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Cryptocurrency Exchange development


Cryptocurrency Exchange development is made simple these days and launching your own exchange is not a time and money consuming process.Get the full details about Cryptocurrency exchange development using Cryptocurrency exchange script – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Cryptocurrency Exchange development

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development
  • A Simple Guide to Develop your Exchange Platform

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

A crypto exchange platform is a market with the
provision of services such as enabling users to
buy and sell the Cryptocurrencies based on their
requirements but charges a commission for
successful transactions. The commission received
becomes the main source of income for the owner
of the platform.
Steps to Follow
  • Analyzing the type of Exchange you want to
  • Centralized ExchangeIts a traditional form of
    exchange where a middleman will facilitate the
    transactions between the users
  • Decentralized ExchangeDoes not involve any
    middle man to facilitate transactions
  • Hybrid ExchangeCombo of both centralized and
    Decentralized Exchanges

Market Research

Obtaining the big picture of the trending
market helps to analyze who you will be
competing against locally and Globally.

Target Audience analysis

In crypto world, It would be easy to work on
those countries which have officially accepted
Cryptocurrency as payment options.It would make
all the process easier if jurisdiction is
seleted before company registration as it is
important for accepting fiat money.

The Assess the regulation of the countries
selected in order to avoid any lawful issues
Hire a legal team to Counsel
  • Once the target is been analyzed and the
    Regulations are being assessed you can select a
    committee to ensure the exchange Platform
    development is on the constructive path.

  • Gather the funding for your project.
  • Your budget for your project should be based on
    the cost of technology, Cost of solution
    provider, Cost of Government and its regulations,
    Initial advertising, etc. Make sure the funds
    also cover the futuristic attributes of your
    projects in the long term.

  • Building a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform
  • White label solutions
  • Open source solutions
  • Custom software Development

Payment Processing

For the conversion of fiat currency to
cryptocurrency,you will need a payment processor
such as bank

  • Liquidity Management
  • In order to manage the liquidity of your Exchange
    Platform you will have to integrate other
    existing platforms to your cryptocurrency
    Exchangess Liquidity position.

  • Provide 24x7 Customer support
  • This features will ensure that you have happy
    users and will also help to support the budding
    traders of a platform. In case of any
    discrepancies for the users, the customer support
    option will play a vital role

Arrange a team to handle legal compliance
The legal team will help you to handle
the emerging laws in a country
Publicizing your Platform
  • You can start marketing your exchange platform by
    using Crypto calendar like Coin Desk, Coin
    Telegraph or you can go for advertising in social
    media, forums, and through Google. Discussing in
    well-know Communities such as Bitcointalk, Crypto
    talk will help you you gain popularity along with
    the introduction of your platform to various
    messenger like a telegram, Reddit, Slack, etc.


How much does it cost to develop an Exchange
To develop a platform you can hire a developing
team but the ultimate cost of this process will
be overbearing. Instead, you can choose to
acquire a Cryptocurrency exchange website script
from a Cryptocurrency exchange platform
Development company which would cost you -4x of
the cost of developing an Exchange platform from
the developers.
Good luck!
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