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The Most Proficient Surgeons to Watch 2019


With our issue “The Most Proficient Surgeons to Watch 2019”, we present you with some of the masters in the field of surgery. These surgeons with their dedication and skills have become the epitomes of success and compassion in their respective fields. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Most Proficient Surgeons to Watch 2019

Vol.3/ Issue-2 March 2019
The Most
to Watch 2019 Tech-trends 4 Innovations in
Surgical Technology that are Improving Patient
Nutritious Insights Nutrition Post Surgery- The
Most Necessary Fuel for a Steady and Quick
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Doctors The Uncelebrated Heroes
Editors Column
Pbecoming a learned and well-practiced surgeon is
ursing surgery as a career is a daunting and
task. The dedication and passion students put into
unmatched. With the practical training, it also
requires a lot of
mental and emotional preparation. Doctors have to
work round the clock tirelessly, this can be
challenging. The surgeons are personally tested
by the existential truths of human life in their
associations with patients. Surgeons often get
yelled at by the patients family and also have
to handle the emotional backlash of several
patients, their families, and friends. On
numerous instances numerous doctors have also
su?ered from physical assault owing to this
issue. They have to realize that ethical
encounters are an intrinsic part of performing
surgery and of life itself. And that they have to
acquire to live with these times of trial that
are a part and parcel of their job. Doctors are
constantly subjected to life and death
situation, accepting failures positively is a
part of their job the most daunting task being
breaking sad news to the family and friends of
the deceased. In a way this is con?rmed both
socially and by their inner moral self. Looking
peoples distress, pain, and su?ering often
takes a toll on a persons mind. But this is not
an option for surgeons and doctors as a whole,
they have to accept their personal and
professional limitations, being uncertain, being
fallible, and being humble at all times. Living
with the ethical challenges of surgery seems to
add to the surgeons' con?dence and vulnerability
in their professional identity. It is not
everyones cup of tea. The e?orts and dedication
that doctors and surgeons put into their work
often goes unnoticed. Acknowledging this issue
and respecting the struggles of these heroes is
very important. We need to start appreciating
the e?ort and dedication that they put into their
work. Sayali Rane, Editor
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Healthcare Trends The Burden of Obesity in India
Nutritious Insights Nutrition Post Surgery-The
Most Necessary Fuel for a Steady and Quick
Tech-trends 4 Innovations in Surgical Technology
that are Improving Patient Care
Dr. C. S. Ramachandran A Passionate Surgeon
Working For the Good of Humanity
Dr. Deepak Govil An Experienced Surgical
Gastroenterologist a GI Cancer Surgeon
Dr. Kawita Bapat Marking her Excellence in the
Gynecological domain
Dr. Nadeem Niyaz Jan Opening New Windows of
Dr. C. S. Ramachandran A Passionate Surgeon
Working For the Good of Humanity
Dr. Raju Vaishya A Personi?cation of Hard-work,
Dedication, and Success
Dedicating Their Lives to Their Patients
edicine, by nature, is a giving profession. Many
years of sweat, studies, training, and
skill goes into becoming a doctor, so that they
can have the skills in order to serve
patients in the future. It requires sacri?ce and
dedication to a cause greater than
themselves and their family.
Mastering a surgical technique is no less than a
work of art. It requires the much required
talent, skill development, and training. Student
who aspire to become surgeons spend years at a
stretch to ?nally master it. With our issue
The Most Pro?cient Surgeons to Watch 2019, we
present you with some of the masters in the ?eld
of surgery. These surgeons with their dedication
and skills have become the epitomes of success
and compassion in their respective ?elds. Dr.
Nadeem Niyaz Jan is a Consultant Surgeon and his
main domain of interest is vascular surgery. Dr.
Palin Khundongbam is a General Surgeon and
Plastic Surgery specialist. He is an outstanding
surgeon and a successful entrepreneur set to
change the medical conditions for the people of
Myanmar. Dr. C. S. Ramachandran is a General and
Laparoscopic Surgeon, located in Delhi. He is
associated with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Dr.
Deepak Govil is a Surgical Gastroenterologist,
he has over 30 years of experience as a Surgeon,
and he is currently working with Indraprastha
Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi. Dr. Raju Vaishya,
Orthopaedic Surgeon, he is a Professor and
Senior Consultant in the Department of
Orthopaedics Joint Replacement Surgery at
Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi. Dr
Kawita Bapat, she is a Consultant Obstetrician
and Gynaecologist. Currently, she is a
Consultant and Medical Director of One, Center
for Gynecological Excellence and Bapat
hospital. Apart from this we have also included
an article from an industry expert and penned out
a few articles by our in-house editors. So go
through the pages to embark on a journey which
will inspire you!
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Dr Nikhil Agnihotri Director and Head
TheBurden of
ObesiniIntdia y
08 March 2018
Healthcare Trends
  • Dr Nikhil Agnihotri after completing his
    post-graduation in General Surgery joined the
    prestigious Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New Delhi for
    post-doctoral fellowship in Minimal Access
  • Academically pro?cient, he trains young
    laparoscopic surgeons across the globe and is
    also a peer reviewer for many national and
    international surgical journals.
  • Dr Nikhil Agnihotri is currently the Director and
    Head, Department of Minimal Access, Metabolic
    and Bariatric Surgery at Max Super- specialty
    Hospital, Shalimar Bagh and Max Multispecialty
    Hospital, Pitampura New Delhi.
  • Iamongst the developed nations. On health grounds

ndia has come a long way and is now perceived as a
progressive economy ?ghting hard to secure its
it has successfully eliminated many infectious
such as Polio, Leprosy, Yaws, etc. but is now
staring at the immense burden of chronic
non-communicable diseases. Non-communicable
diseases such as cardiovascular diseases,
Cancers, Respiratory diseases, Diabetes have been
inherited from globalization of unhealthy
lifestyles and diets, unplanned rapid
urbanization, sedentary lifestyles and lack of
physical sports and activity. Overweight and
Obesity contribute majorly to these diseases.
