5-Step Guide to Earning Bitcoin in Esports Betting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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5-Step Guide to Earning Bitcoin in Esports Betting


How do you earn profit from something you have absolutely no control in? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5-Step Guide to Earning Bitcoin in Esports Betting

5-Step Guide to Earning Bitcoin in Esports Betting
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Bitcoin Esports Betting
  • Cryptocurrency continues to flourish in many
    areas on and off the web, and esports is no
    exception. Since Bitcoin got catapulted to the
    top as the worlds latest digital innovation,
    esports betting has been a massive market for
    bettors and players alike who want to grow their
    investments using this new currency.
  • But how do you earn profit from something you
    have absolutely no control in?

Bitcoin Esports Betting
  • Well, as a matter of fact, you do. Betting your
    money on esports games is a gamble, but when
    youre betting with Bitcoin, you can adapt to a
    strategy that helps you incorporate skill to
    increase your chances of winning. This esports
    betting guide will introduce you to the rewarding
    world of esports betting and help you maintain a
    good standing.

Steps in
Bitcoin Esports Betting
  • Earn better by betting smarter.

Step 1 Keep your coins intact.
  • The first thing you should be concerned about is
    how you handle your Bitcoin stash. Getting your
    coins are easy, just look for a website - an
    online exchange site - where you can purchase
    your bitcoins and put them straight into your
    online wallet. Whether youre using a desktop
    software, a mobile app or a cloud for your
    wallet, its important that you keep by Bitcoin
    safe and secure for betting.

Step 2 Go sportsbook-hunting.
  • Look for a sportsbook that accepts Bitcoin
    payments and withdrawals so you wont end up
    putting your wallet address in the wrong place.
    Aside from that, you also have to make sure that
    your sportsbook has a low minimum deposit so you
    can sustain esports betting in the long run and a
    high maximum payout so you can really earn.

Step 3 Adapt to the games.
  • Its likely that anyone who plans to bet on
    esports using online betting sites already has a
    background on the particular game he or she plans
    to bet on, but with Bitcoin betting you get to
    enter games more than what you know, so one way
    you can get more winning bets is by reading game
    reviews, learning betting tips, ideas and esports
    betting guides from the sportsbooks blogs.

Step 4 Explore betting lines.
  • The typical moneyline betting on esports is also
    available when you bet with Bitcoin, but theres
    also other sorts of lines and contests made
    available by Bitcoin sportsbooks, like map bets
    and first kill bets, among others. Finding lines
    other than what everyone is joining is key to
    increasing your winning chances and potential

Step 5 Look for bonuses!
  • Even if Bitcoin is a highly-valued bet in the
    world of esports betting, crypto-based
    sportsbooks still release bonuses, discounts and
    freebies to regular bettors. Watch out for
    deposit bonuses, juice-free betting contests and
    other promotions that will help you save and earn
    at the same time.

Things to Remember
Before Betting
  • Dont forget the basics.

Few reminders
  • Do your research. Most games that give high
    payouts are usually the team-based esports games,
    and to rise above it means doing your homework
    before betting. Take a minute or two in checking
    up on both teams track record, performance and
    history to make a more defined prediction.

Few reminders
  • Maintain a small margin of error. Even with
    thorough research done when placing a bet on
    esports, theres no denying that a bet is still a
    bet. Youre still at the mercy of esports gods
    deciding whether or not youll win your money, so
    always have the mindset that the possibility of
    losing will always be there.
  • Track your progress. Take notes before, during
    and after betting on a particular match in any
    esports game. Aside from the fact that this helps
    you place more deliberated and effective smart
    guesses, keeping track of your progress will help
    you decide whether or not the size of the units
    you are betting is right.

And youre all set!
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