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Top IB Schools in India | Top IB Schools in Maharashtra - MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul


MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is one of the top IB Schools in India. It is the part of reputed MIT Group of Institutions. It creates global citizens who have a global perspective, yet who are rooted to their culture and heritage. It is also one of the top IB Schools in Maharashtra. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top IB Schools in India | Top IB Schools in Maharashtra - MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul

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MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul among top IB schools in
  • We are living in a connected world where there
    are bountiful opportunities accompanied with
    cutthroat competition. Today, there is immense
    competition among the students as well as their
    parents than ever. The students know that they
    have to compete in a global world so they look
    for schools offering world-class education. On
    the other hand, the parents want their children
    to develop holistically so that they excel in
    every challenge of their life.

  • This creates a need for schools that provide
    top-notch quality education, world-class
    curriculum, global perspective and all round
    development along with academics. An IB school
    caters to all these needs. There are scores of IB
    schools in India widespread all over the nation.

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) is an
    international board of education that follows
    global standards of learning and has a
    value-based educational infrastructure. The
    curriculum of an IB school is a rich mix of
    academics and extracurricular activities that
    aims at creating well-balanced individuals.
    Furthermore, top international universities give
    preference to IB students for admissions. So,
    sending your children to IB school is a great
    decision for their career.

Why IB schools in India are the best for your
  • IB schools are scattered all over the world, but
    you can find some of the most prestigious IB
    schools in India. India is an educational hub
    known for its high level of education which goes
    much beyond books and curriculum. In India,
    significance is given to character development
    and value education along with academic
    excellence. Furthermore, India is a safe country
    for the overseas students and its environment is
    conducive to the holistic growth of the students.

  • Here, the students can gain wisdom and develop
    their personality. That is why parents should
    send their children to International
    Baccalaureate schools in India to create a strong
    foundation for their future.
  • Pune tops the list of safest place for the
    students in India. Colloquially known as the
    Oxford of the East, the city of Pune offers a
    perfect learning ecosystem to all students. There
    are a handful of IB schools in Pune,India and MIT
    Vishwashanti Gurukul is one of them. This school
    is one of the best options for those who look to
    mold their children into well-balanced
    individuals with strong character and acumen.

MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul Top IB school in
  • Located in Pune Maharashtra, MIT Vishwashanti
    Gurukul is a pioneer world school of the country.
    The school is a part of the reputed MIT Group of
    Institutes. MIT Group is an esteemed educational
    body of India that is known for its academic
    excellence. The Group fulfils its endeavor to
    shape the future of the country by molding the
    students of today. In its efforts to create
    global citizens connected to their history
    heritage, the Group incepted MIT Vishwashanti
    Gurukul in the year 2006.

  • The school is built on 125 acres sprawling campus
    having ample facilities for learning,
    extracurricular activities and boarding. Here,
    every student gets access to world-class
    infrastructure, advanced learning tools,
    interactive classrooms, digital libraries and
    conducive learning environment.
  • MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is one of the best IB
    schools in Pune. It is known for its vale-based
    education system. The school revives traditional
    Gurukul style of learning and blends it with
    modern amenities to mould the students into
    well-balanced individuals. 

  • The school bestows global perspective in each
    student while keeping them connected to their
    culture and heritage. It creates global citizens
    who are technology-savvy and know how to exploit
    it for the benefit of the mankind. The school has
    a unique learning ecosystem where the students
    receive education and values from their mentors.
    Discipline and sound teacher-student relationship
    are at the core of the school. Importance is
    given to extracurricular activities, life skills
    and value education in order to mold the students
    into winning personalities. Thus, it is one of
    the top IB schools in Pune that develops the
    students physically, mentally and spiritually. In
    fact, the school has received recognition as the
    top school with international Curriculum in Pune
    by Times Education School Survey 2018.

Benefits of studying in International
Baccalaureate school in India
  • International Baccalaureate board is a non-profit
    foundation that offers top-notch quality
    educational programme to schools all over the
    globe. The curriculum and educational
    infrastructure of the board is student centric.
    It facilitates personal, emotional, intellectual
    and social development of the students while
    imparting global perspective. IB board is
    available in 141 different countries including
    India. MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is among
    the pioneer IB schools in India. Studying in an
    IB school like MIT-VG can be advantageous to the
    students in many ways

  • It prepares the students for the future by
    instilling life skills, social skills,
    intellectual skills, personal emotional skills
    as well as moral values.
  • IB school gives a competitive edge to the
    students in the global scenario.
  • It facilitates the students to pursue higher
    education from the most reputed universities of
    the world.
  • IB school creates global citizens who are
    reflexive and self-reliant. The students have the
    ability to adapt to the rapidly changing world.

  • It facilitates the students to develop academic
    excellence along with developing holistically.
  • The students are encouraged to think
    independently and come up with ingenious
    solutions. They are made courageous and bold so
    that they can go beyond the traditional methods
    of executing different tasks.
  • IB students have the ability to engage with the
    people and effectively bond with them.
  • The students can drive their own learning.
  • IB schools like MIT-VG aims at creating global
    citizens of tomorrow who are laden with amazing
    personality traits. It makes the students

  • Principled Every student studying at MIT-VG is
    familiarized with the importance of discipline
    and principles. They know what is right and what
    is wrong and they act according to the
  • Balanced We mould our students into
    well-balanced individuals who are disciplined and
    have the ability to face the challenges of life.
  • Open The students at MIT-VG are trained to
    accept everything be it the success or failure.
    They are open to appreciation and criticism. They
    work on the criticism to convert their negatives
    into positive.