Obesity is de?ned as a chronic disease of excess
fat storage to the extent that it impairs health
of the individual. It brings along with itself a
plethora of related diseases such as type 2
Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemias,
Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Joint Pains, Polycystic
Ovarian Disease, Infertility, Depression and
Hernias. Obesity is also associated with
development of Cancers in long term. According
to recent estimates of National Family Health
Survey Overweight and Obesity almost doubled in a
decade (2005 to 2015) from 21 to 39.3. India
now stands third, after USA and China amongst
most obese nations. It is no more a disease of
only the a?uent and a?ects individuals across
all socio-economic spectrums. Even the children
March 2019 09
adolescents are increasingly a?ected. Worldwide,
33 of populations a staggering 2.36 billion
people are estimated to be overweight or obese -
PANDEMIC. Body Mass Index is used to measure and
quantify Obesity in adults. It is a simple
calculation of dividing weight in centimeters by
height in meters2. Moreover we have a typical
pattern of fat distribution around the waist
which makes us prone to development of insulin
resistance and type 2 Diabetes at much lower
BMIs. After quanti?cation, management of Obesity
becomes easier where mild to moderately Obese
are managed by encouraging lifestyle
modi?cations, supervised diets and regular
physical exercise. Severely Obese i.e. BMI gt 37.5
are advised a Bariatric Procedure. When two or
more co morbidities have already set in such as
Diabetes, Hypertension, OSA, PCOS etc. surgery
is advised at a lower BMI of gt 32.5. Bariatric
procedures have undergone tremendous
innovations, the most signi?cant being the
performance of these Laparoscopically compared
to when these were ?rst started more than 50
years ago. Laparoscopy has its inherent bene?ts
of being safer, less painful, decreasing
hospital stay, providing early return to work and
superior cosmesis across all procedures but
biggest bene?t is reaped by Obese patient when
early ambulation is started just a few hours
after the surgery, preventing many serious
complications in these otherwise susceptible
obese subjects.
Common Bariatric Procedures suitable to Asian
diet are Lap Sleeve Gastrectomy Laparoscopic
Sleeve Gastrectomy removes a part of stomach
along the greater curvature, thus reducing the
size of the stomach substantially. It is the most
commonly performed procedure worldwide today.It
is mainly a restrictive procedure with hormonal
alterations. There is a decrease in levels of
hormone Ghrelin which produces hunger.
Lap Roux En Y Gastric Bypass In this procedure
a very small, micro pouch of stomach is created
to which small bowel loop is attached. Intestinal
rerouting is done to create a Roux-en-Y
con?guration which prevents re?ux of bile into
the micro pouch and also provides a very small
degree of malabsorption.
10 March 2019
Mini/ One Anastamosis Gastric Bypass
This is a loop modi?cation of RouxEnY Gastric
Bypass where a loop of intestine is attached to
long, narrow pouch of stomach. Choosing a
procedure If required, surgeon chooses the
procedure depending on age, presence or absence
of related diseases, duration of those diseases,
dosage of medications and investigative ?ndings
and patients preference. Usual stay in hospital
is 2-3 days and oral liquid diet is initiated a
day after the procedure. Detailed diet chart with
instructions and follow up is advised. One may
expect to loose 4-6 kg weight every month after
the procedure and the pattern of resolution of
related diseases starts typically with Diabetes
(immediate post op, even before weight loss),
Obstructive Sleep Apnea ( 15 days to a month),
Hypertension ( 2 to 3 months) and reduced pain
in joints with signi?cant weight loss. Up to 80
of excess weight is lost in the next one
year. Although Bariatric procedures are safe and
e?ective in treating individuals with Class II
and III Obesity, a lot of focus, e?ort and
commitment is required for its prevention
beginning with sensitization and education of
families, educational establishments, increasing
awareness at the community level and in media,
labeling and higher taxation of fat rich
commercial foods. Those already su?ering
however, should not be further victimized by
social stigma predicated on Hippocratic nostrum
that weight can be reduced by deciding to eat
less and exercise more as it holds no scienti?c
March 2019 11
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Dr. C. S. Ramachandran General and Laparoscopic
Dr. C. S. Ramachandran A Passionate Surgeon
Working For the Good of Humanity
14 March 2019
The Most
Pro?cient Surgeons
to Watch 2019
WDr. C. S. Ramachandran, a renowned
atching a loved one especially ones mother
Dr. Ramachandrans experience is blended with
genuine concern for his patients. All his sta?
members are dedicated to the patients comfort
and prompt attention is provided as well. He is
an experienced General Surgeon and is currently
associated with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi.
He has been a practicing General Surgery for the
past 43 years. He has also attained FICS
(Chicago, USA 1985). This degree is awarded on
the basis of an interview conducted by high
pro?le doctor in Chicago. It is conducted by the
International College of Surgeons. FCCP (USA,
New York 1985), DNB (General Surgery- National
Board of Examination- 1984), and MS - General
Surgery, are some of the other advanced courses
and specializations he has obtained. He has
received countless delightful feedbacks from
satis?ed patients. Providing Compassionate Care
to All his Patients Every day, every patient,
every surgery-big or small, is a challenge, the
doctor believes. Developing a trusting
relationship with patients is a step-by-step
process and a challenge in itself and this
coupled with thorough clinical knowledge and
surgical exposure, is what helps
su?er, is always traumatic for a young child.
