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Need To Know When You Learn Quran Online


When all the above ways of learning the Koran are not possible or easy for the students, then the best option is to learn Quran online. In this way, students can take classes at their own convenient time by staying at home. Online learning has made it possible for every person to learn the lessons of their choice. A lot of online Quran academies are available online to teach the Koran to worldwide students. The students in western countries choose this option because it is affordable and convenient for them. It is easy to hire an expert and qualified teachers as well as Islamic scholars for learning Koran courses. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Need To Know When You Learn Quran Online

Things That You Need To Know When You Learn Quran
If we want to get closer to Allah Almighty we
have to go closer to His Book. It is the Glorious
Quran that directs us to the right path. The
teachings of the Holy Book have deep impacts on
our hearts and refreshing effect on the
personality. All the believers must take the help
of the Holy Book to come closer to Him. There are
not only rewards for learning the Book of Allah
but there are many benefits of reciting the Quran
on a regular basis. Learning the Book of Allah
is mandatory for every Muslim man, woman, and
kid. There are many Muslims who dont know about
the Quran. They even cant read it. This Book
consists of one hundred and fourteen chapters.
These are the chapters of six thousand verses.
The revelation completed over a period of
twenty-two years.
All the Muslims no matter which sect they belong,
learn the Book of Allah to get a reward and lead
a successful life. The Holy Quran contains
knowledge related to all aspects of life.
Everyone should learn it but unfortunately, not
everyone has the resources to do so.  In many
areas, there is also unavailability of qualified
tutors. So Muslims are deprived of to learn the
Quran. Muslims also recite different Surahs of
the Quran in different prayers and duas. We offer
namaz five times daily and it is very important
in our lives. We recite different Surahs in namaz
so it is important to learn the Quran. We follow
the Quran to do worship. The Book of Allah is
very important as it is the revelation of Allah.
We must understand the purpose of this
revelation. It is not enough for us to learn it
and then stop reading it or understanding it. We
should implement its teachings in our daily
life.  Our children should also learn the Quran.
All kinds of knowledge are summarized in the
Koran. It is the best book to find a solution to
all kinds of problems in life. It gives us a
complete code of conduct. This is a special Book
which is different from other books. There are a
lot of topics and subjects in this Book. If one
needs guidance for a special topic, it is not
difficult to get.
  • Rules of Learning the Quran
  • There are some special rules for learning the
    Koran. Companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also
    followed those rules.
  • The first thing is to observe cleanliness by
    performing Wudu (ablution) while learning,
    reciting or handling the Koran in any way.
  • The place where you are learning or reading must
    be free of nijasat (impurities).
  • Consulting the teacher is very important in order
    to correct the mistakes while reading the Koran.
    The teacher should be qualified and proficient in
    knowledge of the Quran and more specifically
    Tajweed and Tafsir. These two things help in
    better understanding of the Holy Koran.
  • It is the only Book that can guide us to the
    straight path. This is the reason why our
    religion Islam emphasizes us to learn it.

This Book is so important that our Prophet (PBUH)
said that it is the last and final words of
Almighty Allah (SWT). If we will follow it, we
will have success in the world and Heaven too. In
the Holy Quran, we can find knowledge about
prosperity for the whole of mankind. If you read
it daily, you will have spiritual satisfaction.
This is the reason why Islam gives importance to
acquiring the knowledge of the Koran. How to
Learn? We have understood how important it is to
learn the Koran. But now we will discuss how we
can learn it. We will discuss different ways by
which a Muslim can learn this Holy Book.
1- Mosque Learning There are a lot of mosques in
Muslim countries. Muslim adults and kids can
learn from there. Usually, it is a tradition in
the Muslim countries to send children to mosques
for learning the Koran. Basically, Qaris are the
teachers who teach the Holy Koran to students in
the mosques. Typically these qaris are not
well-educated and are not trained. So many people
dont want to send their children there because
of the environment. In non-Muslim countries, the
availability of mosques is not everywhere.
Muslims are unable to reach mosques due to their
shortage. The mosques are often located at far
off places so students need to travel to take
classes. This is not possible for everyone
because some people are busy in their jobs and
some have busy study routines.
2- Madrassa Learning Mosques also have madrassas
for teaching the Koran to the students. These are
the traditional places where students come and
learn different courses. This place is similar to
mosques. In Islamic countries, there are many
madrassas but in non-Islamic countries finding a
madrassa nearby is quite difficult. So Muslims
residing in such countries have to search for
other alternatives. 3- Private Teaching Private
teaching is when a teacher comes to the house to
teach students. It is a better form of learning
because students can learn in a better way
because a teacher can focus better on a student.
Private teaching is easily available in Muslim
countries but it is rarely available in Western
countries. If it is available, it is very
expensive too. So it is not a good option for
many people.
4- Online Classes When all the above ways of
learning the Koran are not possible or easy for
the students, then the best option is to learn
Quran online. In this way, students can take
classes at their own convenient time by staying
at home. Online learning has made it possible for
every person to learn the lessons of their
choice. A lot of online Quran academies are
available online to teach the Koran to worldwide
students. The students in western countries
choose this option because it is affordable and
convenient for them. It is easy to hire an expert
and qualified teachers as well as Islamic
scholars for learning Koran courses. What
Students Can Learn Online? There are varieties of
Islamic and Koran courses that students can learn
via online classes. For example
  • Noorani Qaida
  • The Koran is in Arabic and Non-Arabs dont know
    how to read Arabic unless one learns it. Noorani
    Qaida is the best course for learning how to read
    Arabic of the Koran. The students in this course
    learn all the Arabic alphabets and their
    pronunciation. They also learn how to join them
    to make words. When students learn to make words,
    they are able to read sentences.
  • Reading with Tajweed
  • Tajweed course helps students learn pronunciation
    in a proper way. The students learn all the
    important rules of recitation. All these rules
    are necessary to improve the recitation.

