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Ready to Start Losing Weight the Healthy Way


The Right Calorie Count. Weight Loss Diet Plan (1200 to 1400 calories). Healthy Lifestyle Diet (1600 to 1800 calories). Active Lifestyle Diet (2000 to 2200). Conclusion. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Ready to Start Losing Weight the Healthy Way

Ready to Start Losing Weight the Healthy Way? Top
Calorie Meal Plans to Consider
  • How is your current diet looking like? Do you
    see any changes in your weight loss program or
    you feel stuck in the same phase?
  • You are not alone. A lot of people train for
    hours and track their calorie-intake to the gram
    but still cannot shake off the excess body
    weight. Nutrition experts would argue that the
    problem is not always in how much calories you
  • While we keep our eyes on the calories, we
    are ignoring other vital nutrients the body needs
    to keep healthy. As you tone down on calories on
    one side, you also have to load up on proteins,
    fiber, and vitamins on the other end.
  • The secret lies in balancing all nutrients in
    your diet. Also, getting in a fitness program
    that challenges your body on every level helps
    keep unwanted body fat away. There is also the
    added benefit of growing stronger each day.

Table of Contents
  • The Right Calorie Count.
  • Weight Loss Diet Plan (1200 to 1400 calories).
  • Healthy Lifestyle Diet (1600 to 1800 calories).
  • Active Lifestyle Diet (2000 to 2200).
  • Conclusion.

The Right Calorie Count
  • How much calories your body needs will depend
    on your body type and the lifestyle you need.
    Ideally, people with a slow metabolic rate
    require a diet with few calories in it. This
    allows their body to digest all calories without
    leaving an excess that will be turned into fat.
  • On the other hand, people with a faster
    metabolic rate require more calories on their
    diet to maintain a healthy body mass. It is also
    possible to tailor your diet so that it includes
    more energy giving nutrients to fuel you through
    the day.
  • Fortunately, there are already established
    diet plans to help you meet any health goal you
    want. Whether you are looking to eliminate excess
    calories, add more nutrients, or boost your
    energy levels, in the diet you take, we will look
    at three diet plans that can help you achieve
    just that.

  • So, you no longer have to starve or stuff
    yourself just to maintain a healthy body mass.
    These three meal plans carry different calorie
    levels as follows
  • 1200-1400 KCAL (Weight Loss Plan)
  • 1600-1800 KCAL (Healthy Meal Plan)
  • 2000-2200 KCAL (Active Lifestyle Plan
  • Here is the best part you still get to
    enjoy great meals whipped up with easy to find

Weight Loss Diet Plan (1200 to 1400 calories)
  • This diet plan is designed to help you lose
    weight and at the same time consume healthy
    nutrients. It is meant for those with a slow
    metabolic rate and wants to lose excess weight by
    toning down on calories. This plan is also
    designed for anyone who rarely gets time to work
    out but still wants to feel healthy and strong
    from the meals they eat.
  • Each meal on the menu delivers between 1200
    and 1400 calories in a day. Within the course of
    7 days, this will be the number of calories you
    will be consuming. You also get to snack in
    between meals so you don't get tempted to binge
    on an ice cream tab.

  • Breakfast
  • What a great way to start your morning than
    on a Greek-style omelet with whole grain toast.
    This only packs 283 calories which is enough to
    fuel you through your morning errands. As a
    snack, you get to enjoy slices of goat cheese
    garnished with cherry tomatoes and olives. This
    adds another 150 calories which are enough to
    boost to last you until lunch.
  • Alternatively, breakfast could be tasty
    homemade whole wheat crepes loaded with mushroom
    and cheese. This serving pack 212 calories which
    as you notice is less than what you started with.
    Your midday snack will consist of plain yogurt
    with a fruit of choice which packs 120 calories,
    again less than the initial snack.
  • The idea behind this is to start you off on
    loads of calories then reduce the intake as you
    go through the week.

  • Lunch
  • Lunch is designed to take your calorie
    intake up again. On the menu is sumptuous chicken
    breast garnished with green salad and whole grain
    couscous. Your body is getting a whopping 364
    calories which fuel you with energy to take you
    through the rigorous afternoon. You also get to
    snack on a tasty slice of apple pie.
    Alternatively, cabbage salad would also be great
    for after lunch snack. Both options pack a total
    of 157 calories.
  • Option two, for lunch, is beef stew with
    veggies which packs 312 calories. Snack time is a
    creamy serving of ricotta topped with mixed nuts
    and strawberries. This loads you up with 132
    calories in total.

  • Dinner
  • After a long day, you just want to settle in
    for a nice meal before you retire to bed. For
    dinner, nothing compliments a peaceful evening
    like baked salmon with veggies. This serving
    fuels you up with 268 calories. There is no snack
    for tonight so a glass of water is all you will
  • On a different night, dinner would be
    Teriyaki salmon served with noodles and a bowl of
    veggies. This packs a total of 335 calories which
    preps you up for the weekend of fun or makes up
    for lost calories in case you missed lunch.
  • By the end of the day, you consumed a total
    of 1222 calories. Your body can easily manage
    this figure without having to convert excess
    calories into fats.