General and Laparoscopic Surgeon, su?ered a
similar hardship, but it only made him more
determined towards becoming a surgeon. Speaking
about his motivation for stepping into this
profession, he says, I watched my mother
undergo conservative treatment for TB of the hip
bone. It was the early 1960s, when immobilization
the standard treatment. This was a painful event
for us family members watching my mother in
pain. I was watching doctors come and go, this
triggered a passion for the profession. Followi
ng his passion and his zeal helped him to get
admission into Maulana Azad Medical College for
MBBS. After this he moved on to do his Post
Graduation in General Surgery, I stood ?rst in
Delhi University in the ?nal MBBS exam and stood
?rst in PGIMER Chandigarh, got many medals in
conference and meetings, he says. Along the
way, he had the opportunity to visit Europe and
the United States. This kept him abreast of all
the latest techniques in surgery and updated his
surgical skills.

Be sincere,
be honest,
be thorough, be inquisitive, and don't stop to
learn more

March 2019 15
build the trust. With the upsurge of technology,
the pharmaceutical industry has undergone a
sophisticated change and India has one of the
largest productions of quality drugs. People
are more educated and aware. They know their
ailment, their doctor, their treatment. They
cannot be fooled, he says. Every patient brings
with him a story. These are personnel
epiphanies. I cherish every one of them as they
have helped me grow as a person and as a
surgeon, the doctor asserts. Two cases that
stood out of the rest and have been engraved in
his memory, he says, First case had swallowed
half a kilo of gold biscuits in a smuggling
attempt, but developed intestinal obstruction. I
was able to remove all the gold and save his
life. The second case was a man with a hernia
hanging near his knee over 25 years carrying his
entire intestine. Over an eight hour operation I
was able to repair the entire hernia. Being
Up-to-date with Technology First Laparoscopic
surgery and now robotic surgery, the ?eld of
medicine has become highly skill-based. From an
open wound to bloodless surgery, the progress in
the ?eld is truly remarkable. Dr. Ramachandran
likes to keep
himself abreast with the latest technology.
Speaking of this quality, he asserts, I read
literature form around the world and discuss
minute details with colleagues in foreign
countries to keep myself abreast of latest
research. Advice to the New Generation
Surgeons India has made rapid progress and our
doctors are as competent as any other doctor
from any part of the world. The only di?erence
is that Indian doctors are more involved and
patient friendly. Being a surgeon by profession
is no easy task, it takes immense load of hard
work and dedication coupled with passion to
become a successful surgeon. It is but natural
that a balance needs to be kept between the
professional and personal life, but it is pretty
tedious to do so, if you have to work round the
clock. Speaking of about this the doctor says,
Personal life does take a back seat if you are a
dedicated surgeon. But if you are passionate
surgeon, this is a small price to pay. Being
sincere to your profession, being honest to your
patient, being thorough with your subject, and
being ready for a lifetime of learning, is all
it takes to be a successful surgeon. So dont
stop to learn more, he says.
16 March 2019
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Dr. Deepak Govil Surgical Gastroenterologist GI
Cancer Surgeon
An Experienced Surgical Gastroenterologist a
GI Cancer Surgeon
18 March 2019
The Most
Pro?cient Surgeons
to Watch 2019
SWhether you do open surgery,

urgery overall is a very
surgeons of that time Dr. Deepak thoroughly
enjoyed his training at the AIIMS. Speaking of
his memories he asserts, I was always impressed
by the great Surgeons at the AIIMS, namely
Prof. Atam Prakash, Prof. I.K. Dhawan, Prof. BML
Kapur and Prof. S. Nundy. He has a strong
belief that surgery is all about learning and
nurturing skills to remove the disease and
ailments of a person, and not mere prescription
of medication. He says the compliments and
blessing of the patients are his most treasured
assets. Earning the prestige of being an
expert in GI surgery didnt come easy, many
years of hard work went into developing this
skill, I was fortunate to work in the unit
mainly concentrating on GI Surgery during my MS
(Surgery). There I learnt the value of
discipline and hard work in Surgery.
There were 2-3 days continuously when we were in
the OT on 8th ?oor at AIIMS and used to watch
Delhi from the glasses of that ?oor and worked
just on and on. here he was exposed to all
major surgical procedures. Then he moved on to
join Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, where he
learnt the importance of simple surgical
procedures. I learnt from Dr. KN Shriwastav
that no procedure is a minor procedure. One
should not take any procedure lightly and do
every procedure with same patience and
meticulous technique. Within few years Dr.
Deepak decided to move further. Around this
time he got married and speaking of his wife, he
asserts, I am very grateful to my wife, who
sacri?ced her career for me to progress and
ful?ll my ambitions. She looked after the kids
and family and kept me carefree from this
interesting ?eld. Its my passion.
Laparoscopy or Robotic surgery, the
basic principles of surgery remain the same and
need to be followed strictly to achieve good
outcomes for patients, are the views of a
renowned Surgical Gastroenterologist, Dr. Deepak
Govil, who has over 30 years of experience as a
Surgeon, he is currently working with
Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi. Dr.
Deepak was fascinated since childhood to see the
pre?x Dr. before his name. Speaking of his
motivation to become a doctor he says, Also
this being one of the most respected
professions has always impressed me. Coming from
a simple family, my parents wanted me to become
a Doctor. His parents never let the limited
resources stand in the way of providing him the
highest of education and made lot of sacri?ces
for his education. I sincerely wanted to ful?ll
their dreams and worked very hard to get into
medicine. he says. Dr. Deepaks elder sister
was admitted to MBBS at the Lady Harding Medical
College, which along with his parents
motivation was the driving force and a strong
factor in his becoming a Doctor. Reminiscing old
memories he asserts, I can never forget the
expression of happiness and satisfaction on my
mothers face when I got the selection letter
from AIIMS for MBBS entrance. Inspiring Journey
of Dr. Deeepak Govil His journey as a medical
student began with getting admission into AIIMS.
