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Know 5 interesting facts before going to IVF Treatment


IVF procedure has been a blessing for a childless couple who struggle with an infertility problem. Here 5 interesting fact like Infertility is not uncommon, Age matters, Frozen is just as good as fresh, Success rates and Treatment can extend to multiple cycles to know from best IVF center in Ahmedabad before going to IVF treatment. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Know 5 interesting facts before going to IVF Treatment

5 Essential Things to Know about IVF
  • IVF treatments have been a boon for the couples
    who otherwise struggle to conceive a child.
  • With the innovative advancements in the medical
    field, there are many types of IVF treatments
    available in most of the best IVF center in

Here are the five Essential Things you should
know about IVF
Infertility is not uncommon
  • Infertility is a very common and natural
    phenomenon, affecting many couples. The reasons
    for infertility are generally can be due to
    women, men or a resultant of the combination of

Age Matters
  • When it comes to fertility treatment, the success
    rate is better with younger patients. In women,
    the decline in fertility starts at around 35 and
    accelerates through the late 30s and 40s.
  • So by early 40s, it is much more difficult to
    conceive, and by 45 there is a much-reduced
    chance of success for the treatment.

Frozen is just as good as fresh
  • Recent studies have suggested that frozen eggs,
    sperms, and embryos are just as viable as the
    fresh ones.
  • Women freezing their eggs under the age of 35
    have an increased chance of having a baby with
    these eggs through the fertility treatment.

Success rates can be deceiving
  • Success rates headlined by clinics can often
    mislead people as they are not measured as per
    your exact situation.
  • Some clinics even turn away patients with poor
    prognosis such as older women, those with a
    lesser number of eggs or those with particular
    gynecological problems.

  • This means that most highlighted success rates
    may not actually be relevant for your specific

Treatment can extend to multiple cycles
  • The success rates of IVF average around 40,
    which means that some patients will have to go
    through multiple procedures before achieving a
    successful pregnancy.
  • As new techniques are developed and refined,
    success rates are continually improving.

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