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8 steps to use for Magento site performance & scalability optimization


Scalability & performance are the most important factors of e-commerce website. Have you completed practical resource to speed up, flexible new level with performance terms of catalog? We provide Magento website optimization steps as an e-commerce solution company. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 8 steps to use for Magento site performance & scalability optimization

Performance and Scalability Optimizations -
  • Magento is stripped down, quicker, easier
    familiar for the complete features it offers.
    Remember, if you need to have customers stay
    longer with you then take great actions on a
    website that make them spend more time on your
  • For this, we will do a big step for upgrading
    Magento 2 performances enhance the customer

Site Performance Scalable Optimize
  • Magento 2 is simple for the development to start
    the decoupling of functionality. It offers a new
    level of flexibility with stable compatibility
    operability with components.
  • So, please keep on here to watch the presentation
    to start working on optimizing Magento 2 websites
    speed, image quality, CSS JS file, etc.

Steps to Optimize Performance
Enable Flat Categories and Products
  • Using flat catalog will help you speed up your
    product collection and maintain the catalog data.
    The flat catalog is updated automatically
    quickly in every moment.

Merge CSS and JS Files
  • The next step you need to follow is merging CSS
    JS both files, it means to make a web page
    possible as for faster loading.
  • So, insert magento 2 into production mode

./bin/magento deploymodeset production
  • Also, Set merge and minify JavaScript CSS
    files to select yes When complete, Save config
    and flush cache to activate the change.

Content Delivery Network
  • CDN (content delivery network) is a particular
    system that can connect all cache servers. It is
    additional to help geographical proximity and CDN
    is taking over the delivering web content, fasten
    the page loading.
  • CDN is one of the advanced solutions but it is
    not fully integrated in to magento2 store.

  • So, the identical request will immediately return
    that skipping everything the back-end processing.
    Dont get in your all web pages are cache.
  • Caching is one of the Magento optimization
    efforts which can tremendously increase your
    website speed.
  • Make sure all cache types are enabled
  • system gt cache management
  • Magento also comes with built-in caching modules
    as well as 3rd person solutions seem to perform
    better results.

Image Optimization
  • The Image factor is an important factor to get
    your Magento 2 store performance. And images
    compression should be done before submitting an
  • You can also use JPEG format for product icons
    and PNG or SVG for the design as well as the logo

Enable Compression
  • Gzip compression is used to increase the Magento
    site performance by compressing the server
    responses given to the client.
  • The resources to enable compression by Google
    offer so lets check and change compression
    directives from
  • gzip_types text/plain application/x-javascript
    text/javascript text/xml text/css image/x-icon
    image/bmp image/png image/gif to
  • gzip_types

Reduce Server Response Time
  • The server response time is the time taken by
    web server to respond to a request from a

  • Magento 2 supports full page cache via varnish

Magento Updates
Magento Updates
  • That is important to get Magento update for your
    website unique features, upgrades, and changes in
    Magento result.

Regular Magento updates bring you the newest
features and security fixes.
  • So we learn various factors which affect to
    increase speed and optimize website prepared with
    Magento platforms.
  • Magento web Development Company will work with
    you to leverage the most out of advanced settings
    and quality of features.

Resources Can Optimization Of Magento 2
Website Influence The Success Rate?
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