Here he completed his MBBS, It was a great
experience he says. Working alongside some of
the greatest
His Piece of Advice to Medical Students Hard
work has no substitute- I think this applies to
surgery more than anything else. I can remember
that during my PhD there were days together when
I did not come back home. My children used to
behave so differently when I was home. I think
it is the sacri?ces of my family along with hard
work and passion for surgery which has made me
come so far, asserts Dr. Deepak. For Students
I will say that try to identify areas which
interest you most and then focus on the same
areas and keep improvising and auditing your
work. Always keep thinking ahead and keep
pushing your boundaries while doing surgery.
Also important is to develop a good and dedicated
team and take them along for good patient care,
Dr. Deepak concludes.
March 2019 19
shared one of the moments of pride and joy that
almost wet his eyes when one of his students
recently got a Gold medal in the presentation
competition at a national level conference. He
has also been a visiting professor in the Mayo
clinic, USA.
The Awards and Publications He has received the
Presidents appreciation award from the IMA, and
additionally he has been felicitated at various
forums. He has also received felicitations at
the Apollo hospitals for patient care. But I
sincerely feel that my patients and their
testimonials are the best awards for me, he
continues. He has written various papers which
have been published in recognized national and
international journals. Apart from these Dr.
Deepak has various chapters in di?erent books,
to his name. His main areas of interest for
publications and presentations have been related
to pancreatic surgery and robotic GI surgery,
especially colorectal surgery. He has also
treated some rare and di?cult cases
successfully, which have been published Social
commitment After seeing some young patients with
colorectal cancer who came very late to him and
also the rising incidence of this disease in our
country, he felt the need and started a
colorectal cancer research foundation. Through
which he keeps holding free GI and colorectal
cancer awareness programs, camps and public
lectures. This is a cancer which can be almost
prevented with good diet and lifestyle and cured
almost completely if detected and treated in
time he said.
Dr. Deeepak joined PhD in GI Surgery at the
Department of GI Surgery, AIIMS under the
guidance of Prof Samiran Nundy after taking
study leave. He also worked for almost a year
without any honorarium or pay during this
course. I owe everything I have to my Alma
mata. It is one of the ?nest training I have
ever had in the Department he added. After
completing his PhD in GI Surgery, he then joined
GTB Hospital as Assistant Professor in
Surgery. Fortunately, he got a break to become a
consultant GI Surgeon at the PSRI Hospital of
liver and digestive diseases. Here he started
the Department of GI Surgery under the guidance
of the then Director Prof B.N. Tandon. Then he
went on to work at the Indraprastha Apollo
Hospitals at New Delhi in 2004. Dr. Deepaks
academic interests led him to start DNB in GI
Surgery at this hospital in 2011. He was able to
do this with all support from the Apollo
Hospitals management in spite of lot of
obstacles at every stage. Since then, we have
been having a good teaching program and have
been able to develop our Department as one of
the best private GI Surgical unit in the city
and country at large, he says. The department
has been performing all major GI Surgical
procedures and advanced laparoscopic procedures,
apart from academics. In 2012 the hospital also
acquired the Robotic surgery instruments and his
team has performed many critical Robotic GI
Surgeries since then. Experience as a Professor
Teaching has always been his passion, he says,
I feel I have learnt a lot from my students. As
a doctor, you feel good when your patient gets
better and is discharged to go home. Similarly,
a teacher is always happy when his student
passes and performs well. He
20 March 2019
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Post Surgery
The Most Necessary Fuel for a Steady and Quick
22 March 2019
Nutritious Insights
Saccounted for during the recovery period. Proper
food and
urgery of any kind is a traumatic event for the
body. The
stress and pain the body goes through needs to be
nutrition during this period is a must. The rate
at which the body recuperates depends on the
amount of nutrients it receives.
March 2019 23
The most important part to watch post your
surgery. Strictly keep to the diet the doctor
has recommended. The functioning of the
intestines becomes a bit weak during this
period. To keep a good and healthy bowel
following a physician approved diet is a must.
01 02 03
Fluid and fibrous food Intake Make sure you keep
yourself hydrated. Water, fruit juice, and
coconut water should be an integral part of your
daily diet. Keeping yourself hydrated will help
with constipation. Fruits and vegetables,
especially leafy vegetables, are ?brous foods,
which aid in a combating constipation.
Small Portions Replace large portions with
smaller, more frequent meals and snacks. This
will give you energy at all times and help your
body to recuperate faster.
24 March 2019
Sugar and Alcohol
Avoid the consumption of sugar in excess, cut off
alcohol consumption completely, and also avoid
processed foods altogether. They can be harmful
for the health of the body and can worsen it
04 05 06 -Sayali Rane
Loss of Appetite In case your appetite is low,
ask your doctor for nutritional supplements.
Holistic diets, with all the nutrients in a
balanced form, are of utmost importance.
Protein Intake These help in boosting the healing
process, gives you more energy, and strengthens
your immune system.
March 2019 25
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
journey begins with a bright vision

Dr. Kawita Bapat Consultant Obstetrician and
28 March 2019
Dr. Kawita Bapat
Marking her Excellence in the Gynecological domain
College, Gwalior (M.P.). She went on to reach
miles and miles of success. She has been a
fellow of ICOG. She has also been the
Ex-President for FOGSI, Indore, and has been life
member of ISCCP and IOGS. At present, she holds
the post of Breast Committee Chairperson and
ICOG governing council member. Dr. Bapat has
been an active part of several government and
NGO driven health programmers and also
co-founded a NGO Rajabai Welfare Societies.