  • Hifz/ Memorization of the Koran
  • When a student learns the whole of the Koran by
    heart, it is called Hifz. Hifz can be done online
    with the help of hafiz teachers. Online classes
    help in memorizing besides taking regular formal
    classes. Students can go to school/college and
    take memorization classes at home when they are
  • Tarjuma/ Translation Course
  • Reading the Koran does not give complete benefits
    unless you understand what you are reading.
    Tarjuma/ Translation course helps the students in
    learning the meanings of the verses. Word by word
    translation helps them get a better understanding
    of the verses.
  • Tafseer
  • The detailed interpretation of the verses of the
    Koran help students understand the purpose of the
    verses and know about their detailed meanings.
    Students can learn Tafseer online with the help
    of qualified scholars.
  • Islamic Fiqh
  • Learning about Fiqh is important for
    understanding Islam. One can only learn about
    Fiqh under the supervision of Aalims.  The
    students learn all Islamic laws based on Quran
    teachings through this course. It is the
    understanding of Sharia and deep understanding of
    the religion Islam.

  • Islamic Studies
  • Students who dont have the basic knowledge of
    Islam can study Islamic studies course. Usually,
    this course is good for kids. They can learn
    different duas and etiquettes of Islam. Students
    in Muslim countries study Islam during their
    formal education but Muslims in western countries
    dont learn Islamic studies in their formal
    education so this is the right course for them.
    In this way, they can have some knowledge of
    Islam. The students can improve their knowledge
    after completing this course.
  • Online courses have proved to be very popular and
    useful among Muslims in non-Muslim countries,
    especially Western countries. These courses offer
    great opportunities for students who dont have
    access to Islamic teachers. All kinds of teachers
    like Hafiz, Aalim, and Qari are available to
    teach students all over the world. Choosing
    online courses is not difficult. Online Quran
    centers are available to offer classes 24/7. The
    students can choose the timing of taking the
    class. The most interesting thing is that
    students of all ages can learn these courses.
    Students from anywhere can get register to start
    learning any of the above courses.

  • How Do Online Quran Classes Work?
  • In these days, online Quran centers offer classes
    via Skype and can communicate through voice or
    video. The tutors who teach in this way can share
    the screens with their students. This gives the
    feeling of live and interactive classes and the
    lessons are also effective in this way because
    these are one to one learning sessions.
  • Online classes offer flexibility to students so
    that they can choose their own schedule and
    timing. Students can also choose male and female
    teachers. Now it is easy to find Urdu, English,
    Arabic, Hindi, and Pushtu speaking teachers.
    These teachers can teach Tajweed.
  • To take classes, students should have
  • A  PC with access to the internet
  • Skype Software
  • Microphone and Headphone

  • Why Choose Online Quran Learning
  • There are numerous Quran teaching services
    providers available on the internet but choose
    the one that offers services that are unique and
    different from others. There are many factors
    that make online learning a better option
  • It is easy to find well qualified and expert
  • There is no registration fee. Taking admission is
    free of cost
  • Classes are affordable and convenient to take
  • The students also have the option to choose a
    trial before starting regular classes. This trial
    is free of cost.
  • No need to go anywhere. Students can take classes
    while staying home.
  • Students can take classes at any time they want
    as the classes are available 24/7.
  • There is more teacher interaction with every
    student which results in better learning
  • The teachers are experienced and professional in
    teaching online.
  • There is a proper lesson plan for every course so
    that students can learn in a better way.
  • This is the best option for kids because parents
    can monitor the progress of their kids. The
    teachers can also have a meeting with parents

