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Title: Various Ways of Making Money Online | The Money Equation

Various Ways of Making Money Online

  • Money this term has been occupied a large area
    of our lives since the very beginning, only the
    form of money have just changed. We all know what
    is money? How it plays an important role in our
    lives? But do we know how to make money? or
    rather to say how to make money efficiently both
    in daily life or on internet? Then the answer
    that would come up in front of us wont be
    satisfying to us.

  • Here in this section we will discuss on the ideas
    about how to make money online?

By opening an Etsy store-
  • In the event that you have an imaginative ability
    or expertise regardless of whether it's making
    workmanship, sewing garments, or making tokens
    you can open an online store on and sell
    your products for some snappy money. With your
    very own Etsy store, you're left accountable for
    estimating and, at last, the amount you make. See
    our definite groundwork, "How to Profit on Etsy."

Paid for searching the web-
  • There are many organization that will pay you on
    the contract of using their interface (online)
    for searching web. To be a qualified candidate
    you need to access and use their search bar for
    your daily usages on internet.

Get paid for completing online survey-
  • There are many companies/organizations who can
    pay for let them help completing their tasks
    regarding online projects. They pay to the people
    for giving or sharing their precious advices on
    mobile, mobile apps, goods services.

Get paid for writing and publishing e-books-
  • Nowadays we have many sites that helps people to
    publish their own books without any help of a
    publisher or even without monetary backings. With
    the help of this site you can publish your book
    without any problem and earn money from home.
    Only you just have to promote your e-book

Get paid for buying selling domains name-
  • You can earn a large amount of money by buying
    and reselling the domain. For example you can buy
    a domain from with the minimum cost
    of 2.99 and according to the market research a
    website named has been sold for 1.2
    million. So you have to use your intelligence and
    make money online.

Earn money by being an youtuber-
  • Here youtube has provide a facility regarding
    making online money from home. People who wish to
    share their knowledge irrespect of almost every
    subjects and things can share their
    opinions/advice/knowledge on this visual
    platform. By doing this job they not only earn
    money but also gain name/frame/recognitions.

Earn money by teaching English online-
  • There is a company named VIPKID who let you
    giving the chance for earning money within a
    short time. Basically this company provides
    English teaching staffs for the children belongs
    to international horizon. You can be a qualified
    contestant by being a bachelor and having
    experience of being a teacher for at least one

Earn money by handling social media of a
  • There are many companies/organizations that runs
    a successful business for a long time based on
    their day to day operations and also promoting
    their businesses on social media (such as
    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc). For
    some companies it becomes very hard to maintain
    an updated interactions between the business
    status and social media, thus if someone able to
    maintain that communication for that company,
    then he/she can earn money from online easily.

Earn money by being a captcha solver-
  • On the off chance that you have all the more
    leisure time (2 hours every day) at that point
    you can include further salary in your pocket by
    functioning as a captcha solver. This is one of
    the simplest method to gain cash on the web. As a
    captcha solver, you have to peruse the captcha
    pictures and type the careful characters. You
    should be extremely quick so as to acquire better
    pay. You can get paid up to 2 for each 1000
    captchas you explain.

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