She has presented several of her works in
prestigious symposiums and meeting at many
national and international conferences and
medical gathering. This multi-talented
personality is actively engaged in teaching,
research, and administrative activities related
to gynaecology. She strives to provide quality
healthcare to all the women of India and is
known for her compassion for innovation and
bringing new ideas in town. About
One Incepted in 1990, One, the Center for
Gynecological Excellence, provides a full range
of screening, diagnosis, surgery, care,
executive gynaec check-ups, and preventive and
treatment services speci?c to the womens
health. Here, from interventional gynecological
to health maintenance and education, women are
o?ered a broad spectrum of highly progressive
treatments and compassionate care under one
roof. The center is well- equipped with
state-of-the-art equipment and guarantees
hygiene, related to feminine health. At One,
they believe in personalized, comprehensive
service tailored to the patients gynaecological,
reproductive, and pregnancy-related needs. Based
in Indore, the center has a team of specialists
with an
hat is Passion? Enthusiasm about
something? A compelling desire? We hear a
lot of people de?ne this word di?erently,
according to their own perception of it. But, one
thing thats common between all of them is the
light in their eyes that comes when they talk of
the thing they are passionate about. The ones
who can turn their passion into their work are,
probably, the happiest in their jobs. It is said
that they are also highly productive. As Steve
Jobs once said, The only way to do great work
is to love what you do. One such dynamic
personality, who turned her passion into her
profession, is Dr. Kawita Bapat. She is a
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. I
would love to be a gynaecologist in the next 100
lives, she says. Currently, Dr. Bapat is a
Consultant and Medical Director of One, Center
for Gynecological Excellence and Bapat hospital.
She has been working for more than three decades
for womens healthcare in India. She is a highly
experienced surgeon specializing in minimally
invasive vaginal hysterectomy and advanced
Gynaecological procedures with a record of more
than 5000 hysterectomies in last 15 years. She is
a recognized speaker with impeccable reputation,
well- renowned in local as well as international
circuits, with patients from several countries
visiting her for treatment. The Success
Safari Coming from a family of doctors, Dr.
Bapat was fascinated by the day-in, day-out
discussion of medical matters by her aunt,
father, and grandparents. This started the ?re
in her a ?re to do something in the medical
profession. To pursue her dreams, Dr. Bapat
completed her primary medical education and
bagged the degrees of MBBS and Masters from
Gajra Raja Medical
March 2019 29
abundance of knowledge as well as experience.
One is dedicated to delivering best-in-class
care to the women of all ages. Major Milestones
in her Journey The most memorable achievement
for Dr. Bapat, she says, was of removing an
eight kg tumor. For her extra-ordinary
dedication and work, she has been honored with
many accolades. Some of the most signi?cant
awards that she received from the Government of
India and other prestigious boards are Naiduniya
Nayika Award and the Captain of Industry Award.
She also made her place in the World Book of
Records. But, according to Dr. Bapat, the most
remarkable achievement remains the recognition
that she gets from her own people. Her mantra
for success is Tirelessly working towards
better, every day. Overcoming the
Challenges Speaking of the hurdles in the path,
Dr. Bapat asserted, Major challenges were
bringing new technologies and making it aware,
adapt, and implicated to the city. Another
challenge is to do the things without ?nancial
support. To counter these, she has been
continuously upgrading herself and her hospital
by reading, learning, attending, and teaching.
She realizes that every branch in every industry
sees more and more developments every day. She
has ensured that she stays abreast of all the
new advancements. Alongside, Dr. Bapat has led
One zealously, helping it grow and branch in
di?erent areas. Although, being a surgeon is
quite a tedious job, she has brilliantly
maintained a proper balance between her personal
and professional life. If you love your job,
things will automatically follow in line with
the best partner and best of the kids, she says.
31 March 2019
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Dr. Nadeem Niyaz Jan
Opening New Windows of Opportunity
I solemnly pledge myself to consecrate my life
to service of humanity
his is the ?rst declaration
He also honors and appreciates the invaluable
contributions of his wife Dr. Anisa Nisar Jan in
transforming his dreams into reality.
and instead decided to be on a mission to o?er
something more to the society.
that a Doctor makes while
stepping into the medical
profession and is considered to be the brand
ambassador of wellness and health across the
globe. Saving a life is the biggest act of
humanity and hence this profession holds a
signi?cant prominence in society.
Assessing the current medical solutions,
especially in the interiors, Dr. Jan was
determined to o?er low- cost vascular surgeries
that would be more inclusive for patients with
limited a?ordability and accessibility. He was
the pioneer to perform a successful Laser
surgery for varicosity in JK at Triveni Nursing
Home in 2010 with an all-inclusive price of
70K. If compared with the prices prevailing at
metro cities at
Dr. Jan graduated with honors from ASCOMS Jammu
in 2003 and thereafter he procured his Masters
degree in 2009 from the prestigious National
Board of Education. He completed his fellowship
in the ?eld of vascular surgery at Edinburgh
from the Royal College of Surgeons and later was
awarded the Fellowship at the European board of
Vascular Surgery, France. Unveiling a New
Chapter As a vascular surgeon, the ultimate
challenge doesnt get completed after a complex
surgery, as in India, this branch of medicine is
still gaining momentum and theres a long road
to cover! While his expertise and acumen in
managing vascular issues are unparalleled in the
state of JK, Dr. Jan acknowledged that he needs
to devote a considerable amount of time in
educating the patients about the disease and the
recovery process thereafter. Although he could
have worked in any of the higher centers across
the country, Dr. Jan didnt want to get
contended with the materialistic pleasures of
the world
With the change of century and advent of the
new-age, one thing which remains constant within
Doctors is their commitment to challenge
themselves every day.
We present you the motivational journey of Dr.
Nadeem Niyaz Jan who has managed to grab the
eye- balls of the medical fraternity within the
fastest possible time span. The popular saying
The beginning of everything is small perfectly
summarizes the initial journey of Dr. Jan. His
family has played a signi?cant role in shaping
his life. The decision to become a Doctor was
driven largely by values that were instilled by
his Grandfather - Prof. Mohd Yousuf, alongside
his parents. While his Grandfather constantly
persuaded him showcasing the lucrative side of
the medical profession, it was the pursuance and
determination e?orts of his parents who always
wanted to see the pre?x of Dr before the name
of their son.