Benefits Of Online Quran Learning For
Adults Usually, Muslims start learning the Koran
in early ages. But there are many people who due
to some reasons couldnt learn the Koran in
childhood. Online classes offer the facility of
learning to such adults. In western countries,
Islam is spreading at a tremendous rate.
Non-Muslims are converting to Islam. These new
Muslims are usually adults. So they need to learn
the Koran properly. They may not find guidance
from a local teacher so online learning is the
right option for them. They can hire a private
teacher online and learn from them whatever they
want. Many adults are busy and they do a
full-time job. Such people can choose the
preferred time of their class and study. Adults
can get some benefits from online classes for
1- Flexibility Learning in this way provides a
flexible Koran study option for those people who
have time commitments. The students have the
freedom to study different courses at their own
convenience. Teachers are always accessible
online at a specific time. The students can study
courses anytime and from anywhere. This is a
great facility that helps students to study
around their personal schedule. It is an ideal
way of learning for those who need to balance
their Koran learning with their work and family
commitments. 2- Self-Paced The adults can at
their pace. This thing helps the students control
their own learning path. Online classes are a
suitable option for all types of learners. Older
students do not have an interest in going to a
madrassa for learning but if they get this
facility at home and that too in privacy, they
can have better learning. 3- Lower
Costs Students find it a more affordable way to
take Koran education. There are different course
and the fee for each course is very
cost-efficient than hiring a private tutor at
home. It is affordable for another reason that
there is no commuting cost involved.
4- Access to Advanced Courses Local madrassas
usually dont offer advanced courses because
there are no qualified teachers. But adult Muslim
can study advanced courses like Tafseer etc.
Online classes can be taken easily because all
the courses are available in a single
place. Benefits For Kids Due to several
benefits, more and more kids are enrolling in
online Koran courses. There are a lot of distinct
benefits of taking online classes for kids. This
kind of learning can be tailored to all kids. 1-
Technology-Based Learning Children like using
technology. They enjoy taking classes because
they can use a PC and the internet and are
encouraged for accessing online courses.
2- Stay At Home Many parents dont feel good to
send their kids to madrassas. They want that
their children should learn at home in front of
their eyes. In Western countries, people are busy
with their schedules. They dont find time to
send their children to Islamic centers or
mosques. Moreover, parents also dont feel
satisfied to send their kids outside for taking
classes. They want that their kids should stay at
home and learn with a private teacher. In
non-Muslim countries, hiring a private teacher is
quite expensive so everyone cannot afford such
teachers. Online classes help such parents hire a
tutor online and kids learn at their home without
going anywhere. 3- Parents Can Keep an Eye on
the Learning Of Kids When children take online
classes, parents can keep an eye on them and
check what they are learning. They can also
monitor their progress and see if they are
learning well or not. Parents can also talk to
the teacher whenever they want to discuss the
lessons and child progress with them. Parents can
also check the teaching method and style of the
tutor and decide if the tutor is the right choice
or not.
4- Teachers Are Qualified and Trained Teachers
are usually qualified and trained and they can
easily and efficiently handle kids. Children who
get special attention learn much better. The
tutors get special training to teach children
online. So the progress of kids also gets better
and they also feel satisfied and encouraged. It
Is Quite Simple To Start Learning Quran online is
simple. When you read all the benefits of online
learning and decide to take the online Quran
Classes, you must be asking how to start. The
process is quite simple. You should search for a
website that offers online teaching services and
then you should connect to that website to get
all the services you need. When you have selected
the Koran academy, the next step is to select the
course that you are interested in taking. If you
are a beginner, then you should start with the
Qaida course because it is important to learn.
This course helps in learning Tajweed too and it
is important for learning recitation.  The other
step you can take is to schedule the timing of
taking the class. Online Quran centers often
offer flexible schedules. The students are lucky
to select from the different timings available.
Students can easily pick a time that suits them
the best. These are some important things that
you have to decide before starting to learn the
Is Online Learning Popular? Learning the Book of
Allah is very important and taking online lessons
is very effective. This method of learning is the
form of e-learning. This method is becoming
popular with each passing day and the number of
students choosing online classes is growing.
People in Western countries, now prefer to take
online classes. This is because they think it is
better than going to institutes and take lessons.
It is becoming more popular because Muslims all
around the globe can learn in this way and can
choose from a wide variety of courses. The Quran
is a Holy Book of Muslims and learning this Book
is very important for every Muslim brother and
sister. Learning this Book should be with special
care and attention. Due to the availability of
well-qualified teachers, this method of learning
has become very common among people in the West.
Everyone can learn appropriately and
comfortably. When you choose an institute or a
teacher, it is necessary to conduct thorough
research in order to make sure the instructor is
Tips for Better Learning When you take online
classes, the most common problem that you may
face is the technical problems. Sometimes
technical issues become obstacles in learning to
make sure your PC/ Tablet or a Smartphone is
working properly. Secondly, your internet
connection is also good, secure, and fast. It is
very important for taking classes online. Make
sure you have an updated version of Skype too. If
it is not updated, update it before your class
starts. Anything frustrating can happen so you
should keep everything in the correct
form. Moreover, when you take classes, choose a
place which is peaceful and quiet. It must be
free of distractions so that you can concentrate
on your lessons. Inform your friends about the
time of your class so that they must not disturb
you by contacting you at that time. Try to be
sincere with your Quran learning process!
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