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How to Classify a Coin in India based on its type


Get a quick overview on how you can classify a coin in India based on its type. Learn about the broad categories of Indian coins to make your research simpler. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Classify a Coin in India based on its type

How to Classify a Coin in India based on its type
  • The history of Indian coins begins at around
    600BC when different Janapadas started issuing
    coins for their respective territories. Some of
    the oldest coins in India were issued by Gandhara
    Janapada and Magadha Janapada.
  • Ancient coins of India issued by Indian empires
    such as Guptas, Satavahanas and early invaders
    such as Kushans are also extremely beautiful.

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  • Medieval India coins issued by the Muslim
    Sultanates and Mughals mostly featured Persian
    legends. Other independent kingdoms such as
    Marathas, Sikhs, Ahom, Mysore, Vijayanagar also
    issued wonderful coins with distinct designs and
  • Big empires were broken down into several smaller
    princely states, each of which started
    circulating coins of their own. Princely state
    coins of India issued by Bhopal, Alwar,
    Bhawnagar, Gwalior are popular among

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  • The third major category of Indian coins is
    termed as colonial coins. These coins were issued
    and circulated by the different European powers
    which colonised different parts of India such as
    Dutch East India Company, British East India
    Company, Danish East India Company, French East
    India Company etc.
  • England started officially issuing Indian coins
    after the revolution of 1857. Most of the British
    India coins featured a side profile effigy of the
    Monarchs who reigned at the time of issuance.

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  • Finally, the fourth category of coins in India is
    called republic India coins. These coins were
    issued after India got independence on 15th
    August 1947. 1 pice was the smallest denomination
    you will find with respect to modern coins of
  • Five rupee and 10 rupee coins in India are the
    latest ones that are being circulated currently.
    There are reports that a 20 rupees coin will also
    soon be introduced.

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  • As a collector, if you own a Coin in India, then
    it can be easily categorised into the
    above-mentioned four groups and each category has
    several more sub-categories.
  • If you really like collecting Indian coins, then
    you will have to analyse each and every category
    closely and then dive deep into their history.
    When you start upgrading your knowledge, you will
    eventually be able to upgrade your collection as
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