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living green wall


There can be no better air purifiers than a living green wall for a space whether indoors or outdoors. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: living green wall

Living green wall
  • Living greens wall as the name is self
    explanatory implies a vertical garden that is
    either free standing or are attached to a wall.
    The key to living walls is less of a horizontal
    space are more of the vertical space. They come
    in two systems self watering system and hand
    watering systems. The self watering system
    contains hidden pipes.

  • Although these walls made their first
    appearance way back in 1938, it is only in recent
    times that their popularity has picked up. These
    walls not only add that beauteous touch of
    greenery to a space but also purify the air
    around. There can be no better air purifiers than
    a living green wall for a space whether indoors
    or outdoors.

  • A Living green wall helps mitigating the
    toxins, pollutants and particulate matters. Such
    walls not only inject the much needed oxygen in
    the air but these walls go a long way in curbing
    noise pollution in spaces they are put at. Whats
    more, these walls offer protection to the walls
    too by controlling the temperature fluctuations
    and diverting the water away from the walls.

  • A Living green wall is the best tools for
    controlling the urban heat island effects. Urban
    areas, being concrete jungles are much warmer
    than their rural counterparts. Higher
    temperatures imply higher energy demands and
    costs. Such walls offer the much required shade
    from direct sunlight and controlling the
    temperatures of the structures. Since they
    insulate the structures, this helps in
    controlling the energy cost for heating in
    winters as well.

  • A Living green wall comes with several other
    advantages too. It makes the ambience tranquil,
    enhance the aesthetics and curb appeal, have
    positive impact on the overall physical and
    mental health of people, and also help in
    amplifying the price of the property by several
    times. Irrespective of the space and other
    constraints, a living green wall can be
    constructed in any kind of space.

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