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How Solar Power is the Energy Source of the Future?


Solar energy technologies use the sun's energy to light homes, produce hot water, heat homes and electricity. The solar industry is developing steadily all over the world because of the high demand for energy while major energy source, fossil fuel, is limited and other sources are expensive. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How Solar Power is the Energy Source of the Future?

How Solar Power is the Energy Source of the
Solar Power Energy Source of the Future
  • Everyone knows that conventional fossil fuels
    are not going to last forever. We are consuming
    them with enormous speed, and very soon they will
    become history.
  • What will happen to humanity? We are entirely
    dependent on it. Can you imagine a day without
    energy sources?
  • The imagination itself is quite scary.
    Therefore, the time has come where we need to
    understand the severity and explore new,
    alternative sources of energy.

  • Thankfully, scientists, environmentalists, and
    people related to the field of energy studies had
    understood the problem a long back.
  • In the late seventies, research and development
    began worldwide to find out sustainable alternate
    energy sources that could reduce (or possibly
    eliminate) the need for conventional fossil
  • Hydropower, wind energy, biofuel, and solar
    energy were discovered and developed in the past
    three decades.
  • Amongst all, solar power is considered the best
    and the most sustainable source.

How can it be termed as the energy source of the
  • Three things make it the energy source of the
    future in the real sense.
  • It is sustainable The solar energy is produced
    by sunlight which is an unending source. There
    will be no such day without the sun because our
    existence depends on it.
  • 2. It is GREEN Solar energy is the ONLY energy
    source that causes zero pollution and zero carbon
    emission while producing energy. Thus, it can be
    called 100 environment-friendly energy source.

  • It is easy to implement The most significant
    benefit of solar energy is it is implementable.
    One can setup a solar energy generation system in
    a single household, a residential complex, a
    locality, or a town. Every individual can produce
    energy which is sufficient for the persona needs
    and reduce the burden on the power grid system.
  • In all the countries, the governments encourage
    the use of solar energy by subsidizing
    the installation of solar energy generation
  • In some countries, it is given free of cost. The
    government provides all the necessary help.

We must rely on this reliable renewable energy
  • One can assume the enormous potential of it by
    the following fact.
  • The solar energy received on the earth in one
    hour can fulfill the total energy needs of the
    humankind for one year if converted into usable
  • Due to its ease of application and high
    efficiency, solar energy looks to be the most
    promising energy source. 

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