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Tips To Plan a Successful Roadshow


Here are some important tips for you to make your roadshow a successful campaign – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips To Plan a Successful Roadshow

Tips To Plan a Successful Roadshow
  • Roadshows are an effective sales and marketing
    tool that companies can utilise in their growth
    strategy. Roadshows are a safe investment if
    youre looking to understand the market, gauge
    interest, collect enquiries and establish
    contacts. Here are 5 essential steps that will
    help run a successful roadshow.
  • Set your objectives
  • Select the locations
  • Pick the right timing
  • Make it creative
  • Promote and then promote some more

Set your objectives
  • Organise a roadshow only if it aligns with your
    business objectives companies that jump on the
    roadshow bandwagon without having the outcome in
    mind often have unrealistic expectations and end
    up wasting money. Roadshows are a great marketing
    avenue, but it is not suitable for every business
    requirement. Consult an experienced event
    management company if you are not sure how such
    events might benefit you.

Select the locations
  • Locations are of prime importance for your
    roadshow. Select cities and pick venues that are
    easy to access and have a high concentration of
    your target audience.
  • To make your roadshow a huge success, then
    youll want to see how your event vision can be
    executed in a certain geographic area.
    Envisioning your event in person will help to
    solidify the details.
  • For instance, if majority of your target
    audience have to travel more than 15 miles to get
    to your event, it may not be the ideal location.
    If you are unfamiliar with the city, seek help of
    local tour operators or destination management

Pick the right timing
  • If you are choosing a busy time of the year, or
    holding your event when there are other famous
    events / festivals going on, your event might run
    into a roadblock. Do your research on the
    locations and find the perfect time of the year
    for your event.
  • For instance ,you dont want to be organising a
    roadshow in Dubai in the middle of August in 50
    degree Celsius heat or during the Ramadan, trust

Make it creative
  • Todays audience is smart but you still have
    just a few seconds to capture their attention and
    engage them. Making your roadshows creative,
    experiential and fun, like this example of
    Sunsilk product sampling, will surely get you
    better results and brand awareness as compared to
    the usual salesy presentations.

Promote and then promote some more
  • There is no such thing as too much
    promotion! It is important to make noise about
    your event well in advance in the locations where
    youll be exhibiting. If you want to fill the
    event space with potential buyers, get the local
    press , bloggers , influencers involved before
    the event. Promoting it in advance will go a long
    way in making this opportunity count.

  • Now-a-days there are many best roadshow
    advertising service in India appears to be an
    important tool to engage customers in innovative
    on-ground campaigns such as roadshows and live
    events that provide an ideal platform for our
    products services and give visibility to our
    brand. One can run a successful roadshow campaign
    by focusing on the given tips.
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