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Title: Top 8 Must-Have Features For a Forex CRM in 2020

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  • With several players in the market, forex
    brokerage in todays world is an extremely
    competitive and very demanding one.
  • This makes it not just essential, but definitive
    for any forex brokerage to have an efficient
    forex CRM.
  • The CRM of your forex brokerage now plays a
    pivotal role in defining the success of your

What is a CRM?
  • A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is
    a central place to manage all your client
    relationships - potential and existing customers
    efficiently, in one place which improves not just
    staff productivity, but also overall sales.

Why a Forex CRM in particular ?
  • The forex trading market runs purely on data and
    the data for each individual differs at various
    levels, this begs for a more intricate form of
  • A Forex CRM provider usually understands the
    forex market, forex trading platforms, the
    various partners involved, and the overall
  • Such a provider is able to create a forex CRM
    solution that caters not only to the needs of the
    broker but also allows for integrations at
    various levels that are vital to a brokerages

  • Now lets look at the must-have features for a
    Forex CRM.

Feature 1
  • All-in-One Management Platform
  • Your ideal forex CRM will manage data, client
    interactions, IB administration, marketing
    activities, and staff performance, all in one
    place, making it the go-to platform for anyone at
    any level of your organization
  • An ideal forex CRM will provide you API as a
    service. This makes integration with your
    existing tools such as MT4/ MT5, web and mobile
    trading platforms, client cabinet/traders room,
    or any other 3rd party tool seamless

Feature 2
  • Lead Management Customer Journey
  • Simplification of tasks. Customer buying cycles,
    demographics and more must be available at a
    single click. This holds good for your sales and
    marketing team more than any other
  • Register leads directly from the landing page to
    the CRM initiating a monitored chain of sales and
    marketing tasks for that particular lead.
  • Track all lead activities, including
    conversations between the sales team and the
    potential customer enabling them to do their jobs
    more effectively

Feature 3
  • Multi-level Partner Management
  • Managing revenue share or partner commissions can
    be tricky, especially when youre managing
    multiple IBs, money managers, and other partners.
    This gets slightly more complicated if theyre
    associated with the same set of clients. Find a
    CRM that tracks, automates, and splits payments
    to ensure the right person is paid the correct
  • Multi-tier affiliate management system with a
    comprehensive dashboard of all trades managed
    under each partner.

Feature 4
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Converting leads to sales and gaining a customer
    is one thing, whereas keeping them happy and
    loyal to your brand is a whole different story.
    Segmenting customers based on their trade volumes
    or other factors and maintaining personalized
    relationships with customers is key to this
  • A good forex CRM will provide you with a
    panoramic view of your customer, giving you an
    exclusive understanding of each customers
    trading habits, portfolios, profitability
    enabling your staff and the entire system to do
    their best to ensure each customer approach is

Feature 5
  • Unified Communications Tracking
  • A forex trading platform integrated with a CRM
    saves time by removing the need to switch between
    applications and ensuring the back end admin is
    always notified of follow-ups that require
    immediate action on their part, eliminating
  • Effective integration of data (from phone calls,
    live chat, emails, chats, PPC and social media
    campaigns) into the CRM also maximizes potential.
  • Efficient data collection and centralized data
    approach of a good forex CRM eliminates
    duplication and promotes faster response time,
    leading to higher client satisfaction.

Feature 6
  • Regulatory Technology
  • Since forex trading is a global market, there are
    multiple sets of regulatory compliance that
    apply, depending on the regions where the
    brokerage operates. Outside of basic identity
    verification, the more important ones are the
    Anti Money Laundering (AML) verification and Know
    Your Customer (KYC).
  • Since both these require due diligence to be
    carried out for each customer on the part of the
    brokerage, a forex CRM that understands these
    aspects and integrates with electronic identity
    verification (eIDV) manages to complete this
    process without any hassles.

Feature 7
  • Insightful Reporting Capabilities
  • All the data that is in a CRM makes it a powerful
    tool that allows for increased operational
    efficiency and helps organizations create better
    strategies by generating insightful reports.
  • Seamless integration with MT4/MT5 trading
    platforms allows you to generate simple yet
    precise reports based on trading statistics,
    transactions, balances, leads, revenue,
    dividends, and much more.
  • Given that regulations can change rapidly in the
    forex trading environment, access to all possible
    reports is a crucial game-changer for a brokerage.

Feature 8
  • Customization White-labeling
  • Your CRM can be customized to meet your brand
    guidelines such as logo, color schemes, etc.
    making your brokerage look more professional from
    the customers end.
  • It can also be personalized to meet your business
    needs, by incorporating payment solutions, chat
    tools, email marketing/service providers, webinar
    tools, VoIP / Telephony, SMS and more.

  • These are just the top 8 features to look for in
    a forex CRM for your FX brokerage.
  • There are several other features and benefits
    that make it essential for your forex brokerage
    to choose a CRM that is designed for forex

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