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Why TripKen is the Place for Your Home Service Business


Here is in-depth detail on how listing your business on online business directories like TripKen will help improve your digital presence. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why TripKen is the Place for Your Home Service Business

Why TripKen is the Place for Your Home Service
  • To start your new business is no mean feat but
    getting your product or service online can be
    done with a little hard work. However, there are
    many traditional ways to successfully promote
    your business with or without spending a lot of
    money. Once youre online, make sure your
    business or service can be found online in front
    of your potential customers.

  • To drive visitors to your website it requires a
    commitment to enhancing your online marketing.
    One of the most efficient and affordable ways to
    improve your digital presence is through the use
    of online business listings. In this article,
    well discuss why new business owners should
    consider adding their business to online listing
    sites like TripKen.

What are Online Listings?
  • Before we jump to TripKen, lets know about what
    online listings are? Similar to the phone book,
    listing sites are the online directories of
    related websites where you can list all your
    basic business information containing your
    business name, address and phone number along
    with other details that can help your product or
    service to gain exposure online. Most of the
    listing sites allow to list business free of
    cost, so why not to take advantage of at least
    one of them.

Benefits of Listing Your Business or Service on
an Online Business Directory
  • Boost Your SEO If your website is ranking on
    the second page of Google, youre like a dead
    body in your digital presence. As a business
    today, most of the people searching for home
    service business wont go past page of the Search
    Engine Results Page (SERP). So, its important
    for your website to be ranked on the first page
    of the search engine.

  • Improve Your Engagement Online business
    listing sites do help you boost consumer
    engagement through reviews and comments. Today,
    most of the consumers rely on online customers
    reviews before purchasing any product or hiring
    any service online. Getting positive reviews can
    help your business develop your brand image and
    boost sales.

  • Dont worry about negative feedback, welcome
    them with open arms, fix your customers problem,
    offer your apologies and reply politely. This may
    help you know something that may be lacking in
    your business that you wouldnt have known about

  • Drive High-Quality Website Traffic Business
    listings allow business owners to add their
    website address in addition to including the
    address and phone number. If your website is not
    related to selling any of the products or
    services, linking to it would help you drive
    brand awareness or letting customers visit your

  • Increase Your Visibility Every consumer does
    search for product or service on several
    marketplaces according to their requirements.
    When you list your home service business on local
    business listing sites, it will increase your
    business visibility to different audiences
    searching for your products or services on the

  • Build Trust If youre listing your business
    online, it will establish trust with your
    customers. As business listings not only show
    your business name, address, and phone number,
    but other details too, like photos, business
    hours, services you offer, reviews, etc. This
    detail allows users to see what your business
    offers and what people say about your business.

  • A Cost-Effective Investment There are many
    paid mediums which are used for promoting
    business online, the online business listing
    sites allow business owners to reach a large
    audience free of cost within a matter of minutes.

Get Listed in TripKen
  • Do you think people only use TripKen to find
    the best pizza joint in town? Think again, you
    can be wrong! Consumers are looking for all sorts
    of businesses, ranging from Carpenters and
    Contractors to Electricians and Movers.

  • If youre ready to help your customers who are
    actively searching and intending to make a
    purchase fall in love with your home service
    business, get an opportunity from TripKen to
    reach people through our free online marketplace.
    Here are three reasons to promote your Home
    Services Business on TripKen

Customer Engagement
  • About 77 percent of consumers spend their time
    in reading reviews before they make any product
    purchasing, services booking or hiring decision
    online. When you list your home service business
    on TripKen, by adding business details in
    addition to the reviews can help customers to
    better understand the services you provide, get
    influenced, gain trust and make a purchase

Request a Quote
  • Businesses that set up enhanced profile
    upgrades can take advantage of the feature
    CALL TO ACTION button to have a direct line of
    communication with the customers. This can help
    business owners to increase lead conversion on
    their profile.

  • When you become a member of TripKen, you can
    manage your listing activity and can download
    past activity from your account. In the Activity
    section, you can see your searches, customer
    leads, how much revenue comes from Tripken users
    and other activity thats saved to your account.

Categories Services
  • Consumers who come to Tripken for the first
    time are likely to use the categories to navigate
    the listings that theyre interested in. So,
    choosing the relevant category can help consumers
    to reach exactly what they are searching for. If
    youre looking for more home business service
    categories options for your business, search for
    categories on TripKen and filter by location

  • Artificial Turf
  • Building Supplies
  • Cabinetry
  • Carpenters
  • Carpet Installation
  • Carpeting
  • Childproofing

  • Chimney Sweeps
  • Contractors
  • Countertop Installation
  • Damage Restoration
  • Decks Porches Patios
  • Door Windows
  • Drywall Installation Repair

  • Electrical
  • Fences Gates
  • Fire Protection Services
  • Fireplace Services
  • Firewood
  • Flooring
  • Furniture Assembly

  • Gardeners
  • Glass Mirrors
  • Gutter Services
  • Handyman
  • Air Conditioning Cooling
  • Holiday Decorating Services
  • Home Automation

  • Home Energy Auditors
  • Home Inspectors Appraisers
  • Home Network Installation
  • Home Organization
  • Home Theatre Installation
  • Home Window Tinting
  • House Sitters

  • Insulation Installation
  • Interior Design
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Keys Locksmiths
  • Landscape Yard Garden
  • Masonry/Concrete
  • Movers

  • Painting Staining
  • Plumbing
  • Swimming Pool Spas Hot Tubs Saunas
  • Pressure Washers
  • Real Estate
  • Refinishing Services
  • Roofing

  • Security Systems
  • Shades Blinds
  • Shutters
  • Green Home Improvement
  • Television Service Providers
  • Tile Stone
  • Tree Services

  • Utilities
  • Water Heater Installation/Repair
  • Water Purification Services
  • Waterproofing
  • Walls Ceilings
  • Housekeepers
  • Garage

  • Foundations
  • Bathroom
  • Architects Builders Designers
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Siding

  • While there are many listing sites that you can
    choose for your business, TripKen is a trusted
    community marketplace for people looking to list
    their business and services, discover and book
    unique accommodations. Here, you can list your
    business in various categories like Restaurants,
    Hotels Travel, Active Life, Shopping,

  • Religious Organizations, Real Estate,
    Professional Services, Public Services
    Government, Nightlife, Mass Media, Local
    Services, Local Flavor, Home Services, Health
    Medical, Financial Services, Event Planning
    Services, Education, Beauty Spas, Automotive,
    Arts Entertainment, Pets, Fitness
    Instructions, and Food.
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