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Benefits Of Choosing An Independent Insurance Agency


Price represents just one of many important factors in the insurance industry. In fact, finding the right coverage for your needs often involves research, but you don’t need to conduct this research alone. Instead, you can opt to work with an independent insurance agent, who will review many different insurance companies’ rates and coverage options to determine the best fit for you. You can try to save 15 percent on your insurance in 15 minutes, but here are 10 reasons to consider working with an independent insurance agent instead – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Benefits Of Choosing An Independent Insurance Agency

Benefits Of Choosing An Independent Insurance
MORE COVERAGE OPTIONS One of the main reasons why
many choose independent agents, is the fact that
they can offer more insurance options along with
a wide variety of prices. Why? Because
independent insurance agencies work with various
different insurance companies, meaning they can
offer more products that can best meet insurance
ONE-STOP-SHOPPING Since independent insurance
agencies represent many different companies, they
are able to help you fulfill many of your
insurance needs at once. You can get auto, home,
health, life insurance, business insurance, and
more, all in one place, with the help of one
LICENSED EXPERTS Having an insurance industry
expert for an agent means you are provided with
more information and simpler, more accurate
explanations related to the complexities of
insurance, which can help you make
better-informed decisions.
CONVENIENCE Independent insurance agencies are
located near you. They are your neighbors, which
gives you easy access to top-quality insurance
products and insurance advice whenever you need
PERSONAL ADVISERS Part of the beauty
of independent agents is that they take time to
listen to your needs, so they can provide you
with the best options that closest fit your
budget while making sure you are properly
covered. LIFETIME CONSULTANTS When you choose
an independent insurance agency, you are rarely
going to have a one-time transaction. Your agent
will become part of your life, as you need to
periodically review your coverage. They help you
through many different stages of life that
trigger new insurance needs, like buying a
house, getting married, having children, or
buying a car.
CUSTOMER SERVICE  If you have coverage questions
or worse, need to report a claim, would you
rather reach an automated recording or an actual
person when you call your insurance provider?
More and more companies have switched to
automated systems, often making it difficult and
time consuming to reach the right person.
However, at many independent insurance agencies,
an actual person will still greet and assist you.
In the unfortunate event of a claim, your agent
can help you report the claim as well as explain
what exactly your policy covers. If youve
experienced a significant loss, such as water
damage to your business, your insurance agent can
help you there as well, connecting you to a
reputable remediation company right away.
ONE-STOP SHOPS  At many independent insurance
agencies, you can take care of all your coverage
needs at once, limiting the number of different
companies you deal with and helping you stay
organized. For example, if you own a small
business, you can likely secure commercial
insurance coverage from the same agency that
insures your car and home. If youre looking for
health, life, or dental insurance, whether for
your family or business, many insurance agents
can help you there as well.
REPUTATION Reputation plays a crucial role in
finding a company you can trust, and many
independent agencies take pride in the years, if
not decades, they have spent serving their local
communities. Not only can a companys many years
of service speak to its well-established
reputation in the community, but it can also help
you feel confident about its financial stability.
Although there are many different ways to obtain
insurance, would you rather obtain a quote from a
startup Internet-based insurance provider that
advertised on television, or call a local agent
who your friends, co-workers and neighbors could
SAVING MONEY TIME Insurance companies that
promise to drastically reduce your rates in
minutes may seem cost-effective at first, but
working with an independent agent can save you
money and time over the long term. Instead of
providing you with an instant rate, independent
agents will ask questions and take the time to
familiarize themselves with your business to
ensure that the coverage they design will
adequately protect you and your assets in the
event of a claim.
with an independent insurance agent will provide
you with peace of mind, knowing that when you
save money on your insurance, it wont come at
the expense of comprehensive coverage. When it
comes to protecting your home, family, business
and other invaluable assets, relying on an
independent agent you can trust is a great place
to start.
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