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Interior Design Factors - Avantika University


External factors affect an interior design project. An interior designer must be aware of these challenges and know how to overcome them. Interior Design Factors are most usefull for the interior designer. If you aspire to become an interior designer, then you should pursue interior design courses from Avantika University. The university is a part of MIT Pune. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Interior Design Factors - Avantika University

Interior Design Factors
  • Design College In India Avantika University

External Factors That Affect Interior Design
  • Interior Designing is concerned with enhancing
    the interiors of a building. However, many
    external factors affect the overall process. No
    matter how many technologies are introduced in
    the field of interior designing, none can control
    the external factors. Interior Designing projects
    have to face quite difficulties as they are
    directly affected by the buildings geographical
    position. Lets study different natural factors
    which act a barrier in the completion of interior
    designing projects

Land Structure and Topography

Land structure and topography are the most vital
factors affecting interior designing projects.
Different people prefer different and sometimes
challenging topography to construct their dream
home. It can be a hill slope, a rock structure or
even in water.
  • During these rare cases, interior designers have
    to take exceptional precautions while getting the
    house constructed. For example, if customers
    desire to get their house constructed on a hill
    slope, then the interior designer has to take
    special care to ensure that the house should not
    block the natural flow of rainwater, particularly
    during the rainy season. Moreover, the
    construction details also depend upon the quality
    of the land where customers want to build their

Humidity and Rainfall

Everyone yearns to build a villa or cottage at
exotic locations, especially near the seashore.
Near coastal areas, the weather conditions change
from time to time. In such places, the
environment is quite moist and the air is little
saline, which can affect the construction
materials. During such cases, special care should
be taken otherwise the budget of interior design
project may get affected.
Amount of Sunlight

Places in extreme north or south fail to receive
direct sunlight which is indeed required at the
maximum level for perfect construction. To
overcome this factor, plane glasses are used in
buildings and at times, artificial lightning is
also used.
Wind Direction

An under-construction house cannot bear harsh
winds. The construction technology can easily be
affected by the wind direction as the wind speed
exerts pressure on the wall, which takes no time
to affect its interior.
Extreme Temperatures

Gulf countries are known to bear extreme climatic
conditions. In such places, interior designing
projects are expected to fail because extreme
climatic ups and downs directly affect internal
spaces. To protect a house or building from
extreme temperatures, external walls play a key
role. Thus, special care should be taken while
preparing the construction material of the wall.

So, these are the interior design factors. An
interior designer must be aware of these
challenges and know how to overcome them. If you
aspire to become an interior designer, then you
should pursue interior design courses from the
best college. Avantika University offers courses
in interior design that trains the future
designer to exhibit impressive skills.

The university is a part of MIT Pune and just
like its parent Group, the university is known
for its academic excellence. So, enroll for
B.Des. course in industrial design with space
design track from Avantika University.
  • Avantika University is the MIT institute of
    Design in Ujjain, MP. It follows a unique
    learning approach where the students are
    encouraged to think out of the box. Avantika
    University is the part of reputed MIT Pune.

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