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Effective Home Remedies for White Hair


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Title: Effective Home Remedies for White Hair

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Causes of White Hair
  • There are various factors that can lead to white
    hair. The most predominant reason behind the hair
    losing out on its colour is genetics. Genetics
    can cause the hair to turn white even before the
    individual turns 20. In various causes, melanin
    deficiency can also lead to hair whitening.
    Melanin is provided by nutrition, vitamins and
    appropriate supplements. When there is a
    deficiency of nutrients in the body, the melanin
    falls below the required levels and causes white
    hair. Even hormones affect the pigmentation of
    our hair. There is whitening of hair caused due
    to hormonal imbalance. Deficiency of vitamins
    B12, medical conditions related to thyroid and
    pituitary glands also lead to white hair. As for
    premature ageing, one of the biggest reasons for
    white hair is stress. The use of harsh chemicals,
    pollution, climate change, etc. speed up the
    process of hair whitening, so it is better to
    avoid chemical based hair products.

How to Stop White Hair
  • White hair is an unpleasant sight and everyone
    likes to remove white hair as soon as possible.
    Even though you cannot stop white hair from
    occurring, with proper care, one can control the
    rate at which they grow.
  • In order to stop white hair from growing, an
    individual needs to find out the reason behind
    occurrence of white hair. If it is anything
    related to genetic factors, it is important to
    consult a doctor for the necessary treatment. If
    it is related to stress, climate change or
    pollution, it is better to avoid such conditions.
    Stay happy and consume nutritional diet. Include
    necessary changes in the lifestyle, increase the
    consumption of vitamin B12, meditate and take
    yoga classes for making your hair shine.

Home Remedies for White Hair
  • White hair is a symptom associated with premature
    ageing. With natural home remedies, you can
    easily find a cure for hair whitening. White hair
    might be caused due to a variety of reason, but
    it can easily be treated with some ingredients
    lying around the house. Home remedies are easy,
    effective and do not leave side effects. The
    effects might not remain for a long time, but the
    hair remains strong and does not fall. With home
    remedies, there is no extra cost like cosmetic
    treatments, nor does it require lots of time. It
    can be easily done at home and requires no extra
  • lack teaIn one cup of boiling water, add one
    teaspoon black tea. Brew it and let it cool down.
    Massage on your scalp for some time and wash off
    your hair with shampoo.
  • Curry leavesMix one spoon of coconut oil in 10
    crushed curry leaves and keep it on low flame for
    five minutes. Massage it when it cools off, and
    wash after keeping it for thirty minutes.
  • Coconut oil and lemon juiceTake equal proportions
    of coconut oil and lemon juice, and heat it until
    it mixes. Massage on your scalp while it is still
    warm and leave on for thirty minutes. Wash off
    with sulphate free shampoo.
  • Onion pasteChop one onion and mash it in one
    teaspoon of olive oil. Using cheesecloth, squeeze
    out the juice and massage for ten minutes. Leave
    the juice for thirty minutes and wash it off with
    a shampoo.
  • Carrot juiceConsume a carrot juice every day for
    good health and shiny hair.

How to Prevent White Hair
  • Below are some tips for preventing hair
  • Meditation is the key to black hair. Stress can
    cause pre-mature hair whitening. De-stress
    exercises and meditating are great ways to keep
    your hair and body healthy.
  • Make use of sulphate-free hair products, shampoos
    and conditioners. Nourish your hair by using hair
    packs and hair oils.
  • Massage your scalp with herbal oils like olive
    oil and almond oil to get rid of white hair.
  • Avoid using heat on your hair and use biotin rich
    hair products. Consuming vitamin B12 rich food
    products help in preventing white hair.

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