Healthy Lifestyle Diet (1600 to 1800 calories)
  • Do you always find it hard to plan healthy
    meals in between your busy schedules? The healthy
    lifestyle diet plan is just what you need to
    ensure you are eating enough carbs, proteins,
    vitamins, and healthy fats your body needs. After
    losing a lot of weight on the first meal plan,
    the healthy lifestyle is tailored to help you
    gain healthy weight and achieve your optimum body
    mass index or BMI.
  • By the end of the day, you will have consumed
    between 1600 to 1800 calories. This diet plan
    comes with a 200 to 400 calorie boost (from the
    previous plan) which your body will use to build
    healthy muscle.

  • Breakfast
  • Breakfast starts off with your favorite
    Greek-style omelet with a serving of whole grain
    toast. The only difference here is that the
    portions are upped so that you get a total of 425
    calories by the time you are done. That extra 142
    calories are what your body will use to build
    more muscle. Snack time is the same old goat
    cheese with cherry tomatoes and olives. You also
    get 2 pieces of crisp rye bread) to raise the
    calories to 225.
  • On a different day of the week, you still
    get to enjoy those tasty homemade crepes you
    made. The best part is that you get to up the
    serving so you get about 360 calories in the
    morning. For your snack, you guessed right,
    vanilla yogurt with berries or any fruit of your
    choice. Again the portions are increased to bring
    the calories to 215.

  • Lunch
  • If you loved the chicken in the previous diet
    plan, you still get to enjoy it on this one. To
    go with your chicken breast is a serving of green
    salad with couscous (whole grain). Once more, the
    portions are stepped up to bring the calories to
    225. For dessert, you still get to choose between
    cabbage or apple pie. This new portion should
    bring your calorie count to 157.
  • On a different day, lunch can still be beef
    stew with veggies but this time you add a serving
    of buckwheat. The calorie could amount to 507.
    For something different, you could enjoy a
    homemade chicken burger with a sizzling bowl of
    broccoli soup. Tasty as usual and your calories
    amount to 502. For your afternoon snack, there is
    no harm in going for ricotta with mixed nuts or
    berries. With the portion upped, you are looking
    at 214 calories by the time you are done.
    Alternatively, baby carrots with celery and black
    olives would make a good after-lunch snack
    packing a total of 215 calories.

  • Dinner
  • As you come home for dinner, no doubt you
    are looking forward to baked salmon with assorted
    veggies. This time you also get a serving of
    brown rice to raise the calories to 477. If you
    are not up for Salmon, you can go for something
    different like rainbow trout served with one
    baked potato and veggies. The calorie count for
    this is 542.
  • By the end of the day, you will have
    consumed a total of 1790 calories which is within
    the limit.

Active Lifestyle Diet (2000 to 2200)
  • This is the diet you go when you really want
    to bulk up and boost your endurance in the gym.
    In addition, this meal plan is perfect if you
    lead a really active lifestylefor instance, an
    athlete, professional bodybuilder, or work in
    construction. You want to feel energized through
    the day and have enough strength to handle the
    many difficult tasks you will be facing. No, you
    do not need gallons of hard-brewed coffee to keep
    you going through the mountain of work that needs
    to be cleared. You just need to follow this
    active lifestyle diet going for you each week.

  • Breakfast
  • On the first week, we have the usual Greek
    style omelet with whole grain served in portions
    that amount to 613 calories. During the day, you
    get to enjoy your usual goat cheese slice with
    olives, cherry tomatoes, and crispy rye bread.
    The portion is upped to meet a 262 calorie count.
  • On the second week, your morning breakfast
    switches to a crunchy avocado-egg toast. This
    packs 637 calories to fuel you through the
    morning. Just before noon, there is your usual
    snack of vanilla yogurt with fruit to boost your
    calories by 215.

  • Lunch
  • Chicken breast is still on the menu served
    with green salad and couscous. Portions are
    increased to bring the calories to 467. For your
    afternoon snack, you get to choose between two
    pieces of apple pie or a bowl of cabbage salad.
    You are looking at 304 calories by the time you
    are done.
  • By week two, you will definitely be looking
    forward to lunch. On the menu is juicy and
    crunchy steak wrap packing a total of 638
    calories. Afterward, you get to snack on baby
    carrots with rye bread, celery and Caesar dip for
    garnish. Calories add up to 225 by the time you
    finish your snack.

  • Dinner
  • For dinner, week work has your favorite
    teriyaki salmon with rice noodles and veggies. As
    you enjoy every bite, you are assured of packing
    621 calories when you clear your plate. On a
    different day the same week, meatloaf stuffed
    with feta and spinach. Dig in with a side serving
    of veggies to boost your calorie intake to 641.
  • For week two, chicken breast is back on the
    menu served with Caesar salad. This packs a
    calorie count of 475. On a different day, salmon
    makes for a great dinner choice garnished with
    eggplant sauté. The calories in this serving
    amount to 573.
  • By the end of the day, you should gain 2062
    calories on week 1 and 2041 calories on week 2.

  • Keeping track of your calories does not mean
    avoiding all the meals you love and settling for
    a boring bowl of salad. You could have the meal
    plans worked out for you so that all you do is
    source the ingredients and get busy in the
    kitchen. There is no harm in switching up the
    ingredients on the menu, just ensure your calorie
    calculator provides the same counts as on the
    diet plan you chose.
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