • Coir Products
  • Coir Pith and Fiber
  • Coir Growing Media
  • Coir Pith Blocks
  • Coco Chips
  • Coco Peat Briquettes
  • Coir Grow Bags
  • Buffered Coir Substrate
  • Coir Disc Pellets And Cubes

Our Products cont.
  • Coir Planters
  • Coir Weed Control Mulch Mats
  • Coco Pole (Sticks)
  • Seed Starter Coco Pots
  • Coir Nursery Pots
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Coir Liners
  • Coir Grow Mats
  • Soil Erosion Control
  • Coir Geotextiles
  • Coir Logs
  • Coir Blanket Rolls

Our Products cont.
  • Door Mats
  • Coir Doormats
  • Non Slip Coir Doormat
  • Tufted Coir Doormat
  • Handwoven Coir Door Mat
  • Rubber Wrought Iron Doormat
  • Coco Brush Door Mats
  • Coco Non Brush Panama Mats

Our Products cont.
  • Rubber Floor Mats
  • Perforated Drainage Mats
  • Entrance Scraper Mats
  • Interlocking Mats
  • Stair Treads
  • Boot Trays
  • Mat Rolls
  • Stable And Grass Mats

Our Products cont.
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Yoga Mats
  • Cotton Yoga Mats
  • Non Slip Yoga Mats
  • Yoga Props and Accessories
  • Foam Blocks
  • Zafu Cushion
  • Yoga Bolsters
  • Yoga Straps
  • Yoga Mat Bags

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