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The Cheater's Guide to administering Flea Treatments | BudgetVetCare


Fleas are a major problem in our pets. To administer the flea treatments is more problematic. Here are some easy tips for administering flea treatments. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Cheater's Guide to administering Flea Treatments | BudgetVetCare

The Cheaters Guide
  • Fleas are one of the most common problems in dogs
    irrespective of their breed.
  • The frisky fleas are so much obsessed with your
    dog that it can appear and re-appear every time
    you eliminate or prevent them.
  • Generally, it can be easy to handle the tantrums
    that your dog might throw up sometimes, but it
    becomes the most daunting task of administering
    flea treatments to the fussy pet.
  • Even the friendliest pet can turn into a monster
    when they hear the crinkle of the pill packet.
  • But, its you who need to ensure that you
    administer pills which are essential for their
    health. So, here are some helpful tips for
    administering flea treatment to your pets.

Pill Pockets
  • Pill pockets are the best option to easily
    administer pills to your pooch. Hiding pills
    every time in your dogs favorite treat may
    disturb his daily diet.

Pill Device
  • The task of administering pills becomes
    tougher with finicky or hard to pill pets. Using
    a pill shooter is another alternative to simplify
    the pill administration in pets. 

Flavored Treatments
  • There are many pills that come in the flavored
    form. You can provide your dog with unique bacon,
    chicken or beef-flavored flea pills to make him
    gobble them without any stress.

Pick a Time When Your Dog is Distracted
  • This trick doesnt involve any pill device
    to help you administer tablets to your pet. But,
    it is a helpful trick that pet parents can
    implement to feed pills. 

Try Not To Make a Big Deal About It
  • Pets can sense how you feel and behave.
    They can easily know when you are in stress and
    if they sense that you are anxious while giving
    the pills, they will pick up on this.

  • Good luck with administering flea treatments to
    your pet with these amazing tips!

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