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What is Waves?


WAVES is a cryptocurrency, a decentralized exchange platform that allows for the creation of custom tokens and also for exchanges/trading of different cryptocurrencies. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What is Waves?

What is Waves ?
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What is Waves ?
  • WAVES is a cryptocurrency, a decentralized
    exchange platform that allows for the creation of
    custom tokens and also for exchanges/trading of
    different cryptocurrencies. Creation of own
    crypto-tokens and DApps has been possible ever
    since the launch of Waves.
  • Wave platform can be a better choice for projects
    like crowdfunding, building a loyalty rewards
    program, or creating an in-app currency and so
    on. Waves support for DEX environment which
    allows for exchanges of newly created tokens
    without the involvement of middleman.

Origin of Waves
  • WAVES was officially launched in November 2016
    by the Russian physicist, Alexander Ivanov. This
    waves platform uses Proof of Stake Consensus
    Algorithm for developing tokens, smart contracts,
    and Decentralized Applications.
  • Founder Alexander Ivanov
  • Release Date 6th July 2016
  • Release Method ICO.

Cryptocoins of Waves
  • WAVES is a cryptocurrency of waves blockchain
    platforms and its initial coin offering was
    launched in 2016 when Waves blockchain was
  • Price of WAVES
  • The current value of WAVES/unit published by
    coinmarketcap is 2.39 USD ( While writing this
    article ) and the market cap is239,176,190 USD
    (i.e) 29,603 BTC.
  • To know more about WAVES Price Index, Checkout
    Here Cryptocompare Live WAVES Price Streaming.

Special Features of Waves
  • Own Tokens Issuance
  • The most important feature of waves platform is
    that it allows users to create tokens easily
    without any programming codings. This created
    tokens can be distributed and utilized for
    crowdfunding. Companies can also utilize Tokens
    to pay for products and services within their
  • No Limit of Trading
  • The DEX in waves allows for instant
    trading/exchanges of all cryptocurrencies and
    also fiat currency. There are no limits in the
    transactions and also the trading charges are
    much lower than centralized exchange like Bittrex
    and Kraken.

Special Features of Waves
  • Advanced DEX
  • Waves platform allows for free, peer to peer
    exchange of cryptocurrencies. More advanced
    pairing options for cryptocurrencies and other
    assets are allowed.
  • Fiat Gateways
  • Waves have a bidirectional gateway that offers
    instant conversion of cryptocurrencies and fiat
    currencies. In waves, it is easy to add funds and
    withdraw them to fiat currencies from waves

Use Cases of Waves
  • Some of the use cases which are being processed
    or are already in usage are
  • Tokenomica A transparent venture capital
  • ZrCoin A green manufacturing technology service
  • EncryptoTel A telecommunications infrastructure
  • MobileGo A marketing drive for a mobile gaming.
  • Incent A blockchain loyalty scheme/solution.

Future of Waves
  • Waves on recent days focus on increasing the rate
    of fiat transfer and crowdfunding on blockchain
    networks. Waves are now hovering in the list of
    top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap, with
    still unit price lower than ETH.
  • Beyond custom token creation, Waves also operates
    on DEX. Its value depends on its simplicity ie.,
    anyone can create a custom token with a little
    knowledge of the underlying technologies.
  • With many more innovations on its way, the future
    of waves looks Promising.
  • Explore more about WAVES at What Is Waves
    Blockchain ? How It Works?

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