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Title: Best dental clinic in Delhi | Best dentists in Gurgaon

Best dental clinic in Delhi  Best dentists in
  • A healthy smile is an indication of wellness. It
    reflects self-esteem and bounding spirit and
    liveliness. It is also a value of general good
    health. The mouth is a verge to all the systems
    of the body. Therefore preserving the
    well-balanced teeth and related structures are of
    prime importance in maintaining the quality of
    life. At The ORIGIN clinic we functions on the
    concept of providing expertise of the various
    specialists in dental surgery to provide the top
    most dental care to the patients.

We specialize in all the basic latest dental
procedures for smile correction smile designing
AT Best dental clinic in Delhi with procedures
including teeth whitening including Zoom,
porcelain veneers, tooth colored bindings, gap
closures, fixed teeth, braces, laser dentistry,
gummy smile correction, metal free
crowns/bridges, ceramic inlays to replace ugly
metal fillings, etc.
At our Dentistry Center, we offer an extensive
range of dental treatments encompassing premium
services, progressive cosmetic dentistry and
routine dental care.
  • Our services include
  • 1.Crowns, Bridges and Implants  Dental implants
    are artificial devices used to replace missing
    teeth. Implants are available in a variety of
    shapes and sizes and have a lot of benefits. They
    help you look better, feel better and eat better.
  • 2.Orthodontic Treatment (Braces)  Orthodontic
    treatments use a combination of braces,
    appliances and aligners to move teeth that are
    crooked or do not fit together. This treatment
    not only improves your facial appearance but also
    help keep your mouth healthy.

3.Root Canal Treatment (RCT)  Every tooth has
a soft tissue-pulp which nourishes it. In case of
deep decay, gum disease or injury, the tissue
pulp gets infected or inflamed. We are experts in
all kinds of RCTs conventional, laser and
microscope-assisted. 4.Cosmetic Dentistry 
Cosmetic or Aesthetic Dentistry is one of the
most popular services today. Cosmetic dentistry
typically involves appearance related dentistry.
Treatments include teeth whitening or bleaching,
dental laminates, tooth color restorations and
gum contouring . 5.Maxillofacial Prostheses
(Eye, Ear and Nose)  This procedure is a
specialty that focuses on surgery for diseases of
the jaw, mouth and face. Some surgical procedures
regularly conducted at our Dental specialist in
GurgaonCenter include cosmetic jaw surgery,
surgery for restoring fractures of jaws and
facial bones, navigation surgery for dental
Dental practice has changed significantly since
the 1920s, Dental procedures have shifted from
the repair and extraction of teeth for the relief
of pain to the prevention of disease. Dental
practice has also changed in larger urban centers
from the isolated private practice to a
convenient system of groups of professionals in a
central location. Extensive use is made of dental
hygienists, who often receive the patient from
the examining dentist. Dental hygienists provide
services such as performing preventive
procedures, scaling, taking X-rays, and teaching
dental health strategies. Most practices also use
dental assistants.
  • Three types of dental care are normally carried
    out in the Best dental clinic in Delhi
  • Clinical procedures normally provided in a dental
    office, for inpatients and outpatients,
  • Bedside care for persons admitted for other
    medical reasons, and
  • Inpatient care for patients admitted to a
    hospital for purely dental conditions.

The patient gets a complete smile makeover with
ceramic permanent teeth in very less days. Many
international patients find it convenient and
practical, even a full mouth rehabilitation case
carried out at our implant center in India
involves just a weeks stay. The technique has
also saved our patients from unnecessary bone
grafts and months of waiting. Also because of our
unmatched quality control and years of
experience, we give lifetime warranty on dental
implants.  The clinic is professional, affordable
and convenient!
  • Our Address
  • Block G, Greenwood City, Sector - 40, Gurugram
    -122001, Haryana Email
    Phone 0124-4638900
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