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How To Open Demat Account


This presentation gives you a clear idea about how to open an demat account. Every point related to Demat account opening cover here. For more info visit@ – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How To Open Demat Account

How to Open Demat Account
What is a Demat Account
Before you start trading, you have to open a
trading account with a Depository Participant or
DPs, which can be a bank, a brokerage firm or a
financial institution. Once you are through with
the process/ formalities of opening an account,
you are given a Demat account number, which is
the key to your trading activities. All the
securities you buy in the market are credited to
this acc. Demat account offers you a secure and
convenient way to keep track of your securities
and investments online. You can open your Demat
account in a single account name, joint account
name or multiple account names.
How does a Demat account work?
Demat account is like a bank account in which
instead of money, the shares and securities you
buy are kept in dematerialized form. In the past,
the investors were given the physical possession
of shares, but now the shares are just credited
in the Demat account of the investor. The Demat
account number has to be quoted with every
transaction you make, which is a mandatory
process for placing a market order. You can
access this account anytime you want with a
Transaction and an internet password.
Steps to open a Demat Account
1. Look for a Depository Participant The first
step to open a demat account is to select a
suitable Depository Participant (DP). A DP could
be a bank, a broker, or an online investment
platform. Make sure that the DP you choose
fulfills all the necessary criteria and matches
your requirements. To compare the various DPs,
you could look for the list and other details on
the CDSL and NSDL websites.
2. Fulfill the KYC formalities To register
yourself with the DP and to open a demat account,
it is very important to fulfill the KYC (Know
your Customer) formalities. KYC formalities
include submission of a duly filled application
form along with the copies of required identity

3. Verification Once the application form is
submitted along with the KYC documents, you might
be required to be present in person at the DPs
office in order to verify the authenticity of the
4. Acquire Beneficiary Owner Identity
(BOID) Upon the processing of the application
at the DP, a unique Beneficiary Owner Identity,
commonly known as BOID, is generated. You need to
acquire this BOID in order to make transactions
and access your demat account in the future.
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Things to Note
  • The DP may revise the charges by giving 30 days
    notice in advance.
  • If demat account is closed in between of the
    year, annual maintenance charges shall be
    levied proportionately for each quarter.
  • There is no minimum number of shares that have
    to be kept in the demat account.
  • No charge is applicable for closure of DP
  • No charge for transfer of holdings from one DP
    to another DP, if investor is not satisfied with
    the services of your existing DP.

About Us
  • IIFL is a financial services conglomerate which
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