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Pet Parenting Over The Years


There has been a gradual shift for people from being pet owners to pet parents. Americans adore pets and consider them to be members of their family. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Pet Parenting Over The Years

Pet Parenting Over The Years
The Evolution Of Pet Ownership
Of pet owners in the US consider pets to be a
family member
Of all British pets are insured
Asian parents shared it was common to have social
media profiles for pets
Mintel, Americas Pet Owners, 2013 The
Australian, 2017 Euromonitor, 2014
The Boom in Pet Sales
As per a report by Acosta, Americans spend around
30 billion on pet food and pet products in 2016.
The same report predicts the sale of pet food and
products to reach 38 billion by 2020.
Source Nielsen Planners Total xAOC 52 wks ending
A Timeline Of Pet Ownership Over The Years
Animals have played an important role in human
life over the years. Throughout history, the role
of animals in society has shifted from dependency
for food, clothing, and transportation to one of
companionship and pleasure.
Prehistoric Times
Middle Ages
Pre-Modern Era
Ancient Civilizations
Modern Era
Pets fulfill several functional roles. But
companionship still forms the primary function of
a pet.
The first domesticated animal was wolf,
predecessor to the modern dog.
Pet keeping, though rising in popularity, was
still considered to be unnatural.
Pet keeping and pet breeding became formalized
and a way of life.
The concept of working dogs and pet ownership
came into practice.
Transition from Owners To Parents
There has been a gradual shift for people from
being pet owners to pet parents. Americans adore
pets and consider them to be members of their
family. In fact, around 80 of parents treat
their pets as children. The highest numbers of
pet parents are Millenials and Baby Boomers, with
the ratio of households with pets being more than
households with kids. From celebrating to their
birthdays to talking to them daily, they treat
pets just like their babies.
Changing Trends in Pet Parenting
Pet Spend
Buy products with wellness benefits
Spend 500 yearly on medicine and grooming
Most pet parents are concerned about the health
and wellbeing of their pets. They also spend a
lot of money on grooming and medical expenses.
Changing Trends in Pet Parenting
Pet Food
Of millenials feel its important to dine with
Pet food too has experienced a major shift. While
previously, pet food included everything from
kibble to bones to rawhide, presently parents are
becoming more conscious. Concepts such as grain
and gluten-free dog treats, preservatives-free
are penetrating the market. Natural dog treats
are gaining popularity. Parents are switching
over to homemade food and being more conscious
about what theyre feeding their pets. They also
like to dine with their pets.
Changing Trends in Pet Parenting
Pet Insurance
Rise in revenue of pet insurance companies
Billion number of insured pets in North America
In the 1960s and 1970s, there werent many
facilities to treat sick pets. However, the
millenials are changing that. The love and
attachment they feel for their pets make them
spend more to keep them healthy and help them
Changing Trends in Pet Parenting
Pet Technology With present innovations in
technology, even the pet industry has not been
left behind. Some of the biggest fields which
have been transformed by innovation are food,
lifestyle, and medical care.
Amount spent on pet technology from 2012-2016
The Future Ahead
Pet parenting has come a long way with major
changes shaping it in the last 20-30 years. The
growing emotional bond between parents and their
pets means that it has ceased to be just about
pet satisfaction. Parents have become more
conscious about their pets growing needs which
has enabled them to feel a part of the
satisfaction that their pets feel, creating a
mutual experience. This is only going to grow in
the future.
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