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Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Hyderabad


iGRACE is the Best Makeup Studio in Hyderabad have hands of experience of working with various fashion weeks and events. We have been successful for years in reflecting this beauty among all our esteemed and happy customers, while encouraging us to adopt all its beauty. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Hyderabad

Best Useful Makeup Tips to Look More Beautiful
  • Obtaining general makeup tips for different
    occasions is a good idea because you do not want
    to wear the same type of makeup on every
  • These tips cover makeup application, selection
    and care and everything you need to know about
    makeup. pre bridal packages in hyderabad

Makeup Tips
  • 1. When you apply eye shadow, blend, blend, blend
    so that the colors melt into one another for a
    more natural look.
  • 2. To get an allover glow with blusher or
    bronzer, use a large makeup brush to apply blush
    over forehead, tip of nose, chin as well as
    cheeks so your skin has a healthy, natural
    looking flush.

  • 3. Keep you kohl in the fridge for a few hours
    before sharpening it. It hardens the lead so that
    you can sharpen it easily to give you a finer
    line when you use it.
  • 4 .Get yourself a decent set of makeup brushes
    and no, the ones that come for free in the
    compact will not do. Long handled brushes are
    easier to use and give you a more professional
    finish than the brushes that come free with your
    makeup. famous bridal makeup artist in hyderabad

  • 5. Apply lipstick with a lip brush. Less wastage
    that way and the result is more natural and not
    too thick.
  • 6. Line lips with a nude lip pencil so that when
    the lipstick fades away, you are not left with an
    unsightly line around your lips.

  • 7. When you use nail polish, keep a cotton bud
    and nail polish remover handy to erase any
    mistakes, so that the end result looks pro. 
  • 8. Wear only the colors that flatter you. Don't
    bother with colors that make you look garish or
    do nothing for you. Makeup is about looking your
    best. makeup artists in jubilee hills

  • 9. Make lips look fuller by dabbing on a shimmery
    color at the center of the lower lip.
  • 10. Did your favorite lipstick melt if out Scrape
    it out and put it in a tiny jar. That way, you
    can still apply your makeup with a lip brush and
    carry it around easily.
  • 11.If you wear foundation, pick one that suits
    your skin type as well as which blends in with
    your skin color.

  • 12.Apply eye shadow trios by using the medium
    shade over the entire eyelid, the darkest shade
    in the crease of the eyelid and the lightest
    shade on the brow bone and center of eyelid.
  • 13. If you go for strong, smoky eyes, go easy on
    the lips. If you want a strong, bold mouth, go
    easy on the eyes. Highlight a feature at a time.
    Too strong makeup on both eyes and lips at the
    same time looks garish on most women. bridal
    packages in hyderabad

  • 14. To look fresher, apply mascara on top lashes
    only. Avoid the lower lashes as that would
    emphasize shadows around the eyes.
  • 15. To make skin look flawless, use a serum to
    moisturize your face. Let you skin absorb the
    moisture completely. Then apply your compact
    makeup with a brush.

  • 16. If you want your lip color to last through a
    romantic summer date, line and color your lips
    with a lip pencil in the color of your lipstick.
    Best bridal makeup services in Hyderabad
  •  17. Wash your makeup brushes with a mild shampoo
    and warm water. Then squeeze off the excess water
    from the hairs gently with a dry towel and lay
    the brushes out on a clean towel to dry
    completely before you keep them back in your
    makeup pouch.

  • 18. Wash your makeup brushes weekly or even daily
    to get rid of accumulated dirt, grime and
    bacteria the brushes would inevitably pick up
    from your skin and from the environment.
  • 19. Do you look like a clown when you apply
    blusher? Switch to a cream blush. Apply the cream
    blush on your skin. Then add a touch of
    foundation on your blush and blend that in, so
    that the color seems to radiate from within. Best
    wedding makeup artists in Hyderabad

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