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Principles of Fashion Design - Avantika University


Basic Principles of Fashion Design must be known by every Fashion Designer to create good designs. At Avantika University, we teach our students to create magnificent design by keeping in mind the principles of fashion design. Avantika University is the part of reputed MAEER’s MIT Pune. Avantika University's Design College is one of the Top Design Colleges in India. To know more details, visit us at : – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Principles of Fashion Design - Avantika University

Principles of Fashion Designing
  • Design College In India Avantika University

Principles of Fashion Designing
  • There are various thoughts that might arise in a
    candidates mind when planning to pursue a course
    in fashion designing such as what exactly is
    designing, how will I shape my career in fashion
    designing or how will my designs be appreciated?
    So, well cover these queries of aspiring fashion
    designers in this blog.

  • Basically, Fashion Designing refers to the art of
    designing and embellishing clothes as well as
    accessories in such a way that they compliment
    the wearer. It includes everything right from
    selection of right color, perfect cut, right
    pattern to the addition of small elements like
    laces, buttons, frills, etc. Fashion designers
    exploit their knowledge, fashion sense, and
    designing skills to create apparels and
    accessories that are showstoppers.

  • However, the work of a fashion designer is not
    only to design, but they need to take care of
    ergonomics also. Moreover, the task of a designer
    is to follow the fashion trends and design
    according to it. They should provide new styles
    and looks to enhance the fashion quotient of the

  • For every work to succeed there should be a
    proper set of rules that need to be performed and
    the same goes for Fashion Designing. Lets study
    the important Principles of Fashion Design which
    will prevent the designs from getting rejected.

  • A proper proportion in fashion is very vital as
    it makes the apparel and the accessories go
    incalculably conspicuous together. Among the
    principles of Fashion Designing, proportion plays
    a very important role especially for a diminutive
    woman who needs to look for the apparel and the
    accessory best suiting her loftiness.

  • Every season, people especially women look for
    new styles so as to flaunt them. Thus, there is a
    great pressure on the designers to launch such
    apparels which would match the needs of the
    people. Hence, they put emphasis on a certain
    portion of the garment making it stand out from
    others. For this, peplums, ruffles, laces,
    cut-outs or many other techniques can be used.

  • In different styles, balance in fashion is quite
    necessary which is divided into two categories-
    asymmetrical and symmetrical balance. However, a
    designer must know how to establish balance. For
    this, features such as hemlines, neckline, and
    seams can be used. For example asymmetrical
    necklines in dresses or tops are in trend but
    when it comes to a jacket, it ruins the entire


The principle of equity states that the garment
and accessories should look good as a whole. It
is quite important as in case of equity, every
single element enhances the overall look of the
apparel. This principle works for the accessories
too making the entire look the best in every

So these were some of the principles that every
fashion designer must know in order to create
magnificent and showstopper designs. At Indias
first design-centered university, Avantika
University, we familiarize all our students with
these concepts. Our design college is among the
top design colleges in India. So, apply for
admissions best design college in India right
  • Avantika University is the MIT Institute of
    Design in Ujjain, MP. It follows a unique
    learning approach where the students are
    encouraged to think out of the box. Avantika
    University is the part of reputed MIT Pune.

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