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Blockchain: Adoption In Healthcare Industry


With growing acceptance, Blockchain adoption in healthcare is on the rise. Contact us for more insights on the major trends and opportunities in this ecosystem. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Blockchain: Adoption In Healthcare Industry

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Executive Summary
Executive Summary
Industry Adoption Barometer
Key Insights
BC Adoption in Healthcare Industry The Story
Certainty of Adoption
BC-enabled Healthcare Services Key Directions
Device Maintenance Records
Smart Contracts
Claims Adjunction and Billing Management
Electronic Health Records
Healthcare Data Exchange and Interoperability
  • USA centered companies are dominating this sector
    with their BC based solutions, mostly for
    maintaining electronic health records (EHRs),
    smart contracts and device records. The future
    trend in this region is focused on reducing drug
    counterfeits and tackling patient consent issues
    for RD purposes
  • China follows the lead in BC solutions in APAC,
    predominantly for tackling local problems such as
    lack of proper information on the healthcare
    providers, scheduling appointments and payment
    processing using smart contracts
  • In Europe, BC trends focused on device
    maintenance and counterfeit drug prevention

Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1
  • Introduction
  • BC and How it Works?
  • Is the Healthcare Industry Ready for BC and Does
    It Need It?
  • What BC Could Do For the Healthcare Ecosystem and
  • What BC Means for Key Healthcare Industry
    Application Segments?
  • How Deep is the Adoption of BC in the HC Industry
  • Chapter 2
  • BC Impact
  • Invigorating the HC Industry Building the
    'Blocks' with BC
  • How BC will Transform the Healthcare Industry?
  • BC-based Transformation of the Healthcare
  • Chapter 3
  • BC-Healthcare Key Enablers Challenges
  • Major Constrains to Adopt BC in the Healthcare
  • Key Enablers for Blockchain in the Healthcare
  • Supplier Side
  • Buyer Side
  • Chapter 5
  • Healthcare Industry - Front Runners Strategy
  • BC Adoption Will Come in Phases in the Healthcare
  • Front Runners are Driving BC Adoption in the
    Healthcare Industry
  • Success Story of Front Runners - Alipay (Alibaba)
  • Strategic Alliance to Enter BC-enabled Healthcare
    for Front Runners
  • BC-enabled Healthcare to Witness Strong Growth in
    the Long Term
  • Chapter 4
  • Adoption Of BC In Healthcare Industry
  • How is Blockchain Accepted in the Industry?
  • How is BC being Accepted in the Industry?
  • Medical And Health Records
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Clinical Adjudication
  • Claims Adjudication
  • Chapter 6
  • BC Enabled Healthcare (HC) Regional Adoption
  • Front Runners to Write Regional Story for BC

Table of Contents
  • Chapter 7
  • Start-ups Ecosystem BC-enabled Healthcare
  • BC Start-ups Expected to Disrupt the Healthcare
  • BC-enabled Healthcare Start-ups - Overview
  • Medicalchain
  • Nebula Genomics
  • Chronicled
  • SimplyVital Health
  • Cognitive Scale's
  • Hashed Health
  • Factom
  • Chapter 8
  • BC-enabled Healthcare Key Innovators
  • Change Healthcare
  • Guardtime
  • Tracelink
  • Accenture
  • Intel
  • SAP
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • Chapter 9
  • Conclusion and Future Roadmap
  • Conclusion
  • BC-enabled Healthcare - The Future Lies Here
    Cross Technology
  • BC-enabled Healthcare - The Future Lies Here
    Cross Industry
  • Chapter 10
  • Appendix
  • Definitions
  • Appendix

Introduction Blockchain
BC and How it Works
How does BC work?
A verified transaction can involve any XX asset
Requested transaction is broadcast to the XX
network of nodes
The n/w of XX validate the transaction following
the protocol
Once XX, the transaction becomes a part of new
XX for the ledger
A transaction is required
The new verified XX gets added to the existing XX
A XX is completed
Is the Healthcare Industry Ready for BC and Does
It Need It?
What BC Could Do For the Healthcare Ecosystem and
What BC Means for Key Healthcare Industry
Application Segments?
Major Applications of BC in Healthcare
How Deep is the Adoption of BC in the HC Industry
The majority of key participants
Channels and Supply Chain
  • XX
  • XX
  • XX
  • XX
  • XX
  • XX
  • XX
  • XX
  • XX
  • XX
  • XX
  • XX
  • XX
  • XX
  • XX
  • XX

