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GarbhaGudi IVF Center is one of the Best IVF Clinics in Bangalore, GarbhaGudi is known for its best class treatment at reasonable expenses and unparalleled achievement rates – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best IVF Clinics in Bangalore | ElaWoman

Best IVF Clinics in Bangalore
ElaWoman GarbhaGudi IVF Center
GarbhaGudi IVF Center is a chain of new age
fruitlessness treatment clinics outfitted with
best in class foundation and front line
innovation to address this regularly expanding
issue of barrenness. It was established by a
group of conferred business people and social
insurance masters, drove by Dr. Asha S Vijay,
who is an eminent gynecologist and fruitfulness
authority. GarbhaGudi IVF Center is one of the
Best IVF Clinics in Bangalore, GarbhaGudi is
known for its best class treatment at reasonable
expenses and unparalleled achievement rates. We
have possessed the capacity to recreate this
effective model at all of our branches. Our
aptitude in dealing with fruitlessness, our
incredible achievement rates and our patient care
has helped us to wind up one of the quickest
developing chains of fruitfulness doctor's
facilities in South India. When you visit
GarbhaGudi IVF Center, you'll approach the best
personalities in richness treatment and
additionally the most recent helped regenerative
innovation. Our completely coordinated system of
care implies we deal with each progression of
your excursion for you from starting appraisal,
finding, richness treatment, progressed logical
methods and directing help. About Dr. Asha S
Dr. Asha S Vijay Gynecologist is the Chief
Fertility Specialist in Bangalore. She has an
ordeal of 11 years in this field. Dr. Asha S
Vijay rehearses at Garbhagudi IVF Center in
Electronics City, Bangalore, Garbhagudi IVF
Center in Banashankari, Bangalore and Garbhagudi
IVF Center in Basavanagudi, Bangalore. Dr. Asha
S Vijay finished MBBS from Bangalore Medical
College and Research Institute, Bangalore in
1991, DGO from Bangalore Medical College and
Research Institute. Services
  • IUI Stands for Intra Uterine Insemination. It is
    a technique that includes putting sperm inside a
    lady's uterus to encourage preparation. The
    specialist utilizes a catheter to put various
    washed sperm specifically into the uterus. The
    objective of IUI is to expand the quantity of
    sperm that range the fallopian tubes and hence
    increment the shot of preparation.
  • IUI is a standout amongst the most widely
    recognized and simple richness medications.
  • The treatment isn't costly in any way,
    notwithstanding considering any hormone
    infusions that might be endorsed for the lady
  • There are exceptionally insignificant or no
    symptoms no torment, no delayed consequences
  • Over numerous cycles, it has a sensible
    achievement rate
  • Srujana Hospital

Srujana Hospital is a perceived name in quiet
care. It was incepted in the year 2011. They are
one of the notable Hospitals in Electronic City.
Upheld with a dream to offer the best in
tolerant care and furnished with mechanically
human services offices, they are one of the up
and coming names in the medicinal services
industry. Situated in , this hospital is
effortlessly available by different methods for
transport. A group of all around prepared
medicinal staff, non-restorative staff and
experienced clinical specialists work
round-the-clock to offer different services that
incorporate Hair Treatment , Chest Pain Treatment
, Fracture Treatment , General Pediatrics ,
Piles Surgery , Piles Treatment (non Surgical) ,
Laparoscopic Surgery , Diabetes Management ,
Uncontrolled Diabetes . Their professional
services make them a looked for after Hospitals
in Bangalore. Srujana Hospital is known for
lodging experienced Pediatricians. Dr. Sagar
Sharma H S, a very much presumed Pediatrician,
rehearses in Bangalore. Visit this therapeutic
wellbeing community for Pediatricians suggested
by 56 patients. About Dr. Deepmala
Dr. Deepmala, accompanies more than 10 long
periods of experience. Her mastery lies in
typical conveyance and energizes regular birthing
process, administration of high hazard
conveyances, pre-origination guiding, young
menstrual issue administration. Open and Lap
Hysterectomy, Ovarian medical
  • procedure, Vaginal Surgery and Postmenopausal
    care has been her uncommon intrigue and has
    conveyed phenomenal result results to her
  • High Risk Pregnancy Care and Management
  • While any pregnancy can be challenging, high risk
    pregnancies may potentially threaten the health
    of both the mother and the fetus. High risk
    pregnancies need a greater level of attention
    and monitoring since they carry an elevated risk
    of complications, and increase a babys chances
    for health and developmental problems at birth
    and beyond.
  • A pregnancy may be deemed high risk due to a
    variety of factors, such as pre-existing medical
    conditions, multiple births, previously abnormal
    pregnancies or health issues that develop during
    pregnancy. Routine screening tests, such as
    blood tests or ultrasound exams, along with
    diagnostic tests, such as amniocentesis or
    chorionic villus sampling (CVS), will help
    identify whether a pregnancy is high risk. These
    screenings are used to determine the presence of
    a number of health problems as well as test for
    certain genetic conditions. Women dealing with
    high risk pregnancy must schedule more frequent
    visits with their doctor and manage their
    lifestyle to ensure proper prenatal care.
  • Symptoms of high risk pregnancy
  • Symptoms of high risk pregnancy are often
    difficult to distinguish from symptoms of a
    typical pregnancy. However, the symptoms may last
    longer and be far more severe than in a normal
    pregnancy. The patient should report any painful
    or worrisome symptoms to her doctor right away.
    During a high risk pregnancy a woman may
  • Severe pain or cramping in the lower abdomen
  • Noticeable changes in vision, including blurred
  • Decreased fetal movement
  • Persistent headaches

