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top Aesthetics Diploma, Aesthetics Academy Course (1)


Aesthetics, top Aesthetics Classes, top Aesthetics Courses | top Aesthetics Diploma, Aesthetics Academy Course is a basic piece of Cosmetology and is a sprouting industry in Beauty and Wellness Industry. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: top Aesthetics Diploma, Aesthetics Academy Course (1)

  • What does IDM stands for?
  • What is an IDM course all about?
  • IDM is a complete course which any candidate
    aspiring to be a make up artist can opt for.
  • IDM prepares the candidate to become eligible and
    to appear CIDESCO make up examination.
  • What is the age and qualification eligibility
    for doing this course?
  • The eligibility criteria for IDM
  • Age 15 Yrs
  • Qualification Minimum 10th appeared.
  • What certification would a candidate get after
    completion of this course?
  • On the successful completion of the IDM course,
    candidate will have to complete 100 hours
    internship following which he/she will receive
    the certificate of International Diploma in Make
    Up by VLCC Institute.
  • And on the successful completion of CIDESCO
    examination along with internship stated above,
    he/she will receive the CIDESCO Diploma
    certificate from CIDESCO.
  • What is the IDM course duration?
  • The IDM course comprises of 5 months for the
    period of 310 hours.
  • The candidate has to attend the 3 hours class per
    day for 6 days a week.
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  • How much is practical and how much is theory
    component in IDM course ?
  • The total duration of IDM is 310 Hours, out of
    which Theory comprises of 90 hours and Practical
    comprises of 220 hours.
  • Who would conduct the course?
  • The course modules which has common elements of
    AMU and PMU with IDM will be conducted by the
    makeup faculty of the respective institute.
  • Post that all Master trainers will conduct the
  • What material will be used in this course?
  • The brands such as Miss Clair, Kryolan, Make up
    Studio, Mac, Graftobian, Temptu etc. will be used
    in this course. All the material will be provided
    by the institute for the practical purpose.
  • For the portfolio making and CIDESCO final
    examination, candidate are free to use their own
    equipment and products.
  • Will the candidate get the books and study
    material in this course?
  • Yes, the candidate will get the book which will
    include all the modules of the syllabus.
  • Currently the books are in making, and will be
    provided as soon as it is ready.
  • The suggested book list will be provided for the
    reference and study.
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  • How many exams would be taken during this course?
  • There will be around 2 examinations taken during
    IDM course
  • These would be internal theory examinations in
    MCQ pattern on the following
  • Skin Structure and disorder
  • Make up Theory, color theory and corrective make
    up, color and Light studies
  • Commercial studies
  • Which segment of the Make up does this course
  • IDM covers Media Make up segment of Make Up.
  • This includes
  • Corrective Make up
  • Black and white make up,
  • Color Photographic Make up,
  • Beauty and Special Occasion Make up,
  • Fashion Editorial Make Up,
  • Film and Video Make up,
  • Catwalk fashion,
  • High Definition Make up,
  • Creative (fantasy) make up,
  • Airbrush Make up