  • Risk-taker We train the students to be bold.
    They have the ability to take risk and think out
    of the box.
  • Inquirers We motivate our students to ask
    questions as that is the first step to
    understanding. Our students are inquirers who try
    their best to comprehend the problems well before
    reaching out to a solution.
  • Thinkers At MIT-VG our students are free to
    think and innovate. They are encouraged to
    brainstorm and come up with ingenious solutions.
  • Communicators Communication skill is the most
    important personality trait to ace the
    competition. We train our students to be
    confident communicators. They have the ability to
    express their ideas in the best possible way.

  • Caring Every student at MIT-VG is caring and
    considerate. Our students respect others
    perspective, culture, religion, thoughts, etc and
    show care towards each other.
  • Knowledgeable We impart knowledge to the
    students along with imparting global perspective
    to them.

IB programmes offered in MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul
  • The IB programme at MIT-VG, top IB school in
    India is divided into three parts
  • IB-PYP
  • IB-MYP
  • IBDP

  • IB-PYP
  • IB Primary Years Programme (IB-PYP) is suitable
    for the students from 3 years to 12 years. It is
    a foundation programme that nurtures the students
    into well-balanced individual. It inculcates life
    skills, good habits, positive learning
    environment, creativity, curiosity and
    individuality in the students. The programme
    provides a healthy and happy learning environment
    to the students where they are encouraged to be
    creative and ingenious. At a later stage of the
    programme, focus is on the mental, social,
    cultural and emotional development of the
    students. There are timely assessments which
    ensure that the child receives feedback on
    his/her performance. Then, the subject specific
    skills of the students are strengthened based on
    their performances. MIT-VG offers a conducive,
    safe and supportive environment for the
    development of the child.

  • IB-MYP
  • MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul IB Middle Years
    Programme is for the students aged from 11 years
    to 16 years and there is Cambridge IGCSE
    programme for 14 years to 16 years old students.
    IB MYP is a five year programme that prepares the
    students for their further studies. The students
    are molded as responsible citizens who can face
    the global challenges.
  • IB-MYP programme is offered from MYP1 to MYP5 for
    grades 6 to 10. After the completion of grade 8
    (MYP3), the students can choose to either
    continue with IB-MYP or IGCSE. The IGCSE
    programme is made for Grade 9 and 10.

  • IBDP
  • The IBDP programme is suitable for students aged
    between 16 years to 19 years. The programme
    nurtures the students into wining personalities
    to enable the students to get placed in the best
    universities globally. It provides a learning
    environment to the students for their holistic
  • The programme creates individuals who are
    physically, mentally, emotionally, ethically and
    intellectually strong.
  • Students can acquire the breadth and depth of
    understanding and knowledge
  • It develops positive attitude in the students
    towards learning.
  • The students are encouraged to think out of the
    box and exploit their creativity.

MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul Top IB boarding school
in India
  • MIT-VG is an international boarding school. It is
    a home away from home for the boarding students.
    We create a safe, homely and caring ambiance in
    the hostel that gives every parent the assurance
    that the child is safe and healthy. We are
    regarded as the top boarding school in
    Pune,india for our top-class boarding amenities
    and facilities. Some of our boarding facilities

  • The hostels have world-class infrastructure. They
    are equipped with myriads of amenities to provide
    a safe ambiance to the students.
  • We have a time table for each boarding student
    which keeps them disciplined and teaches the
    value of time management.
  • Morning assembly and meditation session are an
    integral part of the schedule to elevate the
    students spiritually. Meditation even enhances
    the concentration power of the students.
  • The hostellers receive ample of exposure through
    activities, trips, weekend outings and other

  • We have a hygienic and healthy refectory that
    serves balanced diet to the students.
  • 247 ambulance and security facilities are at
    boarders disposal to offer utmost care.
  • A residential doctor and nurses are also
    available 247 in the infirmary of the school to
    provide healthcare.
  • The parents are updated of the status of their
    wards on a weekly basis.

Why choose MIT-VG?
  • MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul is among the top IB
    schools in India. There are several reasons to
    choose MIT-VG
  • MIT-VG understands the expectations of modern-day
    parents as well as the requirements of students.
    That is why the school creates global citizens
    with strong character.
  • It is an IB world school that offers value-based
    education. It aims at enhancing the students
    physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • The school has a fixed time table for all
    students which include learning periods, sports
    games hour, meditation session and a period for
    extracurricular activities. This develops the
    students holistically.

  • At MIT-VG, a rich blend of integrated learning
    and holistic development is practiced so that
    students can develop their potential in
    extracurricular activities along with achieving
    academic excellence.
  • We also impart life skill in the students which
    makes them ready to face the challenges of the
    adult world.
  • We emphasize on nurturing Indian ethos and values
    in every student so that they are molded as
    global citizens who are deep rooted to their
  • We provide a caring, safe, homely environment in
    the school as well as boarding.

  • The mentors at MIT-VG encourage the students to
    innovate and use their creativity to come up with
    out of the box ideas.
  • The world-class infrastructure, advanced learning
    tools, unique learning pedagogy, and conducive
    learning environment makes us being considered
    among the top IB schools in India.

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