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Title: The popular designs which make your space heaven: Know about it.

The popular designs which make your
space heaven Know about it.
  • AG Designs

  • The list goes on.
  • Many of us cant define our personal interior
    design style. So many unique styles are there.
  • To make your space design beautifully, you must
    learn a bit about the interior styles and yes how
    they differ from one another.

Modern interior style
  • Modern interior design style, Interior Designer
    In Pune can be defined as to a home with clean,
    crisp lines, a simple color palette and the
    materials such as metal, glass, and steel.
  • You can sense Modern design as simplicity in
    every element. The popular a common word that
    can describe Modern style are sleek

Contemporary Interior style
  • Contemporary interior style is completely
    different from modern style as it is based on the
    here and now
  • The difference which separates modern and
    contemporary design style is that??modern is
    strictly based on interpretation of design
    (started in the 20th century)

Minimalist interior style
  • You can define Minimalist by a sense of
    functionally and ultra- clean lines. It is
    popular in Australia. It takes the concept of
    modern design and enhances it further. Its
    furnishings are so simple and streamlined.

Industrial interior styles
  • At the point Interior designers in Pune
    industrial style draws inspiration from a
  • Theres a feeling of incomplete crudeness in huge
    numbers of the components, and its normal to see
    an uncovered block, ventilation work, and wood. A
    notable home with a modern plan subject would be
    a revamped space from a previous mechanical

Mid- Century interior style
  • The mid-century present day is a return to the
    plan style of the mid-1900s??fundamentally the
    60s. Theres a retro wistfulness present in
    Mid-Century Modern Design, and furthermore a few
    components of moderation. Usefulness or
    particular free was the principal subject for a
    Mid-century plan.

Scandinavian interior style
  • Scandinavian configuration pays tribute to the
    effortlessness of life showed in Nordic nations.
    Interior Designer In Pune Scandinavian
    furniture configuration regularly feels like a
    gem, in spite of the fact that it is
    straightforward and downplayed. Theres
    usefulness in the furniture alongside some
    intriguing lines, a significant number of which
    have a sculptural impact.

Traditional interior style
  • Customary structure style offers great
    subtleties, luxurious decorations, and a
    plenitude of frill. It is established in European
  • Conventional homes frequently include dim,
    completed wood, rich shading palettes, and an
    assortment of surfaces and bent lines

  • Must try these popular interior designs, you
    loved it!
  • Thank you
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