As surgeons, we have to be in the know. But, as
human beings, sometimes its better to stay in
the dark because, in the dark, there may be
fear, but theres also hope
32 March 2019
The Most
Pro?cient Surgeons
to Watch 2019
Dr. Nadeem Niyaz Jan Consultant Surgeon
March 2019 33
that time, the cost of this process would have
been nothing less than 90K 1.8L. Today he
takes pride and feels grati?ed as he o?ers the
same process at 55K without compromising and
degrading the standards of medical solutions
that has eventually assisted a large number of
patients to a?ord the treatment. Doctors Take
on Current Scenario Dr. Jan is quite con?dent in
saying that the medical profession is
undoubtedly the most ful?lling profession. He
relates himself with the idea of helping others
regardless of circumstances and necessities. He
strongly believes that as a surgeon, he is able
to create a positive impact on the lives of his
patients. He recalls the moments when his
expectations met reality that changed the course
of his dreams in the initial years assist the
needy, earn respect, decent life to name a
few. As he stepped into the professional world,
he was quick to realize that the grass always
looks greener on the other side. He realized
that there were huge gaps that stalled the
medical solutions to reach the a?ected people in
a seamless manner. Better infrastructure and
latest facilities, doctor-patient ratio,
di?erences between the private and Government
players working towards creating a conducive
environment are some of the burning issues that
are unanswered. O?ering a possible solution, Dr.
Jan suggests that medical insurance to be
facilitated and the network should be
expanded. The Government can bring in changes in
existing policies and reforms that can allow
private players to extend their services and
assist them by sharing the ?nancial expenses
which is a major constraint at this point of
time. A Piece of Advice for the
Beginners Family virtues and his deep insight
into this noble profession have given him loads
of lesson and experience that he is always
willing to share with students aspiring to be
the Next- gen Doctors. Keeping the essence
alive, he asserts that While money is
important, it shouldnt become a deterrent in
providing care to patients, we should not forget
that since time immemorial its been the most
sought-after profession. Dr. Jan describes this
profession as a platform wherein a professional
has the liberty to assist others, create
opportunities for themselves and never step
backward to accept unknown challenges. With the
introduction of innovative techniques in the
healthcare industry, rede?ned procedures, he
suggests the budding professionals be optimistic
as the medical fraternity is the most sought-
after profession that makes them self-
reliant. Triumphing Over the Hardships Enlighten
ing the tenacious journey, Dr. Jan opens up
about the crucial curves of his life that made
huge impact and dents to his life. However, as
the saying goes the show must go on Dr. Jan
never thought of looking back and
struggled against all odds to realize the dream
that his parents had seen. He was forced to face
one of the hardest facts of life when he was
pursuing his masters in surgery. His mother was
terminally ill and passed away and this he
counts as the biggest trauma of his life. His
?nancial imbalance also proved to be a major
hurdle as the stipend he earned was very meager.
However as every dark night ends with a sunny
day, his wife stood like a rock and supported
him all through the hard times both emotionally
and ?nancially. He remembers a saying to
justify his thoughts I think you need to go
through some stu? to really appreciate life and
understand what it means to persevere, overcome
and have faith. I think those tough times make
you a stronger person. Crossing the
Horizons He admires the constant support from
his wife and honors it as the greatest blessing
from the almighty. Achieving new milestones,
awards, and recognition, Dr. Jan hasnt stopped
and continues to give back something or the
other to the society. He is associated with
three NGOs in JK and Punjab that are working
to spread awareness regarding various vascular
ailments and o?ering treatments to the poor
section of the society. He also runs an
organization by the name of Varicose And More.
Carrying a positive outlook of the future, Dr.
Jan remains committed to be a contributor to the
society by embracing the ethical values of the
noble profession.
34 March 2019
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THAT ARE Improving
Patient Care
36 March 2019
Ssomething new brewing in regards to
advancements in this sector.
urgery is a ?eld rife with innovation. New
techniques, new technology, plus
new ways of using existing techniques or
technology, theres always
Developments in optical imaging, robotics,
arti?cial intelligence, IoT, virtual reality,
and other high-tech advances contribute to
greater precision and less invasive surgical
techniques the ?eld is optimized to improve
surgical outcomes by a signi?cant measure in the
near future. Here are just a few of the top
innovations in surgery currently in use around
the country.
March 2019 37
A True MARVEL for Brain Surgery
  • The Multi Angle Rear Viewing Endoscopic tooL or
    MARVEL is an endoscope with a miniscule 3-D
    camera attached
  • The camera is only four millimeters in diameter
    and 15 millimeters in length
  • MARVEL is designed for minimally invasive brain
  • The technology emulates other stereo imaging
    endoscopes that are presently used for minimally
    invasive surgery in di?erent parts of the body
  • The tool has provided hope that will enable
    surgeons to perform very intricate and complex
    surgery in a minimally invasive manner

Smart Surgical Glasses Making Surgery Smarter
  • Smart glasses have been around since 2012, but
    their use in the operating room still needs
  • These glasses use a mixed reality method
  • Researchers hope that Smart Surgical Glasses will
    soon become a ?xed object in orthopedic surgery
    and other types of surgeries.
