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Hampton International Pre-School - Kidz Village International Kindergarten


Hampton International Pre-School is an independent, privately owned nursery/kindergarten since 2009 at Chaengwattana. Over the years it has been a fantastic pleasure watching children, from over 22 nationalities, take their first learning steps here at Hampton's. Its Sathorn division was formed and constructed in 2016 because of our founders' dedication and commitment in bringing quality contemporary early years schooling in Sathorn, Bangkok. Hampton has been supplying quality, nurturing, and safe learning environment for the early years since 2009. Our philosophy of instruction revolves around giving children the freedom to find their world through play and imagination. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hampton International Pre-School - Kidz Village International Kindergarten

Hampton School
What is more, Hampton is open all year long for
parents wishing to take a tour inside the
building providing they make an appointment
ahead of time. They are encouraged to bring
their child and show him or her around as well.
This way they get to familiarise themselves with
the learning environment and see if it is
something that appeals to their tastes and
needs. For the best experience, individuals
should visit the school during weekdays at as
early as 9 am.
Hampton is an international pre-school located in
Thailand with two branches currently operating
in Chaengwattana, since 2009, and Sathorn -
since 2016. It is an independent and privately
owned nursery which employs the UK EYFFS
curriculum on babies and toddlers aged 1.5 to
5 years. All nationalities are welcome to join
the big family.

Parents who would like to register their kids for
the nursery/kindergarten need to ?ll out the
Enrolment Package papers and submit the required
documents to Hampton.
Enrolment Programme
Send in the following papers to apply
  • Health and application forms
  • Copy of child's birth certi?cate and house
    registration (applies only to Thai nationals)
  • Copy of child's and parents' visas and passports
  • One photo of guardian/parent
  • Two photos of the child
  • One photo of the adult who will be responsible
    for collecting the child from Hampton after
  • Lunch fee and tuition fee
  • Enrolment fee
  • Application fee

The school o?ers an English speaking environment
coupled with multicultural education. This
probably explains why the majority of students -
a good 80 of the pupils - are of foreign
descent. There are over 25 nationalities
currently exploring the bene?ts of the
curriculum. The daily schedule includes a
variety of activities such as outdoor playtime,
listening to stories, singing, water play, art,
gardening, fun science, and cooking. The school
year begins in August and ends in June. There is
also a summer camp programme available in two
separate sessions, each starting either in June
or July. Every student shall participate in one
session at the very least.

The Reggio Emilia Approach and EYFS
Since its inception, Hampton International
Pre-school has been using two main approaches as
a guideline for its teachers. The ?rst one,
called the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS),
strives to teach little ones a number of things
through games and play, including mathematics,
literacy, physical development, language and
communication, etc. The progress of each child
is reviewed every year by observing his or her
behaviour in the classroom. All in all, the
framework sets the standards for care and
development of individuals from 0 to 5 years
old.create an adapted version that is entirely
suited to the particular needs of their students.
The second approach goes by the name of Reggio
Emilia and it started out in a town in Italy.
What is speci?c about it is that it doesn't o?er
a one- size-?ts-all programme instead, all the
schools using it create an adapted version that
is entirely suited to the particular needs of
their students.
School Branches
The two campuses have similar equipment but are
located in di?erent parts of Bangkok. The
facility in Chaengwattana boasts a huge outdoor
space with playing ?elds, swimming pool, bike
track, sports ?eld, and whatnot. The campus in
Sathorn comprises an outdoor space, canteen, and
a library. A beautiful fenced-o? garden full of
trees and greenery enables kids to learn about
the environment and living things in general.
Plus, it gives them the opportunity to grow
their own plants using the many tools available
at hand.
The Team
Hampton's educators are to a great extent what
makes the school environment so homelike and
safe. They take every aspect of their jobs to
heart. Using the right stimuli, they manage to
prepare an optimal learning environment where
kids can feed their curiosity and build
self-con?dence at the same time. The best part
is that everyone stays connected. The team knows
the children from all classes, not just the ones
they are teaching, and they also work closely
with parents, thus creating a partnership that
lasts. Another way to ensure that scholars
receive the best care is by keeping the size of
each class small and assigning a minimum of two
teachers to monitor the activities. The
teacher-student ratio is 15 for the youngest
attendees. Combined together, the experience of
all educators amounts to many years and everyone
adds their own ?avour. You will meet positive
young people who enjoy challenging themselves to
do better and who are happy when their pupils
make progress. They all come from di?erent places
and countries, once again strengthening
Hampton's multicultural philosophy.

The nursery takes part in charity auctions and
encourages students to participate as well, which
helps to instil a sense of responsibility in
them. Volunteer members of the sta? and parents
collect toys and donate them to the Orphanage
Child Center each year. What is more, some pupils
send the Art Auction Gallery di?erent pieces of
art, all put together by them, which are then
o?ered up for bid.
21 S., Thung Maha Mek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120,
(66) 2 2861056
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