  • Painful burning sensations while urinating
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Clear, watery vaginal discharge, similar to a
    yeast infection
  • Frequent contractions
  • High risk pregnancies
  • High risk pregnancies usually require a woman to
    schedule a greater number of prenatal office
    visits with an obstetrician, in order to closely
    monitor the progression of the pregnancy. Women
    with high risk pregnancies are counseled to be
    especially attentive to their health, eat a
    nutritious diet, gain a proper amount of weight
    and avoid any risky substances or medications.
    Doctors will often prescribe vitamins, iron
    supplements or medicines to enhance the health of
    the mother and baby.
  • In addition to regular screening exams,
    additional tests may be recommended to further
    assess the health and development of the baby.
    These may include a biophysical profile or
    targeted ultrasound, which can provide doctors
    with more detailed information than standard
    testing. Delivery of a high risk pregnancy is
    recommended to take place in a hospital setting,
    since giving birth at home is considering too
    risky for women with serious health conditions or
    complications. Depending on the individual case,
    the baby may be delivered vaginally or through a
  • Caree Fertility Center
  • Infertility treatment is currently available in
    several centers in the garden city (Bangalore)
    and few centers all over state. However, we pride
    ourselves in providing our patients with the
    utmost personal care and attention. We have
    implemented our personal philosophy in that
    couples deserve the best clinical care, and
    importantly, the most compassionate care
    available. The couples will immediately realize
    they are dealing with a center like no other.
    This combination has resulted in Caree Fertility
    Center having the HIGHEST quality control and

assurance Which is must in order to get better
IVF success. The entire staff at the CAREE is
looking forward to help you achieve your dream.
Your comments are critical in making us better.
You are never treated as a number. Our couples
are all-unique, and are treated as such. Our
patients are hand-held throughout their
evaluation and treatment, which will result in
faster success. You are being taken care by a
single Doctor who knows everything about your
specific case, and does your ultrasound, surgery
insemination, egg retrieval, and embryo
transfer. Our patients practically never wait
for their appointment, again unlike most other
practices. Our patients are seen always on time.
We respect and value your time our location is
extremely convenient, even for patients coming
from outside the city or other cities in the
country. We are offering our various advanced
technologies such as IMSI, blastocyst culture,
and time-lapse video to select better quality
embryos. Embryo and oocyte freezing. IVF
TREATMENT With the advancement of modern science
in the last few decades, assisted reproduction
has become a successful and common course of
treatment for infertile individuals and couples.
In-Vitro Fertilization, IVF, is one such assisted
reproductive technique that has been employed
successfully as a solution to a range of
infertility issues. The IVF process is both safe
and effective, and it has been used in the early
1980's in helping infertile individuals and
couples achieve their goal of becoming
parents. In vitro is Latin, meaning "in glass,"
referring to the dish that is used to introduce
the sperm to an egg. The term "IVF" includes a
whole spectrum of assisted reproductive
treatment possibilities that can be used
separately or together to increase the chances
of success. Whenever possible, IVF is used to
fertilize an egg with a sperm, thereby forming
an embryo Fertility treatment often includes use
of hormone therapy to stimulate the ovaries to
produce eggs. Then, IVF begins with retrieval of
a woman's (or her donor's) eggs. Prior to the
retrieval of the eggs, the male partner (or a
donor) produces a semen sample, which is
processed and washed, and the most motile
(active) sperm are selected. Anywhere from three
or four, or even up to twenty eggs are retrieved
from the woman under general sedation. This
procedure requires no surgical incision and is
done purely on an outpatient basis in our office.
The retrieved eggs are placed in a separate dish
under a protective layer of oil and left alone
for three to four hours to complete their
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