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Top qualities of a fashion designer


Must needed skills to become a successful fashion designer. For brief information go through this presentation brought to you by Indian institute of fashion and design Chandigarh. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top qualities of a fashion designer

Top Qualities of Fashion Designer
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Fashion Design
  • Fashion Design is an art of creating designs for
    clothing and other fashion accessories. It is
    the idea for creating and manufacturing of new
    clothing, footwear, accessories, apparel and
    consumers wear. Fashion designing involves the
    various skills like market research, creativity,
    drawing, sketching and fabric selections.

Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Designer is a person responsible for
    stylist clothing and this style is based on
    customer interest, place, region, culture,
    religion. Fashion designer brings an idea how a
    garment should look, converts that idea into
    design (sketch) and guide the production or
    manufacturing team how to convert that design
    into actual piece of clothing.

Skills Needed To Become Fashion Designer
A Sharp Business Sense A Sharp Business Sense High Creativity
Excellent Drawing Ability Excellent Drawing Ability Strong Visualization Skills
Ability to Critically Thinking Ability to Critically Thinking Excellent Communication
Strong Sewing Skills Strong Sewing Skills A Competitive Spirit
Fine Eye for Detail Fine Eye for Detail Good Eye for Materials
Knowledge of Current Fashion Trends Knowledge of Current Fashion Trends Knowledge of Current Fashion Trends
Understanding of Texture, Color, and Fabric Understanding of Texture, Color, and Fabric Understanding of Texture, Color, and Fabric
Ability to meet Deadlines and Work within a Budget Ability to meet Deadlines and Work within a Budget Ability to meet Deadlines and Work within a Budget
Ability to Work in Team Computer Knowledge Computer Knowledge
Ability to Critically Thinking
  • A critical thinker always tries to bring new
    ideas and designs. A fashion designer has the
    quality to think out of box so that new things
    can be generated. He has to study the mind of
    people and their fashion need and convert them
    into reality in the form of stylist garments.

High Creativity
  • A fashion designer needs to be creative. This
    means a good fashion designer has ability to take
    something from nothing and convert it into the
    piece of art. He/she should have great sense of
    styles and constantly come with new ideas of

A Sharp Business Sense
  • A good fashion designer should have strong
    business skills. He has tendency to understand
    the market demand, maintain budget. He should be
    able to maintain sales, purchase, marketing,
    finance related activities associated with
    fashion business.

Excellent Drawing Skills
  • A professional fashion designer should have great
    drawing skills. Fashion designing is all about
    sketching and drawing. A fashion designer has to
    convert his designing ideas in to sketches which
    in turn are converted into garments. So strong
    designing skills are must needed for a fashion
    designer. If someone is not expert in it he/she
    should join a fashion designing course to take
    professional training for this.

Strong Sewing Skills
  • A fashion designer has to work with production
    and manufacturing team as well. He has to guide
    the workers about sewing requirements. So it is
    recommended that a fashion designer should have
    strong sewing skills so that he will be able to
    guide workers to convert design into actual

Fine Eye for Detail
  • It is the detail that makes a product unique. So
    a good fashion designer should have brilliant eye
    over the detail. If you have good designing,
    drawing and visualization skills but details are
    not utilized in proper way the end product will
    be disastrous. So proper utilization of provided
    details is most wanted skill for a fashion

Good Eye for Materials
  • Selection of material determines the look and
    quality of garments. So a fashion designer should
    have complete knowledge about the material which
    is used in manufacturing of garments. He should
    be capable of choosing right fabrics, colors,
    pattern, yarn, buttons, sewing threads, buttons,
    hang tags, labels and other raw material used in
    garment industry.

A Competitive Spirit
  • To become a professional fashion designer
    competitive spirit is necessary. Make yourself a
    remarkable trendsetter. Understand the need of
    market and evolve fresh ideas, creative designs.
    If you dont remain motivated it will not be
    possible for you to cater new ideas, tastes and

Computer Knowledge
  • In the modern era most of designs are created
    using computer software. So knowledge of
    designing software is must for fashion designers.
    Fashion designers have to create clothing designs
    using Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe illustrator,
    Autodesk and other applications and their
    knowledge is must needed for fashion designers to
    success in modern fashion industry.

Strong Visualization Skills
  • A fashion designer has to work with lot of
    clients along with fellow colleagues. So a good
    fashion designer should have strong visualization
    skills so that you can easily present your ideas
    in front of your clients or colleagues. The idea
    translated in the form of designs will be easily
    understandable and help to move ahead toward
    finished product quickly.

Understanding of Texture, Color, and Fabrics
  • Colour, Texture and Fabrics are important
    elements of garment manufacturing. So a fashion
    designer has strong understanding, complete
    knowledge about using them in proper way. You
    cant make any cloth without fabric. Color
    selection varies from season, occasion and
    gender. So if fabrics, colors and textures are
    not selected correctly garment manufactured will
    not be a comfortable one.

Excellent Communication
  • As a good fashion designer you have ability to
    express your views verbally as well as
    graphically and should have excellent
    communication and interpersonal skills. All the
    designing processes whether it is jewelry,
    footwear, clothing or accessory designing evolves
    team or lot of peoples so what you design or say
    should be easily understandable by all.

Knowledge of Fashion Trends
  • Fashion is all about the current fashion trends.
    So to be a successful fashion designer you should
    have to keep you updated with latest fashion
    trends. Get updated with public interest, what
    people are buying and what designers are creating
    new in the market. All this information is much
    needed for fashion designers to create latest
    demand clothing designs.

Ability to Work Well in a Team
  • Fashion designing is not an individual process
    however it is a team work. A fashion designer
    should have ability to work with in a team. In
    fashion industry you have to work with fabric
    vendors, pattern makers, cutters, sample makers,
    production coordinators, sales persons, tech
    designers. Each department has its own role and
    all have to contribute collectible to bring
    overall success. Therefore a fashion designer
    should be a good team player.

Ability to meet Deadlines and Work within a Budget
  • Every fashion designing project is allocated
    budget and deadlines. So being a good fashion
    designer he/she should have ability to complete
    the assigned task with in the time and budget. A
    fashion designer has to provide best work based
    on budget allocated and manage the things

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