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Role of teacher in life - MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul


Teachers are not just educators but they play multiple roles in a student’s life. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul understands its responsibility as a school. Here teachers are always there to guide students for their good. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Role of teacher in life - MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul

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Role of teacher in life
  • A teacher is a person who is responsible for
    developing a child into a well-balanced
    individual by molding him/her throughout the
    school days. Teachers are not just educators but
    they play multiple roles in a students life.
    Here we are highlighting some of major roles
    played by the teachers

  • Mentor
  • Teachers are responsible to develop new skills in
    students, whether its training the students to
    perform experiments in laboratories or teaching
    how to read and write the alphabets. They make
    the students understand the meaning of each and
    every word present in the books. Teachers
    transfer their knowledge and share their
    experiences with their students selflessly.
    Teachers not only teach what is written in
    textbooks, but they also advise and help the
    students in picking up the right options in life.
    They exploit their wisdom and experience to guide
    the students. Furthermore, teachers develop the
    character, personality, ethics and morals of a
    student. Hence, teachers serve as mentors for all
    the students.

  • Career Guide
  • In today's world, students have thousands of
    career options by their side. So, they tend to
    get confused while choosing the right career
    option to shape their careers. In such perplexing
    situations, nobody else can guide better than the
    teachers. They know a students potential, weak
    points, aspirations and talent. Hence, teachers
    can give a clear idea to the students regarding
    the career path they should choose. The guidance
    of teachers helps students to grow in the right

  • Personality Developer
  • Right from playgroup, students spend most of
    their time with the teachers at school. So, the
    teachers are the biggest influencers in a
    students life. They have a huge role to play in
    developing the personality of students. A good
    teacher can transform a shy and introvert student
    into a confident and interactive person. Teachers
    boost the confidence of students by making them
    participate in various co-curricular activities,
    sports and games, where students learn the right
    way to present themselves effectively. Teachers
    groom students to become confident, kind and
    intelligent personalities.

  • Character Shaper
  • Along with parents, teachers are also responsible
    for inculcating moral values in a child. Moral
    values like integrity, honesty, respect, empathy,
    care, etc are imbibed in a child by teachers.
    Since students spend most of their time in
    schools with teachers, the environment of the
    school and the attitude of school staff are the
    main factors that shape the character of the

  • True friend
  • A true friend is someone who points out mistakes
    instead of ignoring them. In this sense, a
    teacher is a true friend of every student. A
    teacher highlights the mistake of students, tells
    them the reason behind their failure and helps
    the students to overcome them. A friend is
    someone who always wishes for the betterment of
    the students. Similarly, a teacher is with
    students in their ups and downs. A teacher is
    always there to guide students for their good.

  • Communicative
  • A student should have good communication skills
    in order to convey his/her thoughts and ideas
    appropriately. A student should also be a good
    listener. He/she should carefully listen to
    teachers or professors and observe even little
    things. Every student should ensure that he/she
    doesn't miss any information during the lecture.

  • These are the major role of teacher in life.
    Clearly, teachers are major influencers in a
    students life. A school is responsible for
    molding the students in the right direction. MIT
    Vishwashanti Gurukul understands its
    responsibility as a school. It follows
    international learning standards and value-based
    education system. Here, students are encouraged
    to develop as well-balanced individuals who are
    physically tough, mentally strong and spiritually
    elevated. So, send your child to one of the best
    residential schools in India and shape his future.

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