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Easy Oral Hygiene Tips for Your Child | Dentist in Brampton Ontario


Childers age is a crucial time for healthy gums and teeth, it could easily get damaged and cause many problems. Today we will share Easy Oral Hygiene Tips for Your Children for more detail check out the website www.bramcountrydental.com – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Easy Oral Hygiene Tips for Your Child | Dentist in Brampton Ontario

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  • Childers age is a crucial time for healthy gums
    and teeth, it could easily get damaged and cause
    many problems. Teeth are a critical part of your
    childs overall well-being. Professional Family
    Dentist in Brampton for Children says by starting
    oral care early, you can keep your little ones
    teeth and mouth healthy, preventing issues such
  • Tooth Decay
  • Gum (Periodontal) Disease
  • Oral Cancer
  • Mouth Sores
  • Tooth Erosion
  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Toothaches and Dental Emergencies
  • Bad breath can be utterly embarrassing and also
    called halitosis.
  • This can lead to pain, discomfort, and even
    trouble concentrating in the classroom.
  • To help you start, here are 3 simple oral care
    tips for your child from Best Dentist in
    Brampton, Ontario

Teach Children for Good Dental Habits Contrary
to popular opinion, good oral habits are very
important from the get-go with your child. Before
your baby even has teeth, you can gently wash
his/her gums using water on a baby toothbrush or
even a soft washcloth.
  • Dental Hygiene Tips for Children
  • When your child gets his/her first tooth, make
    sure to brush at least twice a day with an infant
    toothbrush and some water. No toothpaste is
    necessary unless recommended by your dentist.
  • Start flossing when two of the teeth touch each
    other. If you arent sure of the proper
    technique, your dentist can show you how to care
    for your childs teeth properly.
  • If you brush and floss before bedtime, its
    easier to ensure your child doesnt eat or drink
    anything except water until the next morning.
  • Handle with care During the initial stages of
    tooth growth, be very gentle with your babys
    gums and teeth. Use a soft bristled baby tooth
    brush and a very light feeling. This will get
    your baby used to the feeling of the brush in
    his/her mouth and lets them learn that brushing
    is a pleasant experience, not something to be
    afraid of.

  • Visit Best Dentist in Brampton
  • It is recommended that your childs first visit
    to the Family Dentist in Brampton should be when
    they get their first tooth and NO later than age
    two. This first visit is very important to build
    a bond in between dentist and child and will
    allow your kids dentist to
  • Do an examination and look for any decay
  • Assess your childs bite, gum, and jaw
  • Keep an eye out for any issues that may affect
    your childs teeth or speech patterns
  • Give you advice regarding your childs at-home
    oral hygiene routine
  • After the first visit, you should schedule
    checkups with your childs dentist at least every
    six months, unless you notice an urgent issue
    such as teeth grinding, mouth breathing, or a

Stick to a Good Diet Given By Best Dentist in
Brampton and Avoid Sticky Foods One of the most
important things to remember when it comes to
your childs oral health is that what they eat
will affect their teeth. Too many sugars,
starches, and carbohydrates will increase their
risk of tooth decay. The main risk of decay? How
long food particles stay on the teeth. Thats why
its so important to avoid sticky foods when it
comes to your childs diet. Products such as
jelly beans, honey, caramel, and even raisins
will stick to the teeth and make it difficult for
saliva to wash the sugar away. Common
Example Cheese, Milk Water, Leafy greens
(spinach, broccoli, kale), Fish (fatty fishes,
wild salmon, tuna), Meat, Nuts   If you have any
issues regarding your children's dental health
you can ask on bramcountrydental.com
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