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How to make a website mobile friendly


The digital world of business has become a harsh place to reach the top of the food chain. Even harder is the challenge to remain on the top once you reach it. However, one of the best solutions to this challenge is to adapt to the needs of your target audience. When in doubt, always accommodate the needs of your potential customers. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to make a website mobile friendly

How To Make A Website Mobile Friendly?
  • Techmoon

  • Having a mobile-optimized website used to be
    considered a nice perk of web design, but now
    its essential. In fact, consumers are so used to
    mobile websites (easy to navigate on a small
    screen, and with quick load times) that they will
    quickly leave a website if it doesnt work well
    on mobile.

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How did we come to this vital need for mobile
responsive websites?
  • We came to the situation we find ourselves in
    this modern predicament where not having a
    mobile-friendly website leads to

  • Devaluation of your entire website
  • Loss of potential clients and revenue
  • Failure to attract a vast amount of online
    traffic your way

Steps to help make your website mobile friendly
  • 1 Start by making your website responsive-
  • The point is to make sure that all users (no
    matter the device) get identical information from
    your website.

  • 2 Enable people to easily find the information
    they search for-
  • When browsing the web using mobile phones, most
    people tend to be in a hurry. It is important for
    your website to be able to provide them with
    those answers with a few simple clicks.

3 Avoid using Flash-
  • If you wish to make a website mobile friendly,
    you would be wise to avoid using flash to do so.
    Instead, find a web design that works without the
    use of Flash animations.

4 Incorporate a viewport meta tag-
  • This is the simplest way to check just how your
    website will look on mobile phones and other
    devices. If the page in question opens up as the
    same width on the screen of your phone as it does
    on your desktop, then something is not right.

5 Make sure to turn off the autocorrect option
for forms-
  • Forms are tricky for all users.One of the better
    ways to help users save time and energy
    (especially mobile phone users) is turning off
    the autocorrect form.

6 Adjust the size of the buttons to mobile
  • What happens when you need to click a button on a
    small smartphone screen? If that button is small,
    this will already be a challenge. And if there
    are several buttons to click, this can easily
    turn into a nervous breakdown.

7 Use larger font sizes-
  • Reading on smaller screens is difficult enough
    for most people, but having to do so with a tiny
    font is close to impossible.So, why not make
    things easier for everyone and use a font size of
    at least 14px on webpages.

8 Compress CSS and your images-
  • The best way to ensure the optimal speed for the
    mobile version of your website is to compress
    anything that normally takes up a lot of space.

9 Make switching to desktop version easy to do-
  • Giving mobile phone users the option to switch to
    the desktop version of your website is always a
    good step to take.

10 Testing is a must when the aim is to make a
website mobile friendly-
  • Testing the mobile version of your website is not
    a choice it is a necessity.This is a vital part
    of the conversion process one that you need to
    do regularly.

  • With mobile being a leading platform keeping pace
    with or surpassing desktop use, theres no reason
    for you to not set your business up for mobile
    success. We hope these tips provide you guidance
    into knowing how to make your website more
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