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6 big reasons to use an instant loan app.


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Title: 6 big reasons to use an instant loan app.

6 big reasons to use an instant loan app.
Has the thought of using an instant loan app ever
crossed your mind? Well, if it has, we suggest
that you turn the thought into action by
downloading one of these apps and applying right
away. Not convinced? Maybe these features will
help you think otherwise. 1. Small loan
amounts.One of the biggest reasons why people
turn to these apps is because they offer apt loan
amounts. Unlike personal loans where the minimum
loan amount could easily run into 20 or 30
thousand, with an instant loan app, it is
possible to borrow as little as Rs. 3,000. This
is perfect for those end of the month cash
crunches and other smaller finance needs that
spring up every now and then.
4. Equally fast sanctions. You can get quick
approvals when you apply for an instant loan
online as well. However, youd probably have to
wait for hours, if not a day or two, before you
get the money sanctioned into your account.
However, with these new-age apps, you can get
direct sanctions into your bank account within
just 10 minutes! In fact, if you borrow once, you
will enjoy instant sanctions on your subsequent
2. Easy application.How easy it is to apply
further augments the usefulness instant loans.
You just need to find the right app and download
it. Once youve done that, just fill the
application form, pay the processing and submit
your documents. Just 3 simple steps and youre
done!3. Shockingly fast approvals.Normal
personal loans are synonymous with waiting times.
However, with an instant loan app, you should be
prepared for a pleasant surprise. This is because
these apps can provide you approvals in seconds!
Its not unusual for such applications to provide
instant approvals immediately after youve
submitted your application.
5. Eligibility is a breeze. Many borrowers keep
their distance from loans altogether. They are
afraid of rejected application due to low credit
score or insufficient monthly salaries. Most of
them will stand to lose their processing fees too
in case of a rejected application. However, this
is but a distant memory with instant loan apps.
They will offer loans to you even if you do not
have a score, forget about low scores. Even
individuals with salaries of Rs. 18,000 are
welcome arms wide open.
  • 6. Zero prepayment charges.Prepayments are all
    but forgotten due to their costs. People do not
    want to save on interest paid at the cost of
    paying penalties to prepay their loan. However,
    with an instant loan app, you can make
    prepayments without any fear of charges or
    penalties. This is because most of these apps do
    not have any clause on prepayment charges!So if
    youve been holding back on the idea of using an
    instant loan app, its time you reconsidered,
    especially after hearing about these features.
    These loans also come at low interest rates that
    can be compared to the cost of buying your
    closest mates a couple of beers. Therefore, if
    you need funds in the future, just reach into
    your pocket and get tapping on your smartphone.

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