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Your Baby Can Parent Baby Program in Bangalore


The Baby Development activities stimulate the senses and help your baby develop. We are confident that these baby activities will also delight and surprise both you and your baby. Our method has been proven to an effective early childhood education program which emphasizes on creative and critical thinking in a fun-filled learning environment. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Your Baby Can Parent Baby Program in Bangalore

Parent Baby Program
  • Your Baby Can Indias Parent-Baby Program offers
    a gentle introduction to a group setting and a
    welcoming home-like space for parents and
    children in weekly classes.

Parent Baby Program - Intro
  • Your Baby Can Indias Parent-Baby Program to
    young children, starting in infancy, can help
    with language acquisition and literacy skills.
    Starting this program to your children in the
    earliest months stimulates the part of the brain
    that allows them to understand the meaning of
    language and helps build key language, literacy
    and social skills.

Developmental Domains
About Your Baby Can
  • Using the principles of neuroscience, Your Baby
    Can recognizes the pace of brain development in
    babies and uses this window of opportunity to
    teach language skills that have long-term
    benefits in the childs overall growth. The
    program has been in implementation for over 25
    years across 100 countries. It has been designed
    by Dr. Robert Titzer, an infant and toddler
    researcher based on neuroscience philosophy.

What Your Baby Can Offer?
  • Your Baby Can offers a range of unique
    mother-toddler programs designed to establish
    literacy skills from early age of about 3 months
  • Your Baby Can mother toddler program is designed
    to teach language skills in a way that is similar
    to how babies learn about toys. When babies learn
    about toys or other objects, they explore and
    learn by touching, seeing, hearing, smelling,
    tasting, and moving the toys or objects.
  • Our program allows children to use multiple
    senses while learning language skills and
    encourages them to interact with their

What Your Baby Can Offer?
  • Your Baby Can focuses on language development
    using multi-sensorial and interactive methods
    that are natural to the baby. These activities
    stimulate the babys senses and satisfy the need
    for linguistic nutrition in a fun filled way.
  • Carefully designed for the age group 3 months to
    6 years, babies will be immediately drawn to the
    colors and will soon be engrossed! In nuclear
    families, your babys exposure and engagement
    with different languages is limited.

Advantages of Parent Baby Program
  • Parents get the opportunity to bond with their
    child in a conducive environment. Even if parents
    do spend quality time with their child at home,
    the affect an external environment would have,
    not necessarily only structured programs, but
    also outings etc. are very different from the
    known settings at home where there are high
    chances of focused being shifted from the child
    to other things.
  • Parents get a chance to be part of initial
    learning journey of their child. Going forward it
    gives an assurance to child that parents are
    invested in their growth, development learning.

Advantages of Parent Baby Program
  • These programs gives kids an opportunity to
    explore all different variety of specially
    designed learning / educational toys play
    material which otherwise they might not get
    chance to access all at one place.
  • Parents get to meet a lot of like minded parents
    going through the same phase in life as
    themselves. This gives them a chance to discuss
    out issues with experts other parents to get
    solutions of child related issues if any.
  • It encourages kids to involve in collaborative
    play, develop a value of sharing caring and
    also imbibes the importance of schedules
    discipline in kids.

Advantages of Parent Baby Program
  • These programs help in emotional, physical,
    intellectual, social creative development of
    the baby. In simpler terms, it helps kids to be
    more independent, develop imaginative thinking,
    develop motor hand-eye co-ordination skills
  • Lastly, and most importantly, Parent Baby
    programs ensure a smooth transitioning to
    Pre-schools, thus taking a lot of emotional
    stress away from both the children parents.

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