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Title: Seychelles honeymoon itinarary - Coral Strand Hotel

Coral Strand Hotel Seychelles honeymoon itinerary
A travel plan is always necessary - even if you
go on a honeymoon in Seychelles. We share an
approximate route for a romantic trip so that you
can enjoy Seychelles paradise and each other.
Seychelles consist of 115 islands, so the
newlyweds have a large selection. If you can
afford a vacation like Jolie and Pitt, then rent
a separate deserted island (there are 15 of them)
to enjoy privacy. Nobody will bother you - you
can get there only by helicopter.
If you dont want privacy, take a look at the
most romantic places in the Seychelles. Here is a
sample checklist for your honeymoon of
approximately 8 days. Day 1- Arrival in
Mahe Days 1-3 Explore Praslin and La Digue Days
3-6 Explore Mahe and surroundings Days 6-8
Experience Silhouette Island Day 8 Departure
from Mahe
Day 1 International flights arrive at Mahe
Airport. And from here you can go to Praslin by
ferry or plane. This island is famous for the
most beautiful beaches. Beaches where you should
definitely visit and watch the sunsets - Cote
D'Or and Anse Lazio.
Day 2 The second day should be devoted to La
Digue Island, especially since it is only a few
minutes by ferry from Praslin. La Digue is best
viewed on a bicycle. Rent it and see the northern
part of the island with the beach of Anse
North. For longer bike rides or with a guide,
longer reserves and beaches such as Grand Anse
and Anse Source dÁrgent are suitable. Here,
perfect blue water, white sand and black rocks.
If you like to watch birds, go to Veuve Reserve -
get the maximum of emotions.
Day 3 On the third day, take off to the island
of Fond Ferdinand. Here you can see the Coco de
Mer palms in their natural habitat. From the top
of the hill to the Ferdinand Foundation you can
see the picturesque surroundings, but the journey
will take about 3 hours. Having plenty of walks
around the Ferdinand Foundation, you can return
by ferry to Praslin, and from there to Mahe.
Day 4 Take a break and get out. The fourth day
you can relax. Spend a day at the beach, enjoy
water sports, diving and snorkeling. Sit by the
pool with a refreshing cocktail. To relax even
more, go to the spa with your loved one.
Day 5 On the fifth day, when you have a rest,
you can take a walk around the capital of Mahe -
Victoria and choose one or more walking
routes. There are several paths in Mahe, choose
one that corresponds to physical fitness. Copolia
trail is one of the most challenging, but
incredible views await you at the top. In the
evening go shopping and see the local market, eat
Creole food or have a romantic dinner.
Day 6, 7 Time to go back to the islands for a
romantic getaway. Island life away from
civilization will allow you to enjoy each other.
An ideal option for a honeymoon is Silhouette
Island, which can be reached from Mahe.
Day 8 On a happy note, it's time to end the
journey and take the ferry back to Mahe. If you
have some time, take a look at the artificial
island of Eden. You can get there by taxi. This
is the place of expensive villas, but there are
many cafes and restaurants with delicious food
and beautiful views, where you can have a good
time before departure home.
Beau Vallon beach, Mahe island, Seychelles 248
264 02 82 coralstrand.c
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