benefits of hiring PHP developer from india - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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benefits of hiring PHP developer from india


Some benefits of hiring PHP developer from india – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: benefits of hiring PHP developer from india

This Is Why I Hired A PHP Developer from India
Budget Constraint
  • I needed to hire a PHP developer for my project,
    but the problem was I had a budget constraint. I
    had to get someone who has at least 2-3 years of
    experience in PHP and has also worked on similar
    projects. The problem was that the hourly rate
    for such a PHP developer was high. So, I hired an
    expert PHP developer from India through an IT
    outsourcing company. The hourly rate was almost
    70 less than hiring an on-location PHP

Flexible Hiring Options
  • The good thing about hiring a PHP developer from
    an IT outsourcing company in India was the
    flexibility with the hiring model. I was able to
    an hourly or monthly rate I choose to go ahead
    with the monthly option as it suited my project
  • There was a time during the project that I needed
    to add a PHP developer to speed things up as my
    client was requesting additional work. Adding a
    PHP developer to the team was easy and once that
    part of the project was done, removing him was
    easy as well.

A Large Pool of Talented PHP Developers
  • India has a ton of IT outsourcing companies to
    choose from, this gave me access to a large pool
    of talented PHP developers. Before I hired the
    PHP developer, I was able to interview and test
    their skills in PHP. I also got to see the
    projects that the PHP developers had worked on in
    the past. I took my time to vet the candidates so
    that I could hire the best PHP developers for my

Less of A Hassle
  • Apart from saving on the hourly rates of the PHP
    developers you also get a lot of other financial
    benefits when you hire a PHP developer from
    India. I didnt need to invest in the
    infrastructure, nor did I have to worry about any
    insurances, travel allowances or bonuses. I did
    not have to spend anything on recruiting and
    training. Almost no paperwork is involved,
    overall I would say it is much less of a hassle
    to hire a PHP developer from India.

No Long-term Commitment
  • As this was the first time, I was hiring a PHP
    developer from India, I did not want to tie
    myself down with a long-term contract. Even
    though I interviewed and tested the candidates
    skills before hiring him, I wanted to be sure
    that I can get out of this contract easily, if
    required. The good thing is that some IT
    outsourcing companies in India offer monthly
    rolling contracts.
  • The company I hired, offered an easy monthly
    rolling contract which kept renewing until the
    project was completed.

On-time Delivery
  • When hiring a PHP developer from India, I was
    promised an on-time delivery of the project. I am
    glad to say that the promise was kept, the IT
    outsourcing company delivered the projected with
    a few days to spare.

High-quality Standards
  • The PHP developers I hired were highly skilled
    and had years of hands-on experience working on
    similar PHP projects, this directly reflected on
    the quality of the project. Most IT outsourcing
    companies in India have in-house testers who
    thoroughly test the project before it is

Good Communication Skills
  • When you decide to outsource, you need to make
    sure that the PHP developer you hire is able to
    understand you clearly. There are a lot of
    countries that you can outsource from but India
    has an advantage, India has the send largest
    English-speaking population in the world. So,
    hiring a PHP developer whose communication skills
    are good is easy in India.

Which Company Do I Suggest in India?
  • As I have mentioned, there are a lot of IT
    outsourcing companies in India you can choose
    from to hire a PHP developer. You just need to
    make sure that the company you choose has the
    talent and services you require to complete your
    project successfully. I used Optimal Virtual
    Employee for my PHP project, the quality of the
    work and the services they offered were perfect
    for me.
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