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Vital Skills for Successful Android & iOS Mobile App Developers


Mobile Application Development is the often heard buzz word that takes the center stage of digital transformation. Millennials need to acquire these technical skills for their survival and career progression. It is considered to be one of the most popular and lucrative careers present before freshers and IT professionals. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Vital Skills for Successful Android & iOS Mobile App Developers

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Vital Skills for Successful Android iOS Mobile
App Developers
The rise of Mobile App Development
  • Mobile application development is undoubtedly one
    of the most lucrative career options in the
    technology industry of the 21st century.
  • Rapidly occurring digital transformation and
    widespread use of mobile applications are leading
    to substantial increase in the importance of
    respective skill set.
  • Primarily, there are two major mobile OS
    platforms, Android and iOS. Both of them have
    their pros and cons, and it is a great time to
    carve out a career in either of them.
  • The focus of every developer should simply be on
    achieving excellence within a definite set of
    mobile application development programming
    languages and side tools.

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Why is Mobile application development a strong
choice of career for millennials?
Widespread digital transformation
  • It is evident that most of the young businesses
    are taking their mobile presence very seriously.
  • Today, companies from all industries (whether
    small or large scale) wish to be the experience
    digital transformation.
  • They wish to be seen on smartphones in the form
    of mobile business applications. It is a trend
    that doesnt seem to have a huge loss and is most
    likely to carry on in the future.
  • As the new businesses will take their
    smartphone-based presence more seriously, they
    hire Android app developers giving more and
    better opportunities.

A growing trend of M-commerce
  • With more than 52 of e-commerce related searches
    happening through the smartphone channel, mobile
    application to become one of the best ways to
    reach your customer.
  • It is one of the most reasonable needs of the
    business in todays time.
  • It makes so much sense for the mobile application
    development companies to hire Android app

New ways to monetize
  • The growing competition among businesses is
    surely shrinking their profit margins.
    Monetization of content and services through
    mobile business apps is a sigh of relief to
    business owners.
  • It is undoubtedly helping them create sustainable
    distinct ways to monetize.
  • It creates sustainable distinct revenue streams
    that are nascent and helping them compete more
    efficiently in the throat cutting competition.

Here are some of the most vital skills which an
android or iOS mobile app developer should possess
Mobile application development is a beautiful mix
of technical skills and creativity which need to
be well coordinated with businesses and their
primary needs.
Hard skills
Core Programming Languages
  • Android mobile application developers generally
    have to deal with core Java while making their
    applications in Android Studio.
  • While developing the core skills, it is essential
    to know programming languages to an extent where
    your problem-solving abilities are not curtailed
    because of coding hurdles.
  • iOS developers should be entirely well versed
    with Objective-C, Swift and new-age programming
    languages like Kotlin.

Cloud Computing/Deployment Skills
  • MSMEs generally hire Android mobile app
    developers with honed skills for cloud computing
  • You should be able to bind the functional code
    into applications.
  • These days there is a growing trend of serverless
    architecture where deployment is containerized
    through a Docker (CE or EE) or Kubernetes on
    massive scale.

  • As data is proving to be the new age oil it is
    crucial that mobile application developers have
    an in-depth knowledge of Internet-based data and
    API security.
  • They should have detailed experience in securing
    mobile applications, users identity, and data
  • It can be done by nurturing a working knowledge
    of all basic encryption algorithms and
    third-party mobile app security tools which can
    be incorporated in the mobile applications.

Mandatory search techniques
  • One of the most important and frequently used
    features in a mobile application is the search.
  • Weather search is in a database or within a
    content delivery network (CDN).
  • It is one of the primary indicators of how well
    an app works.
  • If your search is fast, people generally tend to
    feel that the app is robust and performance is

Analytics centric development practices
  • Nowadays, Companies hire Android app developers
    who can professionally incorporate at least the
    necessary analytical profiling of users and also
    use analytics-based service log management
  • The ultimate aim should be to build a sustainable
    back-end resource for the mobile app which gives
    valuable insights for customer engagement and
    also give statistics of mobile app performance.

Soft skills
Analytical skills
  • It is entirely different from the analytics
    services discussed above.
  • It is the analysis of core business requirements
    and its mapping with the mobile app
  • MSMEs wish to work with an iOS app development
    company that map each use case with the main
    features of the mobile application.

Problem Solving Ability
  • People hire Android app developers who have
    enhanced problem-solving ability with an aim to
    make robust, quality driven tested
  • There are numerous ways of approaching a single
    business requirement, and they should use the
    most appropriate data structures and coding
    approach for solving their particular problem.

Concise coding
  • Reducing the LOC or lines of code should be one
    of the primary points in mind while writing the
    functional code for functionalities.
  • The overall front-end and back-end. The shorter
    and more concise a code is, the faster it is
    likely to run (on a broad basis, it is not true
    in many conditions).

  • One of the critical task for all mobile
    application developers is to build, curate and
    initially design the UI of the mobile app.
  • A mobile app is only as good as its UI for
  • So, it is essential to be as creative as possible
    while designing the flows of content and
    different parts of user journeys.

  • Mobile application development is one of the most
    popular and lucrative career options in the
    technology industry.
  • It is being taken up by millions of IT
    professionals, and there is a growing trend of
    professionals from different sectors taking up
    dedicated skill development courses of mobile
    application development.
  • There are immense opportunities on the way as
    companies hire Android app developers and
    substantial encouragement for every iOS app
    Development Company in the business ecosystem.

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