  • Smart glasses are essentially small computers,
    which include a head-mounted screen and video
    camera, and can be connected to the internet or
    other computers
  • Remote observation during surgeries by live video
    streaming, can be done with this tool
  • This will provide important images to surgeons
    during the procedures
  • Live stream video is being used for training
    classrooms, and recording procedures
  • Remote experts and trainees can record from their
    point of view, push diagrams, and charts to their
    eyes, and annotate that material in real time

38 March 2019
Surgical Robots with Arti?cial Intelligence
Integrating Robotics and AI
  • Since the invention of the da Vinci surgical
    robot 15 years ago, inventors have continued to
    develop surgical robots that can perform
    increasingly precise movements
  • In the second generation of these robots
    scientists suggest that there will be a huge
    in?uence of Arti?cial Intelligence
  • These new robots are able to collect and analyze
  • Robotics and AI are removing the human
    constraints and physical limitations on surgery
    and placement of innovative medicines
  • With ultra-high resolution robotic assistance, we
    can now consider the optimal site to place stem
    cells in the eye, brain, heart to drive
  • AI eliminates the restrictions inherent in a
    human being driving a robotic arm

Remote robotics
  • While telemedicine and robotics are nothing new,
    remote surgery is taking these concepts a few
    steps further
  • Surgeons may soon be using robots to assist with
    surgery from a remote location
  • This could help expand surgery options for
    patients living in remote areas
  • The Mayo Clinic is working on a clinical study
    to examine the possibilities of robot-assisted
    percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), a
    process dubbed telestenting
  • -Sayali Rane

March 2019 39
Dr. Palin Khundongbam Surgeon
Dr. Palin Khundongbam A Positive and
Compassionate Leader Working for a Better
40 March 2019
The Most
Pro?cient Surgeons
to Watch 2019
Dsuccessful entrepreneur set to
r. Palin Khundongbam, an
outstanding surgeon and a
change the medical conditions for the
Resistance to change is the major challenge we
face in the journey of Shija, says Dr.
Khundongbam. We resist change for fear of
uncertainty. We have been conditioned to think
the same way right from the childhood period and
developed a deep rooted belief system. We have
been successful in changing the culture to some
extent, but the war is not over until the war is
over. Due to the efforts taken by him and the
organization as a whole, their relationship with
the patients and their relatives has improved.
Having started the journey with a strong
passion, they at Shija continue to put the
organization into system without losing that
people of Myanmar, believes, Happiness is the
only way to happiness. Unhappiness cannot solve
our problems except draining our energy and
enthusiasm. Unhappiness can be traced to the
thinking of painful past experiences or the fear
of the future. If we are conscious of our
consciousness, we can remove these thoughts and
be in the state of no thought but stillness or
awareness at present. This is the time when we
can innovate and succeed. This positive spirit
was very much fascinated by the grand stories of
a few doctors and set out to pursue the
profession. He bagged the degree of MBBS from
RIMS, Manipur, and MS (General Surgery) and MCh
(Plastic Surgery) from PGI Chandigarh. Beginning
of Shija In the 1970s, Dr. Khundongbam saw that
many patients from Manipur went to Dibrugarh
and Alipore in Assam and CMC in Vellore for
healthcare treatment. He realized people lacked
trust in the local healthcare facilities. To
rectify this situation, he started Shija Clinic,
attached to a pharmacy at Paona Bazar, Imphal,
in 1985, with minor operation facility and a
side laboratory. Soon, Shija became a leader in
piles treatment in eastern India by providing
non-operative piles treatment facilities. The
company grew and shifted to a rented, bigger,
9-bedded hospital on RIMS Road in 1988 and later
Through all the challenges in his way, Dr.
Khundongbam has stayed highly motivated and
emerged out better and better. Talking about
this growth and what drives him, he asserts,
Gradually, we have become more spiritual than
ever. We, now, realize that our thoughts are
energies and will be manifested externally. We
are responsible for our own thoughts and thus
the destiny. He continues, My relationship
with the present moment is my motivating factor.
It is the only space we have, nothing else.
Everything in life unfolded in the now.
Dr. Khundongbam was a part of the surgery which
set a Guinness World Record in April 2004. A ten
days baby boy, weighing 3 kg, came in with a
huge neck swelling and had a neck tumor. The
tumor weighed 1.2 kg and they removed it
successfully. The baby tolerated the major
surgery well and recovered. The tumor was of 40
of the total body weight (TBW) and was the
largest neck tumor ever excised successfully in
the world. In 2004, they received the certi?cate
for setting a new Guinness World Record and it
was published in the book in 2006.
March 2019 41
Power comes from the consciousness of the power
expanded to 35-bedded multi-specialty hospital in
three di?erent rented buildings across the road.
To overcome the structural and environmental
problems, Shija visualized its own land with
proper hospital architect and shifted to the
current eco -friendly location, Langol, at the
outskirts of Imphal. Today, Shija has become a
250-bedded NABH (Pre-Entry) super-specialty
hospital, having 25 departments with 880
dedicated care givers, post graduate DNB Courses
in 5 departments, nursing, and paramedical
institutes. It also has NABH Blood Bank and NABL
Laboratory. Shija Foundation, an NGO, runs Shija
Blood Bank, Smile Train Shija Cleft Project,
Shija Eye Care Foundation, Shija Oxygen Plant,
Shija Academy of Nursing and Shija Paramedical
Research Academy. Over 3500 cleft lip and palate
patients have been operated free of cost and
given smiles on their faces under Smile Train,
USA in Manipur, neighboring states and country
of Myanmar. More than 12000 patients with
cataract blindness have undergone free
surgeries. Relentlessly Contributing to Enhance
Care Dr. Khundongbam performs around 100
cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries every
month. He is, probably, one of the doctors
performing highest number of Asian eyelid
surgeries in India and at the same time looks
the organization for growth through innovative
actions. Till date, Dr. Khundongbam has
successfully done 339 free operations for
cataract, cleft lip and palate, and key-hole
surgeries in the much needed country, Myanmar,
under the Shija Mission Myanmar. Customer needs
and demands are the strong source of enthusiasm
for him, to upgrade the facilities. Trust de?cit
in the local empathy and facilities has given
him positive energy to bring more modern humane
technologies in the state. He believes, If
there are thousand disadvantages, there will be
thousand advantages also. It all depends upon how
you look at the situations. I address the
advantages we have in Manipur, rather than
disadvantages we popularize. Take on Recent
Developments in Healthcare About the latest
developments in this industry, Dr. Khundongbam
says, The diseases which cannot be treated are
tolerated. More and more illnesses which were
once considered incurable are now curable with
the advancement of newer technologies and human
skills. It is also, now, realized that our
di?erent thoughts release di?erent chemicals in
the body and our cells respond to the chemicals.
