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Common Plumbing Problems at your Home


Here is a list of common plumbing problems that you face, if you don't take care of them in an early stage, they can lead to some serious damage. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Common Plumbing Problems at your Home

Common Plumbing Problems at your Home
  • 1. Plumbing Services
  • 2. 3 Plumbing Problems at your Home
  • 1. Running Water
  • 2. Leaking and Noisy Pipes
  • 3. Clogged Drains

Plumbing Services
  • At one point or another, you are going to need a
    plumbing service for your home, as well as for
    your commercial property.
  • You can look after some common plumbing problems
    with the help of videos available on the internet
    and some experience (if any).

  • We suggest you hire a professional plumber if you
    want to fix a major plumber problem.
  • Are you looking for a plumbing service provider?
    Allow Skilliapp to help you to connect with the
    plumbing service provider to complete your tasks.

3 Plumbing Problems at your Home
  • Here is a list of some common plumbing problems
    that require your attention.
  • If you dont take care of them, they may cause
    some serious damage.
  • 1. Running Water
  • If you don't take care of this common plumbing
    problem, it will reflect on your monthly water

  • You need to repair your running toilet to make
    sure you don't waste the water.
  • This may happen due to faulty flap present at the
    bottom of the reservoir. 
  • Continuously failing to shut the opening leads to
    this problem.
  • Contact your plumber and get it repaired as soon
    as possible.

  • 2. Leaking and Noisy Pipes
  • Sometimes many of us fail to notice a leaking
    pipe, and we notice them after something major
    happens due to that leaking pipe.
  • If you don't take care of leaking pipes, the
    water bill may burn a hole in your pocket, damage
    your walls and floors.
  • So it is better to inspect your pipes every month
    to make sure they are in the right condition.

  • You may also face a common plumbing problem of
    noisy pipes.
  • Sometimes, due to various reasons like trapped
    air, issues with ball valves, loose washers,
    shaky clipped pipes, etc.
  • Contact your plumber and learn about the source
    of noise and get a solution to that.

  • 3. Clogged Drains
  • A clogged drain causes a lot of problems so it is
    important to make sure your drain line stays
  • You may find devices in the market to clear this
    common plumbing problem, but they work as a
    temporary solution.
  • It is better to hire a professional plumbing
    service provider to get a better solution.

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