Impact Blockchain
Invigorating the HC Industry Building the
'Blocks' with BC
Medical Claim File
Medical Claim to Get Approved
Medical Reimbursement to Receive
How BC will Transform the Healthcare Industry?
BC-enabled Healthcare
BC-based Transformation of the Healthcare
  • Scenario

Impact on Health payers
Impact on Claims Management
  • XX
  • XX

Claims processing and payment
  • XX

Smart Contract Application
  • Contains
    .the provider.

The transparency
.. conducted. Since
Key Enablers Challenges BC-Healthcare
Major Constrains to Adopt BC in the Healthcare
Key Enablers of Blockchain in the Healthcare
Key Enablers for Blockchain in the Healthcare
  • Suppliers side

Key Enablers for Blockchain in the Healthcare
  • Buyers side

Adoption of BC Healthcare Industry
How is Blockchain Accepted in the Industry?
How BC is Venturing into the Healthcare Industry?
    health records

How BC is Venturing into the Healthcare Industry?
    health records Case Study

Front Runners Strategy Healthcare Industry
BC Adoption Will Come in Phases in the Healthcare
Initial Target Industry includes medical and
health records, billing and supply chain
management, etc.
Front Runners Driving BC Adoption in the
Healthcare Industry
  • XX
  • XX
  • XX
  • XX

Success Story of Front Runners - XX
BC-enabled Healthcare to Witness Strong Growth in
Long Term
Regional Adoption BC-enabled Healthcare
Front Runners to Write Regional Stories in BC
BC-enabled Healthcare Start-ups Ecosystem
BC Start-ups to Disrupt the Healthcare Industry
Founded in 2016 Headquarters California, USA
Founded in 2017 Headquarters England, UK
Nebula Genomics offers personal genomics services
by sequencing DNA, and allows users to monetize
this data
Medicalchain, through its app, enables users to
give healthcare professionals access to their
personal health data. It then records
interactions with this data in an auditable,
transparent and secure way on its distributed
Funding Information
Latest Funding
Leading Investors
Funding Information
Latest Funding
Leading Investors
USD 4.3 Mn
Series A
USD 24 Mn
Oct, 2018
Feb, 2018
Major Products Services
Major Products Services
  • Nebula Genomics allows customers to sequence DNA
    and have complete ownership over this data.
  • This data is stored over a distributed ledger and
    can be sold to researchers using smart contracts,
    for fast acquisitions, without the need for
  • This tackles the problem of availability of
    genomic data, caused due to high sequencing costs
    and data privacy, helping researchers in science,
    healthcare and drug development
  • Through its Telemedicine Platform, Medicalchain
    will provide immediate access by allowing
    patients to communicate directly with doctors and
    share their health records for online
  • Through this solution, Medicalchain aims to solve
    a number of errors, allowing professionals make
    informed decisions about a patients diagnosis
    and possible treatment, reducing cost of
    healthcare, placing a check on insurance fraud,
    and boosting the telemedicine market
  • Medical Health Records
  • The company aims to reduce the number of deaths
    by providing effective diagnosis, reduce
    healthcare costs by making medical data remotely
    available and portable, and to boost the
    telemedicine market
  • The company plans to target critical healthcare
    issues like data security, fragmentation, high
    costs, and lack of patient centricity

  • Clinical Trial Records
  • Technological services company that can
    accelerate drug development and reduce costs by
    offering privacy-focused personal genomics
  • Allows research institutes to understand humans
    with their consent, based on their DNA, and
    accordingly develop vaccines for diseases
  • On the patient side, it is only start-ups that
    enable patients to understand disease risks and
    take preventive actions, avoid drugs that are
    likely to have side effects, and reduce the risk
    of having children that may be affected

