5 Tips on Home Remedies for Hypertension to Live Healthily - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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5 Tips on Home Remedies for Hypertension to Live Healthily


The top tips on #HomeRemediesForHypertension are surprisingly about practicing healthy habits. These are also proven an effective treatment for obesity. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 Tips on Home Remedies for Hypertension to Live Healthily

Home Remedies for Hypertension
5 Tips on Home Remedies for Hypertension to Live
  • The top tips on home remedies for hypertension
    are surprisingly about practicing healthy habits.
  • Were supposed to do it anyway to maintain a
    healthy lifestyle. Didnt we?
  • Home remedies are effective and without the
    threat of causing side-effects.

  1. Eat magnesium, calcium and potassium-rich foods
    to help reduce and control hypertension.
    Magnesium relaxes the blood vessels. Start eating
    more vegetables, whole grain, and dairy products
    to ward off any magnesium-related malnutrition
  2. Simple as may it seem but walking works wonders
    in reducing the blood pressure. The heart becomes
    stronger, efficient and reduces the extra work
    rate of arteries. Studies have proved spending
    two-and-half hours on walking would have
    beneficial results. The more you walk, the better
    the heart functions.
  3. Home remedies for hypertension make us aware of
    our responsibility for mental health. Stress
    triggers blood pressure. What a tragedy? Medical
    science has several case studies linked to better
    heart health due to a lower stress level. Art and
    music have a positive impact on heart health.

  • People who drink alcohol and smoke regularly put
    their hearts at risk. It raises blood pressure in
    all cases. One could argue the benefits of
    controlled drinking habits, but the risk is too
    high to take any chances. Smoking aggravates
    heart condition. Every single puff kicks the
    blood pressure level in the body. The blood
    vessels are always at risk. The damage done to
    the blood vessels may increase blood pressure.

  • People with weight issues are susceptible to
    increased blood pressure in the body. The heart
    health is again a casualty of excessive body
    weight. When a patient loses extra weight, blood
    vessels perform the function of expansion and
    contraction smoothly. It also supports the case
    of treatment for obesity home remedies.

  • Home remedies for hypertension and treatment for
    obesity home remedies are associated with how we
    conduct ourselves at home, work and in social
  • The habit of smoking and drinking at social
    gatherings is an ideal example.
  • Our lethargic approach to skip exercise or
    meditation sessions would have an overall impact
    on heart health.

Blood pressure has become one of the challenging
health issues in the world
  • The success of home remedies for hypertension is
    in living a healthy life.
  • We can avert the danger of health conditions such
    as hypertension by living to the laws of nature.
  • The treatment for obesity home remedies focuses
    on making wise eating choices to look after all
    aspects of health.
  • What has grown into a challenging task was left
    unattended, and then everybody panicked looking
    at the consequences of not doing something
  • Its our responsibility and not a part of the

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