We are directly or indirectly participating in
the disease or healing processes of the body. We
may be able to halt the aging or reverse it one
42 March 2019
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Ashape these dreams into a reality, it takes more
dreamer is a soul that dares to see the future, to
  • crippling arthritis, sports injuries, problematic
    and challenging fracture cases, and so on. Dr.
    Vaishya has been running a training program for
    the younger Orthopaedic surgeons for two decades
    and has trained hundreds of such doctors from
    abroad and India.
  • The Journey to Success
  • According to Dr. Vaishya, his desire to obtain
    adequate education and experience before jumping
    into the real practical world was of immense
    bene?t in his later professional life. He
    completed the most coveted and prestigious
    degree of MCh (Orth) from Liverpool University,
    UK, at the age of 30 years only and became the
    youngest to do so. Also, during his training at
    the Robert Jones Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic
    Hospital, Oswestry, UK, he was awarded the
    Professors gold medal for the best research.
    Soon, after completing his higher surgical
    training and education in England, Dr. Vaishya
    returned home, in the quest to serve to his
  • It was quite challenging to start and practice
    what I learned, in my home town Gwalior. Hence,
    I decided to move to Indraprastha Apollo
    Hospitals, New Delhi, on the suggestion of Shri
    Madhav Rao Scindia (our Member of Parliament)
    and was appointed as a Senior Consultant
    Orthopaedic Surgeon, at the age of 36 years only.
    From here, there was no looking back. I worked
    tirelessly hard in Delhi, but also did not
    disconnect with my roots in Gwalior, where I
    have been still visiting regularly for the past
    22 years, he says. Due to his clinical
    innovation, research, and publication work, Dr.
    Vaishya was awarded the title of an adjunct
    Professor of Orthopaedics by Apollo Hospital
    Educational Research Foundation (AHERF). Later
    on, the Royal College of Surgeons of England
    honored him giving the prestigious FRCS for his
    contributions toward medical ?eld.

realize the ambitions, and to hope. However, to
just courage. As an American statesman and
  • general of the US once rightly said, A dream
    does not become a reality through magic. It
    takes sweat, determination, and hard work. One
    such passionate personality, who with his
    continuous hard work and dedication achieved
    everything he dreamed of and more, is Dr. (Prof)
    Raju Vaishya. I have experienced that the hard
    work, a focused approach, commitment, and passion
    are the critical ingredients for success in
    life. Thomas Edison once said there is no
    substitute for hard work, and it is undoubtedly
    the stepping stone to success. Hard work does
    not go waste, it gives a sense of satisfaction
    and makes one disciplined in life, he believes.
    He is a Professor and Senior Consultant in the
    Department of Orthopaedics Joint Replacement
    Surgery at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New
    Delhi. Dr. Vaishya has bagged an endless number
    of awards, in both academic and non-academic
    areas, has more than 300 publications, in
    peer-reviewed and indexed medical journals. He
    is also engaged in the editorial board of
    several reputed medical journals and has many
    more such achievements. He has also featured in
    the Limca book of records four times, for his
    clinical achievements.
  • He has completed his primary medical education
    (MBBS, MS) from Gajra Raja Medical College,
    Gwalior (India), and subsequent higher super
    specialty training and education (MCh, FRCS)
    from the UK. He has had an outstanding academic
    career throughout.
  • Dr. Vaishya has been working at Indraprastha
    Apollo since 1996, where he is involved in
    patient care, teaching, and research. He is the
    team leader of his unit, comprising of seven to
    eight younger surgeons. Their practice focuses on
    the management of complex Orthopaedic cases like

44 March 2019
The Most
Pro?cient Surgeons
to Watch 2019
March 2019 45
Driving Motivation from Within Talking about what
motivates him to work tirelessly towards better
every day, Dr. Vaishya said, I have a passion
for serving humanity, through my profession. I
feel that self-worth, self-esteem,
and self-satisfaction are the main intrinsic
motivating factors, which drive me to
exceptional work performance. Setting individual
targets and goals have also helped to enhance
the performance. I believe that developing our
motivation depends on recognizing our
achievements and celebrating successes in order
to keep us heading towards our goals. He added,
However, sustaining the motivation is not easy,
and I found that one way of doing it is by
sharing our skills by coaching others to achieve
their potential. Other than that, all of Dr.
Vaishyas family has a signi?cant role to play
in supporting him throughout his professional
journey. His better half, Pallavi, encourages
him to deliver the best in his work. His father,
Dr. P.D. Vaishya was a leading physician and his
mentor, who taught him the ethics and moral
values in dealing with the patients and their
families. Advice from the Wise Achieving all
that he has today, Dr. Vaishya is an inspiration
to many. He believes that leadership lies in
producing more leaders, not followers. Guiding
the young, upcoming doctors, he says, Stay
focused, go after your dreams and keep moving
toward your goals. It may be a rough road that
leads to the heights of greatness. It is not
enough to have a good mind the main thing is to
use it well. Try to help others if you cannot
do that, at least do not harm them. Thomas
Je?erson rightly said, it is neither wealth nor
splendor, but tranquility and occupation which
gives happiness. Empathy and commitment towards
your patients and colleagues are crucial
ingredients for being famous and successful.
Last, but not the least, Ethics and Morality are
the two main pillars for success and goodwill
and must, therefore, be strictly followed.

March 2019
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