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9 Sperm Killer Foods That Decrease Sperm Count, Motility [Alert]


In this guide, we have discussed about 9 sperm killer foods that decrease sperm count and motility naturally. Use of Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules along with healthy diet is an excellent way to boost-up male fertility. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 9 Sperm Killer Foods That Decrease Sperm Count, Motility [Alert]

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There are foods that cast negative effect over
males potency and also fertility.
Males most often consume these foods without
knowledge that these are actually killing their
sperms and making them infertile.
Here we have listed 9 sperm killer foods that
decrease sperm count and deteriorate males
By eating healthy foods and avoiding foods that
decrease sperm motility and count male can
achieve fertility and fatherhood without any
Alcohol this is one of the most common and
deadliest low sperm count foods. Males who are
habitual drinkers or have been drinking alcohol
for a long time suffer with low sperm count due
to many reasons.
Not only pure alcohol even alcohol-based products
deteriorate male fertility by slowing down sperm
The substances and elements alcohol contains can
damage healthy sperms and make them useless to
cause problem.
Canned foods the foods that come in tin cans
are dangerous for male fertility. Recent
researches have concluded that Bisphenol A or BPA
raisins used in canned foods kills healthy sperms
and lowers their production too.
Perfluoroalkyl acid used in these foods also
harms sperm production and cause low sperm count.
Pig Meat meat or organ meat of pigs is
hazardous for male fertility. If you are fond of
pig meat or cuisines made by using one it is time
to quit.
Kidneys of pigs in particular are very harmful
for male fertility as these contain high amount
of cadmium which damages sperms.
Tofu and fortified soy products these foods are
recommended due to high protein content. But
always remember that these are rich in estrogen
hormone which is main hormone of females.
Excessive presence of estrogen hormone lowers
sperm production and even promotes poor sperm
motility. Too much use of Tofu products is one of
the causes of Azoospermia.
Fish in general fish are reckoned as healthy
foods but there are varieties of fishes that can
be harmful and cause oligospermia. Fishes like
tuna, swordfish, tilefish etc.
are few to name that can cause infertility not
only in males but also in females. These fishes
contain high amount of mercury which can harm
functions of reproductive system. For males these
are foods that decrease sperm motility.
Aerated and carbonated drinks these are
commonly used as refreshments. People consume
these with meals as well and also to relieve
If you are planning to have a baby stay away from
these drinks not only because of high sugar
content but also because of aspartame. These
drinks contain aspartame which causes Azoospermia.
Processed/junk food not only these kinds of
foods gives broader waist and bulging belly but
also harm manliness.
Regular consumption of processed meat lowers
testosterone level in males which can cause poor
mental health, low muscle mass, fat around waist
and most importantly oligospermia.
Whole dairy products these are full of fat but
more dangerous than fat is that cattle can
consume grass and other vegetation which may
contain metals and chemicals contamination.
These metals, chemicals etc. can come along with
milk and milk products made by using whole milk
and harm male fertility.
Inorganic foods veggies, fruits and even
wholegrain grown by using fertilizers and
inorganic methods have contamination of
pesticides and other chemicals and heavy metals.
Make an effort to get organically grown veggies
and fruits and wholegrain to stay away from the
Use of Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules along with
healthy diet is excellent to boost-up male
fertility. These pills come with herbs that
address the causes of male infertility and
resolve problem naturally.
These pills promote production of healthy and
motile sperms in higher number and also improve
males vitality and potency.
These even reverse damaging effects of poor diet,
ageing, health conditions and bad habits like
smoking, alcoholism etc.
Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules are safe and
harmless and work for male of any age. These are
not only curative but also protective remedies
and can be used by males to maintain their
Use of this supplement is simplest and most
convenient way to get rid of low sperm count or
motility and achieve fatherhood easily.
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