  • Does this course offer internship?
  • The course does not offer any internship to the
    candidates. On the successful completion of IDM,
    candidate needs to do 100 hours internship on
    their own in related field of make up as a make
    up artist.
  • On the submission of letter of completion of
    internship the CIDESCO diploma will be issued.
  • What are career opportunities after doing this
  • On the completion of the course the candidate has
    vast scope to work with the national and
    international brands of make up as a make up
    advisor, make up artist, can work as a free lance
    make up artist who can work with high fashion
    houses for ramp and fashion editorial make up
  • Candidate can also become a specialized bridal
    make up over expert.
  • Does this course lead to CIDESCO certification?
  • Yes, this course leads to CIDESCO certification.
  • The candidate can decide in a months time from
    the start of the course if he or she wants to
    prepare for CIDESCO examination.
  • Once the final list of the candidate is submitted
    to the CIDESCO committee., the candidate cannot
    back out.
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  • What is CIDESCO certification ?
  • CIDESCO is internationally renowned and the most
    prestigious qualification in the field of Beauty,
    Spa and Make up. It is acknowledge in more than
    33 countries. Employers recognise these
    credentials as the highest standard of expertise
    and professionalism. A CIDESCO Media Make up
    diploma holder has been taught all aspects of
    Make up focusing on practical skills and theory.
    Candidates complete practical and theory training
    before receiving their Diploma ensuring that
    their knowledge and experience is World class.
  • What are the advantages of CIDESCO certification?
  • The chance to prove that your make up knowledge
    and skill place you with the finest in the make
    up world.
  • The chance to announce that you are one of the
    best of the best A CIDESCO diploma holder -
    recognized internationally as the highest honor
    in the Make up industry.
  • The right to display the prestigious CIDESCO logo
    on all your personal marketing materials.
  • The chance to attend worlds congresses and
    exhibitions, which bring together internationally
    distinguished speakers, manufacturers and
    suppliers to showcase new developments in
    equipment, cosmetic products and techniques.
  • The chance to participate in platforms for
    members to meet colleagues to exchange ideas,
    knowledge and expertise, to make new contacts.
  • The chance to be at the forefront in the exchange
    of professional information and experiences.
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  • When does CIDESCO assessment (Exam) take place?
  • The CIDESCO assessment takes place twice in a
    year, once in September and February of every
  • What is the course fee?
  • IDM- 1.50 , Upgrades-
  • What is the CIDESCO assessment fee?
  • The candidate needs to pay the CIDESCO fee which
    is CHF 215 plus INR 3000.
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  • When does candidate pay for CIDESCO assessment
  • CIDESCO assessment fee needs to be paid 3 months
    prior to the CIDESCO assessment.
  • In which name the CIDESCO assessment fee needs to
    be paid?
  • The CIDESCO assessment fees needs to be paid in
    the name of VLCC Healthcare LTD.
  • Is there any minimum attendance criteria for
    appearing CIDESCO exam?
  • Candidate needs to have minimum 90 percent of
    attendance for appearing CIDESCO assessment.
  • What would be the pattern in CIDESCO exam?
  • All candidates must have undertaken at least 4
    school examinations (2 Practical and 2 Theory)
    during the course of their training before being
    eligible to sit their CIDESCO examination.The
    examination for the Media Make-up Diploma
    consists of three parts
  •      Portfolio pre-requisite to participate in
    the CIDESCO Media Make-up examination
  •     Theoretical examination Multiple Choice
    Questions (MCQ) exam
  •      Practical examination
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  • What is Portfolio required for CIDESCO
  • Candidates are required to prepare a Portfolio
    which will assist with gaining employment. The
    portfolio should be relevant to the study of make
    up, film, photographic make up and /or history of
    make up. It must include two folders, the
    Professional work portfolio and the supporting
    evidence folder.
  • Photo Session
  • Mood Board/Story Board
  • Knowledge Retouch
  • What are the Portfolio Pre-requisite
  • The professional work portfolio must consist of
    10 photographs (one for each category) of the
    candidates work assessed by the school according
    to the CIDESCO Portfolio Marking Sheet.
  • The supporting Evidence Folder supports the
    Professional Work Portfolio.
  • What is included in Practical Examination ?
  • Practical Examination of CIDESCO includes
  • Nude/Straight Make up
  • Make-up for black and white photography including
    suitable/appropriate costume.
  • Make up Runway/Catwalk to include adapting hair
    styling with ornamentation plus costume and body
    make up (limbs and hands, nails if appropriate)
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  • What if, the candidate fail in CIDESCO ?
  • If the candidate could not pass the CIDESCO
    examination in first attempt, he or she can take
    reassessment again.
  • When can the candidate reappear?
  • Candidate can appear the reassessment in the
    immediate next examination scheduled .
  • The reassessment can be taken twice consecutively
    for free of charge. Although the readmission fee
    needs to be paid at VLCC institute if the
    specified duration of the course exceeds.
  • INR 5000 plus tax needs to be paid for
  • How many times candidate can appear?
  • Candidate can appear not more than 2 times within
    a year from 1st examination.
  • Can I upgrade my programme to IDM ?
  • Yes, candidate can upgrade to IDM from different
    courses such as
  • AMU, PMU, ADC, PDC, GMIC etc.
  • Please refer to the lesson plans shared before.
  • Can the candidate downgrade from IDM while
    pursuing the programme?
  • Yes, candidate can downgrade within a month while
    pursuing IDM programme
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  • What are the passing marks for CIDESCO
  • The passing marks for CIDESCO certification is
  • Would the CIDESCO examination in candidates
    local language?
  • The CIDESCO examination would be in English
    Language only, but the candidate can request for
    a translator during the examination.
  • When would the candidate get the certificate
    after successful examination?
  • The candidate will receive the provisional
    certificate on the day of practical examination
    after the successful theory and practical
    examination. The diploma will be issued after the
    completion of internship and submission of
    internship letter.
  • Would candidate receive a joint certificate?
  • The candidate will receive a dual certification
  • International Diploma in Make Up
  • CIDESCO Diploma in Make Up
  • There is no joint certification given.
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  • Would VLCC institute help placement division will
    assist the candidate post CIDESCO certification?
  • Yes, VLCC Institutes placement division will
    assist the CIDESCO qualified candidate for
  • Apart from being a make up artist, the candidate
    can try their hands on becoming a faculty for
    Make up at any reputed Make up schools or
    academies. This strictly depends of the
    performance and deliverance skills of the
  • For any further query or clarification contact
  • Dr. Rupalli or Ms. Monika Suntha
  • Also visit for more knowledge on
    CIDESCO examination.

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