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Life Changing Benefits of Laughter Yoga


Laughter Yoga may enhance happiness, reduces stress, boosts immune system, and mitigates pain. Laughing triggers endorphins in the body and develop a sense of wellbeing. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Life Changing Benefits of Laughter Yoga

Remarkable Benefits of Laughter
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Laughter Yoga may enhance happiness, reduces
stress, boosts immune system, and mitigates pain.
Laughing triggers endorphins in the body and
develop a sense of wellbeing. Naples live-in care
experts have shared a few things about laughter
yoga you should be fascinated to know about.
What is Laughter Yoga? An Indian physician
developed laughter yoga in the 1990s based on the
concept that social laughter may have similar
benefits as spontaneous laughter. After he coined
the term, it started spreading all over the world
and people start creating laughter clubs.
Laughter is started through many creative
exercises unlike humor. Laughter yoga is very
simple and seniors dont have to learn a kind of
yoga poses or stand in a different manner to
perform it. There are more than 8000 laughter
clubs created in several countries.
  • How Do Seniors Practice Laughter Yoga
  • Laughter Yoga classes starts with socializing and
    discussing general things about laughter.
    Afterwards, the group gets up from their chairs
    and does a bit of stretching and deep breathing
    exercises. The whole session ends with
  • When a senior is performing laughter yoga, his or
    her laugh should come from the diaphragm. Full
    belly laughs provide the best benefits here are
    the basic steps for laughter yoga.
  • Chanting and clapping
  • Laughter yoga breathing
  • Laughter yoga exercises
  • Childlike playfulness

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Benefits of Laughter Yoga The key to receive the
health benefits of laughter yoga, seniors should
continuously laugh for a period of time. Seniors
laugh for about 20 to 25 minutes in a laughter
yoga class. Laughing may enhance blood flow to
the brain, boost oxygen intake, and reduce blood
pressure levels. It may help seniors protect
their heart against many diseases, reduce stress,
and enhance energy levels. The founder of
laughter online university explains yoga as a
replacement to low-impact cardiovascular
exercises for older adults. For laughing, seniors
dont need to require any kind of special
environment or equipments. Laughter yoga can be
extremely fun for seniors to do at home. The
healthcare cost is rising as well as health
challenges, so laughter yoga may have more
  • Laughter Yoga for Seniors and Caregivers
  • The practice of laughter yoga may boost health
    and mental wellbeing of both caregivers and
    seniors. Here are a few things seniors may like
    the most about laughter yoga.
  • It relaxes the mind and relieves stress
  • The mind becomes clearer and sharper
  • People feel extra grounded
  • Sense of connection with others around you
  • Enhances self-esteem and give peace of mind
  • Laughing can be one of the best ways to feel
    happy and cheerful in the golden years. However,
    being mentally and physically strong is also
    necessary for the wellbeing of seniors. Some
    seniors need occasional help at home to manage a
    few daily tasks like bathing, meal preparation,
    or transportation. Hiring a Naples in-home
    caregiver can help seniors live comfortably and
    independently at home.

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