IT cyber security experts & Compliance risk management company in USA. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IT cyber security experts & Compliance risk management company in USA.


Cyber security services & Enterprise IT risk assessment company in USA. Our EAID platform provide next generation GRC solution to strengthen your business and keep protected. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: IT cyber security experts & Compliance risk management company in USA.

Bizz Secure
  • Protect your organization against cyber attacks
    with Bizz Secure - Information cyber security and
    risk assessment services company in USA.

What we provide?
  • Our Out-of-the-Box EAID (Enterprise Assessment
    and InfoSec Design) Solution automates your
    information security and compliance assessments
    providing results up to 10 times faster than
    manual methods. It gives you instant visibility
    into your complex security framework with little
    to no implementation, and it helps design and
    track your remediation efforts. EAID comes with
    over 9,300 questions to validate over 1,800
    policy templates and security controls,
    associated with over 12 compliance regulations
    including NIST, HIPAA, PCI, ISO, FISMA, GDPR and
    many others.

Our Services
  1. EAID InfoSec Compliance Assessments
  2. EAID InfoSec and IT Assessments
  3. EAID InfoSec Compliance Policies
  4. EAID Virtual InfoSec Staff
  5. EAID Next Generation GRC
  6. Security Risk and Design Assessment
  7. Vulnerability Scan and Penetration Test
  8. Managed Network and Security Services
  9. Network and Information High Availability

EAID InfoSec Compliance Assessments
  • Compliance assessments security infrastructure
    can seem daunting. Traditional assessments are
    done manually, with spreadsheets and word
    documents for a small number of compliance
    policies. This manual process is error-prone and
    can take six months to a year to complete with no
    visibility until the handwritten report shows up.
  • The EAID platform automates the assessment
    workflow for each compliance policy. The SaaS
    platform allows assessors to answer questions at
    their convenience and upload supporting
    information for their answers. Assessors can also
    redirect questions to other team members where
    appropriate. Reports can be generated instantly,
    with up-to the minute information of security
    compliance assessment.

EAID InfoSec and IT Assessments
  • The EAID (Enterprise Assessment and InfoSec
    Design) Platform includes an assessment tool that
    provides automation and visibility of your
    compliance assessments. This platform can be
    deployed in less than two hours.
  • EAID lets you see into your information security
    risk assessments with a understanding of the
    progress and standing. This visibility and
    associated vulnerability and risk reports are
    available as soon as the first questions are
    answered by the assessors. You can drill down
    into the details of different categories and
    policy standings. Projects can also be tracked in
    the dashboard to show task progress, hours used,
    and resources utilized.

EAID InfoSec Compliance Policies
  • The EAID Solution comes with complete coverage of
    over a dozen compliance standards and policy
    templates for each. These standards include
    800-83, ISO-27001, ISO-27002, FFIEC, GRPR, CCPA
    and others. BizzSecure continuously monitors
    these compliances, with many of our team members
    sitting on their governing boards, to update and
    maintain the policy templates and questions. We
    constantly add to our portfolio of compliances,
    policies and questions, to keep you up to date,
    safe and compliant.

EAID Virtual InfoSec Staff
  • We offer a consistent staff of risk, compliance
    and cybersecurity professionals to work with you
    and your teams under your direction, when needed.
    This staff may include virtual CISOs, Compliance
    officers, Risk officers, Solution architects,
    Security architects, System architects, Solution
    analysts and others as needed.
  • With their broad expertise and vast experience in
    security design, industry standard frameworks,
    and compliance, your Virtual InfoSec Staff will
    be able to take a high-level view of your entire
    infrastructure to ensure that all security
    aspects are addressed in the design and
    maintenance of the security controls.

EAID Next Generation GRC
  • EAID is an Out-of-the-Box GRC solution which can
    be setup for your team in a few hours. It comes
    with over 1,800 policy templates addressing the
    requirements of a dozen compliances, and over
    9,300 questions to validate the compliance and
    effectiveness of the security controls. It offers
    complete visibility of your security and
    compliance risks, along with your remediation
    efforts. BizzSecure keeps the solution up to date
    with all the latest regulatory information and
    requirements, so you can focus on your security

Security Risk and Design Assessment
  • Our security risk assessment will identify,
    isolate, eliminate and remediate current and
    future security issues of your security
    infrastructure. We will perform risk evaluations,
    vulnerability assessments, and compliance
    assessments, along with configuration analysis.
    With this analysis, we will work with your
    InfoSec team and devise a strategy that enhances
    your current security infrastructure to protect
    against compliance gaps and security threats.
  • Our security risk assessment strategies and
    processes have been proven effective through
    numerous engagements with other companies.

Vulnerability Scan and Penetration Test
  • Our Vulnerability Management service will provide
    you with continuous and up-to-the-minute reports
    of vulnerabilities as well as the risks
    associated with them. It will also provide you
    with a process of identifying, evaluating and
    mitigating these vulnerabilities as they appear.
  • On the other hand, security penetration testing
    involves notifying possible threats or malicious
    activities that may occur in your framework.
    Thus, the combination of both these tests creates
    a powerful assessment report. The network
    information security becomes stronger and secure.

Managed Network and Security Services
  • Managed network security services mean hiring a
    third-party or outsourcing all your tasks related
    to managed network security. They take care of
    the protection of your network from all
    vulnerabilities and existing inadequacy in your
  • Network security installation or remediation
    demands optimum co-ordination between the company
    managing the network and the client whose
    security is in process. At BizzSecure, we
    involve our clients and keep them informed at
    every step. At the end of the day it is their
    functional environment that is at stake, so
    making the right choices as per requirement is
    very essential.

Network and Information High Availability
  • Network Availability improves the up time of your
    network. Up time is the amount of time your
    network is fully operational in a given interval.
    This ensures consistency in your work, Minimal
    scope for errors and breakdowns. Biggest reasons
    why downtime occurs is due to the intrusion of
  • Network and Information availability are
    important KPIs for any network service provider
    or even the assessor of the network. Network
    availability is associated with Reliability.
    Other factors are the MTBF(Mean Time Between
    Failures) Failure rate.
  • BizzSecure has built a team over years of
    experience that has profound knowledge about
    these domains individually as well as the inter
    connectivity within them.

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