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Responsible Dog Ownership Month: Being A Responsible Pet Parent | BudgetVetCare


September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month. To become a Responsible Pet Parent, here are some valuable tips you should keep in mind. Read More: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Responsible Dog Ownership Month: Being A Responsible Pet Parent | BudgetVetCare

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  • September is here and so is Responsible Dog
    Ownership Month.
  • It was started to raise awareness among dog
    parents so that they become more responsible pet
  • Moreover, it will help their canine friends to
    lead a healthy and happy life.
  • To celebrate and become a more responsible dog
    owner, here are some valuable tips that you will
    need to keep in mind.

How to Be a Good Dog Owner?
  • This Responsible Dog Ownership Month ensure
    you follow these tips and make this month a
    special one for your furry canine!

1. Follow Your Commitment
  • When you adopt a dog, of course, youve made a
    commitment to take care of him, no matter what.
  • Youre supposed to give him the best care
    possible and see to it that he is safe at all
  • Thats what responsibility is, and what needs to
    be followed.

2. Meals on Time
  • Dogs are great readers of the time, and when its
    their food time, they get excited.
  • A responsible pet parent will always follow a
    proper feeding schedule. Make sure you follow one
  • Erratic timings arent good for the body and may
    affect the digestive system.

3. Walking Everyday
  • If you dont take your pet for walks daily, then
    we suggest you do.
  • Walking helps your pet stay fit, healthy, and in
  • A responsible pet parent would certainly be
    walking their canine regularly, without fail.

4. Clean Surroundings
  • A basic thing that every responsible dog owner
    needs to keep in mind is cleanliness.
  • Keeping your home and especially your pets
    bedding area clean is the best way to keep him
    out of harms way.
  • Dust his beddings and clean all the fur lying
    around because cleanliness is a major step
    towards a healthy lifestyle.

5. Frequent Grooming
  • To maintain a healthy lifestyle for your canine
    pal, regular grooming is important.
  • And a responsible dog parent would make sure he
    does that for his ball of fur.
  • Grooming can be done in two ways. Either you call
    in a professional dog groomer or do it all by

6. Dog Training
  • Training your dog is important because a
    well-trained dog will make life easier and at the
    same time, help him lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • Dog training has innumerable benefits and
    prevents tons of diseases, and is something a
    responsible pet parent would want to implement.

7. Regular Vet Visits
  • A smart and responsible pet owner would know for
    sure that visiting the vet at regular intervals
    is a great way of detecting any early signs of
    any disease.
  • This helps makes the healing process easier and a
    lot less painful for you and your pet. Hence, be
    smart and take your pet for regular health
    check-ups starting this Responsible Dog Ownership

8. Dont Overdo Things
  • Too much of everything is not good, and pet
    parents know that.
  • There are numerous things we tend to overdo,
    which in the long run can affect our pets
  • Things like feeding your pet more food, walking
    your pet for longer hours than the normal
    schedule, etc is something that must be avoided.

9. Lend Out a Helping Hand
  • Shelter dogs are always in need of some love, and
    you can show your love by lending out your
    helping hand.
  • Instead of throwing away your dogs old clothes,
    toys, etc, donating it to dog shelter homes is a
    great way of providing for the less fortunate.
  • Be responsible, be helpful!

10. Be Alert At All Times
  • And at last, always be alert. In most households,
    your dog is off its leash meaning you have to be
    extra watchful.
  • Dogs are highly curious pets, and they love
    sniffing around. Make sure you keep a watch on
    them and see to it that they do not consume
    anything theyre not supposed to.
  • It is your responsibility to keep him safe, at
    all times. 

  • Responsible Dog Ownership Month is the perfect
    starting point for dog parents to commence being
    more responsible for their furry pals. They need
    you more than ever, so be a responsible pet
    parent your dog thinks you are. At the end of the
    day, if you are responsible, your canine friend
    benefits from it dont you think?
  • So be a responsible pet parent so that your dog
    can lead a healthier and happier life!

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