BC-enabled Healthcare Key Innovators
Key Players - Change Healthcare
Major BC services
Key Developments in Healthcare BC
Expected Focus Areas
  • It is the only
    . second
  • Enterprise applications and services -
    .data processing
  • Enterprise BC infrastructure -
    BC networks
  • The company focuses .contract
  • In December 2018, insurance
  • BC
    . healthcare organizations

BC solutions .sellers
and buyers. Apart from that,
..on the BC.
Conclusion Future Roadmap
BC-enabled Healthcare - The Future Lies Here
  • Cross technology

BC-enabled Healthcare - The Future Lies Here
  • Cross industry

  • IT Infrastructre
  • Digital Assets Files like images, videos, and
    presentations that contain information can be
    classified as digital assets
  • Smart Contracts Smart contracts are
    self-executing contracts with the terms of the
    agreement between buyers and sellers, directly
    written into the lines of the code. A distributed
    BC network contains all the code and agreement
    regarding the smart contract. A Smart Contract
    allows anonymous, disparate parties to carry out
    trusted transactions and agreements, all without
    the need for an external enforcement mechanism,
    or a central authority or legal system. A BC
    network, more importantly, makes a transaction
    transparent, traceable and irreversible
  • Node Management A node is a device on a BC
    network, that is the foundation of BC technology,
    allowing it to survive and function
    efficiently. Nodes are responsible for carrying
    out a number of tasks on a BC network, and are
    thus distributed across the network. Any
    electronic device which has an Internet
    connection and an IP address can be classified as
    a node. A node supports the network by
    maintaining a copy of the BC and in some cases,
    to process transactions. Activities related to
    setting the strategy, organizing and coordinating
    for these nodes for their efficient functioning,
    is called node management
  • Consortium An association of several companies
    coming together to achieve a common objective
  • Pilot Project Before a product or a service is
    commercialized, it is test run within a limited
    geography with limited people having access to
    it, to get the first-hand feedback so that the
    product can be improved
  • Enterprise End Users Software providers
  • System for Patient Data- A mutually co-existing
    system in which different providers of different
    services have access to patient data with consent
  • Consumer End Users - Consumer Software
  • Process Automation Digital transformation of the
    healthcare sector for increasing service
    efficiency and containing costs by integrating
    applications, restructuring labor resources, and
    using software applications throughout the
  • Mobile Applications Mobile apps developed for
    services related to healthcare through which
    patients can be diagnosed remotely
  • Payments and Financial Services Self-executing
    contracts and digital payments to achieve
    industry-wide penetration

Serialization- Its a process in which an object
is converted into a stream of bytes for the
purpose of being transmitted to a memory, a file,
or a database. The main objective of
serialization is to save the object in its state
so that it can be recreated later. SGTIN
Serialized Global Trade Item Number RPA Robotic
Process Automation CMOs Contract Manufacturing
Organizations PLs Party logistic
providers Redaction A new redaction (editing
text after its on network) capability of
Accenture which solves a key BC challenge and
expands its usefulness for enterprises DLT-
Distributed Ledger Technologies
  • Research Methodology

Report Analyst then creates a report with the
support of his findings and analysis with the
help of an Editorial Team
Prepare The Analyst identifies key questions
that he would like to address from the market
study. He describes the major challenges that
would help clients in understanding the industry
of a specific geography or global
Define The Analyst then creates research
objectives and methodologies which forms basis of
the research.
Gather The next stage of research is conducted
utilizing secondary sources of information. They
conduct in-depth study of the market,
understanding its key stakeholders, drivers,
trends, challenges and opportunities globally
covering major regions such as North America,
Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle
East Africa.
Analyze The qualitative and quantitative
findings from the above stages are brought
together by specialists to perform a rigorous
analysis. The regional market trends, drivers,
and opportunities obtained during the analysis is
compared with regional economic indicators,
sector growth rates, population index, etc. to
ensure the data consistency. After ensuring the
consistency, these historical and present
indicators help to understand how the market will
perform in future.
BLOCKCHAIN-Industry adoption in Healthcare
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BLOCKCHAIN-Industry adoption in Healthcare
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BLOCKCHAIN-Industry adoption in Healthcare
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BLOCKCHAIN-Industry adoption in Healthcare
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