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11 Warning Signs and Symptoms of Low Sperm Count, Oligospermia


In this guide, we have discussed about 11 warning signs and symptoms of low sperm count and oligospermia problem in males. Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules reverse ill-effects of ageing, bad habits, medication and occupational hazards and cure infertility. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 11 Warning Signs and Symptoms of Low Sperm Count, Oligospermia

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The problem of oligospermia can get unnoticed for
years and diagnosed only when male tries to
achieve fatherhood.
In most of the cases males arrive at clinic only
when they fail to impregnate their wife even
after trying for a long duration.
But there are certain symptoms which indicate
presence of problem if not directly than
indirectly and ring a bell.
Mostly these symptoms get ignored which is why
males come to know about the problem only after
failing in extending progeny.
Here are few symptoms of low sperm count which
give an early warning to males and protect them
from embarrassment.
Sexual dysfunctions are symptoms of oligospermia
as these indicate weakness and malfunction of
reproductive system.
Problems like low libido, ED and low semen volume
indicate low testosterone and poor prostate
functions which can also deteriorate male
Undescended testicles clearly signify possible
presence of oligospermia. Testicles are in
abdomen of a baby. These slide down when baby
starts walking.
But in some cases one or both testicles do not
come in the sac which states poor male fertility.
Undescended testicles shall be treated without
delays even at early age because these can decay
in abdomen and pose serious threat to health in
many cases.
Undescended testicles due to genetic or other
reasons are one of the symptoms of oligospermia.
Lump or pain in testicles can occur due to
infection or injury. There can be various other
causes of lump in testicular sac which is one of
the symptoms of low sperm count.
Male suffering with pain or lump in testicular
sac shall get his semen tested to diagnose the
problem early.
Too much thin or watery semen is also one of the
symptoms of oligospermia which indicates lesser
presence of sperms.
Although sperms constitute just 2 of total semen
volume yet too much thin semen indicates presence
of lesser number of sperms.
The problem of retrograde ejaculation is one of
the causes of oligospermia. Presence of thick
white discharge with urine indicates retrograde
Loss of seminal fluids or sperms with urine is
one of the symptoms of low sperm count.
Reducing volume of semen can be due to various
reasons. Low semen volume is sign of poor male
fertility which allows sperms to die at rapid
pace and also raises doubts about health and
motility of sperms.
This too is regarded as one of the low sperm
count signs.
Growing weight and fat deposition particularly
around waist, sudden hair fall and reducing
muscle mass indicate deteriorating level of
testosterone hormone.
Males suffering with low testosterone are prone
to suffer with poor male fertility as well. The
signs of low testosterone too are symptoms of the
Presence of certain health conditions shall be
treated as oligospermia signs. Auto-immune
disorders, varicocele and celiac disease are few
health problems that shall be taken as signs of
low sperm count.
Use of beta-blockers, anti-depressant, strong
antibiotic for longer duration and treatments of
cancer also cause oligospermia.
Males using these medicines or who have undergone
treatments like chemotherapy etc. shall get their
semen tested.
Alcohol, smoking, recreational drugs or steroids
all are harmful for male fertility. These are
risk factors that increase propensity of a male
for oligospermia.
If one has been in habit of any of these bad
practices these are low sperm count signs as well.
Depression, emotional stress, exposure to heavy
metals, chemicals and radiations are also
oligospermia signs. These conditions increase
risk by damaging sperms even in a physically
healthy male.
Any of these symptoms indicate that male needs to
take proper steps to make sperm healthy and
higher in number.
Dietary and lifestyle changes help in improving
condition of a male suffering with oligospermia.
Along with these changes use of herbs assure fast
and better results.
To get benefit of most effective and beneficial
herbs use of Spermac and Vital M-40 in
combination is best.
These supplements come with herbs that address
root cause of the problem and make sperms healthy
and motile to improve fertility.
Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules reverse
ill-effects of ageing, bad habits, medication and
occupational hazards. These also protect male
reproductive system from side effects of health
conditions and protect healthy sperms.
By using these supplements, male gains healthy
hormonal balance, optimum nutrition, protection
from toxins and free-radicals and internal
inflammation which make sperm strong and motile
and increase their production.
These supplements are powerful anti-ageing and
improve glandular functions.
One gains healthy circulatory system and stronger
immunity as well by using these supplements.
The overall effects of these collectively
boost-up male fertility and potency and improve
physical and mental health simultaneously.
These are safe ways to make sperm strong and
motile and achieve fatherhood and enjoy much
improved quality of life till later.
Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules due to their
harmlessness and herbal nature are excellent
protective remedies and can be used to stay away
from problem.
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