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Title: SEO vs. PPC Which Technique is Right for eCommerce Business

For eCommerce Business
The Success Of An Online Business Greatly Depends
On The Amount Of Traffic It Can Generate For Its
SEO Stands For Search Engine Optimization. PPC
Stands For Pay Per Click. Goal Of Both Is The
Same, They Are Totally Different Concepts But
That Require Different Techniques.
You Can Drive Traffic To Your Website From Google
Through 2 Tactics SEO And PPC.
Today Were Going To Look At The Strengths And
Weaknesses Of SEO And PPC. Letting You Know Which
Work Best For Your Business In The Short And Long
Term, To Increasing your sales.
You Want To Make Sure The Time And Money Youre
Putting In Will Bring A Large Volume Of
High-quality Traffic Primed To Convert. So Lets
Take A Look At Which Technique Is Right For
eCommerce Business?
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Search Engine Optimization Is A Technique Used To
Propel Your Website To The First Web Page Of
Google. When Talking About SEO We Usually Prefer
To Google Because Its One Of The Largest Search
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Lets See SEO Strengths And Weaknesses -
  • SEO Strenghts
  • SEO is cheap comparing to PPC, for that you don't
    need to pay for clicks, when a customer clicks on
    your organic result you will not be charged,
    Allowing for unlimited visits to your website.
  • A Good SEO Can Give Stable Results. Its Results
    Stay Consistent For The longer Period of Time.
  • SEO Builds Brand Reputation To Get Ranked In
    First Page Of Google.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Lets See SEO Strengths And Weaknesses -
  • SEO Weaknesses
  • SEO does not guarantee a high ranking on google.
  • SEO is a long term strategies and it takes lots
    of work and wait to reach your goals.
  • SEO campaign can rank your keywords quickly but
    they take several months before you start to see
  • SEO Takes 3 Months to Crawl Your Website After
    Implementing SEO Tactics.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
  • PPC Is One Type Of Advert That Youre Charged
    Every Time A Visitor Clicks On Your Advert.
  • Using Google Ads You Can Increase Your Website
    Traffic When Your Website Doesnt Appear In The
    Organic Search Results.
  • There are 3 types of PPC Campaign you can run,
  • Search Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Display Ads

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
  • Lets See PPC Strengths And Weaknesses -
  • PPC Strenghts
  • Google ads allows you to display your PPC at
    particular time , Date, Geographical Location,
    Age, Gender, Device and Keywords Etc,...
  • You Set A Daily Or Monthly PPC Budget And Google
    Will Use It To Get The most clicks or sales.
  • PPC Helps To Get Result Quickly. You Can Setup
    Your Bid To Adjust Your Ad Position in paid
  • Googles Algorithm Updates Will Not Affect Your
    PPC Campaign.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
  • Lets See PPC Strengths And Weaknesses -
  • PPC Weaknesses
  • PPC requires constant watch on the bid otherwise
    you did not get desire results.
  • Select best keywords and monitoring campaign is
    time consuming for business owners.
  • That's why you need PPC Expert to handle your
  • The More you pay it get the better results.
  • It is not Permanent solutions, you can stop a
    PPC campaign and to stop to getting clicks and

Which Is Better For Your Business ??
SEO Or PPC, Which Should You Invest Your
Marketing Budget In? It All Depends On Your
Think About Before You Choose An SEO Or PPC
  • What Do You Want To Achieve?
  • What Does Success Look Like?
  • Are You In It For The Long Term?
  • What Is Your Marketing Budget?
  • Whats The Competition Like?
  • Do You Need Quick Sales?
  • How Much Time Do You Have?

SEO Vs. PPC When To Use What?
As You Most Likely Are Aware SEO Is A Long Term
Procedure And You Require To Have The Persistence
To Receive Accurate Results In Return. On The Off
Chance That Your eCommerce Store Is New, Your
Necessity Is To Develop New Clients On A Moment
Premise. For This Situation, Pay-per-click Is An
Extraordinary Method To Kick Off Your Business.
This Doesn't Mean That You Ought To Overlook
SEO. Getting Your Online Store Recorded In
Organic Outcomes Is Similarly Significant. If It
Done In A Right Manner, SEO And PPC Both Can
Drive Relevant Traffic To Your Online
If Youre Not Sure Which Route Will Be Best For
Your Store. We Can Help You Increase Your
Visitors And Revenue. Google Ads Can Get You
Instant Results But It Can Be An Expensive. At
The Same Time SEO Is Also Not Free, You Need To
Hire An Experienced SEO Agency To Get The Best
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