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How to Choose The Right Family Law Lawyer


Well, we have here some practical tips that you can use as a guide when getting a divorce and when hiring a family law lawyer. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Choose The Right Family Law Lawyer

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How to Choose The Right Family Law Lawyer

  • Are you planning to file for a divorce but you
    dont know where to start or what you should do?
    Well, we have here some practical tips that you
    can use as a guide when getting a divorce and
    when hiring a family law lawyer.
  • In marriage, there are many milestones in life
    that await a couple after they say I do.
    Although we should always hope for the best, it
    does not hurt to be prepared for the worst. We
    also have to accept the fact that unfortunate
    events may occur in your life as a parent or as a
    married person.

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  • A woman who bears a child out of wedlock can
    request child support from the biological father,
    a paternity case should be filed for this
    purpose. A married couple can file for divorce,
    and if applicable, both parties can fight for
    child custody or fair division of properties and
  • All these situations are actually prevalent in
    todays society. These things require a due legal
    process. And they all fall under family law a
    branch of legal practice that specifically deals
    with family-related cases. When you go through
    tough times like the ones mentioned above, it is
    vital to find an expert in family law to guide
    you through the process.

Getting a divorce?
  • If for instance you have decided to finally
    legally put an end to your marriage by filing for
    a divorce, you will need a good family lawyer.
    The lawyer will not only guide you through the
    entire process but he/she will also help you
    achieve a more favorable outcome in your divorce

  • There are several family law lawyers in to choose
    from. Most of them are just a phone call away.
    But how can you tell which lawyer to call? Below
    are some tips to keep in mind when hiring a
    family lawyer.

Take time to ponder and ask yourself
  • Prior to selecting a family lawyer, there are
    things that you need to figure out yourself first.

First and foremost, you need to evaluate the
situation you are currently in. Ask yourself what
exactly is the reason why you want a divorce,
what do you want to achieve in the end, and what
do you hope to get out of it. Are there any
possibilities to fix the issues you are currently
facing with your spouse through mediation or
counseling? If there are children involved, you
also need to consider them. And most likely, you
will also have to fight for child custody.

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  • Another important matter to consider before
    filing a divorce and hiring a lawyer is your
    assets and liabilities. The divorce process may
    be different when you have assets and liabilities
    that you need to divide between you and your
    spouse than when there are no financial matters
  • Dont just focus on what you are currently
    feeling or thinking. You also need to set your
    sights on the things that are at stake. Know your
    rights. Take a look at the big picture first
    before finally making the next move. When you
    already have a clear vision of how you want
    things to become during and after the divorce,
    you can be able to express this clearly to your
    attorney. This will then help your lawyer come up
    with a more appropriate legal action.

Searching for the right lawyer
  • Before you begin your own search, try to seek
    advice or recommendation first from people who
    have gone through the same thing. They might be
    able to recommend good lawyers so you wont have
    to go through the hassle of looking for one

  • Listen to the word of mouth or suggestions of the
    people you trust sometimes, these people are
    the most reliable sources you have because they
    speak from personal experience. Once you already
    have an idea about who to contact, conduct
    additional research on your own. Take a good look
    at the lawyers background, track record on
    previous cases handled, and their connections.
  • Also, do not forget to check how much the lawyer
    charges- rate per hour and other additional fees.
    Popular family lawyers are expensive.

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  • The last thing you should consider is the actual
    consultation. After you have thoroughly explained
    your side, the lawyer will then lay out the best
    legal action you need to take. From this, you can
    be able to gauge how well the lawyer assesses
    your situation, and what approach he/she will use
    to ensure your best interest is protected.
    Through consultations, you can also see the level
    of understanding and concern expressed by the

  • Dont hesitate to ask the what-if questions and
    listen carefully to the lawyers answers. A great
    lawyer knows what could go wrong and how to make
    it right, or how to use it to your advantage.
    From here, you can decide whether or not such
    lawyer is the right person to represent and
    defend you in court.

  • No two divorce cases are alike. Though all
    divorce cases have a common end goal (and that is
    to legally end a marital relationship), each has
    its own unique needs and characteristics. In
    addition, you may find a lot of lawyers who seem
    fit for the job, but not all of them are perfect
    for you and your case.
  • Follow the suggestions above and listen to your
    natural instincts to find the right lawyer. Value
    your preference and do not just get easily swayed
    by the sweet words other lawyers say. Also, keep
    in mind that the relationship between an attorney
    and the client has a huge impact on how the case
    will run.

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